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CURSE is a unique move in Pokemon. What does it do? What is the move Curse based on? And why is curse different for Ghost types?

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00:00 Intro \u0026 Sponsor
02:27 The Ghost Type Curse: Ushi no Toki Mairi
08:24 The Curse for Non-Ghosts

Gnoggin, hosted by its creator Lockstin, is a show delving into the mysteries of Pokemon! (and other games sometimes too). Explaining everything there is to explain! Why is each Pokemon given the type it has? What are their origins? What is the lore of the Pokemon world and the design inspirations? And what does it all have to do with alchemy? Let's Go find out!

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    • John Last
      John Last

      the curse nail animation is most likely a left over from the cut gen 2 voodoo doll pokemon that carryed a huge nail in its chest & it evolved into a chineze zombie panda

    • Pepsy

      Giratinas TRUE Story!!

    • Dillon Chaddick
      Dillon Chaddick

      Hey, Lockstin, I think I may have a couple of possible explanations for the HP sacrifice of Ghost types using Curse. The first goes back to the Yin Yang aspect you mentioned, in that it is a balancing of karma that the one inflicting the curse suffers harm in return for causing harm to another. The second goes to a saying more in tune with revenge, but most curses are cast in revenge, so it might fit. The saying is that if one seeks revenge, they should dig two graves, one for their target, and one for themselves. The idea of it being that should one let the thought of revenge or harming another become to great, those seeking to cause harm will ultimately doom themselves while harming those they wish to, and cutting your HP in half to lay a damaging curse on an enemy certainly makes you easier to knock out.

    • Loturzel Restaurant
      Loturzel Restaurant

      More of this!!

    • Insane Makaioshin
      Insane Makaioshin

      @Solqueen There's always more to discover!

  • Nintendude 64
    Nintendude 64

    wait curing? *OH* cursing well **chirping** *sad skeleton boi*

  • Ace

    If the AVGN was a Pokemon, Curse would be his signature move. XD

  • Tim Lewis
    Tim Lewis

    Well $#@& me at was interesting.

  • Kenny Mun
    Kenny Mun

    Speaking of curses, I'm angry that UZmilk makes people censor their content so much now.

  • Frank Mannino
    Frank Mannino

    I need u too do an ad on everything i see it was actually entertaining

  • The Wild Guess
    The Wild Guess

    Maxell is just a ghost at this point Maybe he could be a mythical in the kaskade region or something

  • Violet Vulpix
    Violet Vulpix

    I always thought the HP loss was a sacrifice, as is common in depictions of curses. The trope of having to sacrifice some of your own blood, or some other terrible maiming, in exchange to evil spirits for services rendered is pretty popular, like in The Little Mermaid.

  • Silver1989

    “Let’s start a fantasy league with Pokémon.” *Confused Draft Player noises*

  • Faizal Aditya
    Faizal Aditya

    In indonesian culture, its called SANTET

  • Owen Symes
    Owen Symes

    The Song at 2.28 is really goood please if anyone knows

  • jabril barnes
    jabril barnes

    Who did the music for this? It’s 🔥

  • Henbane Hedgewytch
    Henbane Hedgewytch

    Pretty much the same as Poppets and Fetishes here in Europe aswell.

  • Endertronic inc.
    Endertronic inc.

    Not the mention the "faint in 4 turns" thing could be due to the fact that "death" and 4 are written the same in Japanese

  • Sandra Ham
    Sandra Ham

    1:08 poor wingull

  • A Big Weeb
    A Big Weeb

    I like how Lockstin makes me question everything about pokemon

  • Toby Sinbad Walker
    Toby Sinbad Walker

    Confused by the people saying this is scary, not in a flexing way just like. ???

  • Magnus

    My headcanon for non ghost curse is them doing some sort of ancient chant, to try and curse their foe to perish, but it doesnt work. And instead, the spirits empower the user with increased physical prowess, but impair their mobility.

  • Magnus

    Name of that trap beat?

  • TrueJunebug

    What if when a non ghost type uses it they still do the whole nailing to a tree thing? Speed goes down cause they're nailed to a tree, defense goes up because they don't need to worry about attacks coming from one side anymore (because it's nailed to a tree), and attack goes up since they are now angry because they just got nailed to a tree.

  • critHITjace

    OMG I forgot about that scene in Abenobashi. Gonna re-watch the DVDs right now that you reminded me.

  • critHITjace

    I always assumed the nail was a voodoo reference

  • Emtu

    It is the Word of Curse!

  • TiagoNomad

    I thought you were gonna use some Jujutsu Kaisen clips to show the doll being hammered with a nail. Good anime, you should watch it.

  • Cozmix

    I’ve thought about the self-damaging aspect pf Ghost-type curse as a consequence of karma. As in they’re inflicting a curse on someone else, which is a bad thing. So in turn, they themselves are punished

  • alldayagain

    Cursing in Dark Souls is super funny Given the fact you don't cure it, you just transfer it

  • Mason Parish
    Mason Parish

    I think the reason the curse hurts the user is because in movies to summon a demon or cast a curse it requires a blood sacrifice or just a sacrifice

  • Artist Kalethegod
    Artist Kalethegod

    I would like to see a video about *curing* That sounds interesting.

  • Schvertt

    Testicular cancer month, Testicular cancer also happens to be something I fear. The idea of having cancer in my privates is pretty unnerving

  • Rah Collier
    Rah Collier

    Pretty sure Death Note has nothing to do with Junji Ito.

  • PKMN Trainer Mark
    PKMN Trainer Mark

    I thought the idea was kinda to curse yourself to curse your opponent or something.

  • Cunda

    ALCHEMY!!! I just want to say it sorry 🤣

  • Grant Schul
    Grant Schul

    Hey if you make new pokemon for the caskadeen region how about a sandslash parent that is more based off a pangolin I dont know what else but I just like pangolins

  • Hannah Kibby
    Hannah Kibby

    I watched this video to learn about Pokemon, but I came out of it understanding Kugisaki from Jujutsu Kaisen better. 🔨

  • RealmsCrossMyths

    Five minutes in I was mildly surprised that Gaijin Goomba wasn't collaborating in this video.


    I want to know why you like making me angry you clearly do since you've been to that one ground Dragon pipe with a dragonfly and then in the past you've said it wasn't antlions so you're clearly trying to make me mad at this point what do you have to say for yourself


    Also is that ground and dragon type by dragonfly or an antlion like seriously when will you make up your mind


    Why are you going to remake your type explain Siri lady said also one of those correction and Edition videos coming out like seriously you still haven't met them yet you said you would please do like I'm tired of you

  • Hyperlink

    I’m happy for the sentiment, but it’s something about the name of the male gonads that makes so you can’t say them without sounding inappropriate.

  • Joe on the Inside
    Joe on the Inside

    There should be an episode where Fat Lockstin and Hot Lockstin fight each other.

  • Red Does It All
    Red Does It All

    Liked the intro, got excited thinking this was going to have the Azoth-touch, dabbling into your food-science knowledge.

  • mattwo7

    9:31 Hay mester, I am med scientist, its so kuuuuulu! Sunuvabetch!

  • mattwo7

    4:02 I've been wondering for a long time now, how the heck do people stay balanced wearing geta like that? It's like having an impractically tall high heel except in the middle of the shoe.

  • mattwo7

    3:16 So... Persona 3's Dark Hour?

  • mattwo7

    1:06 🎵I'mma hex girl, I'm gonna cast a spell on yoooouuuuuuu!🎵

  • Leo Craveiro
    Leo Craveiro

    1:08 There's a Wingull among those Voltorbs There are also NPCs that use ghost types, that are a old lady that resembles that lady doing the ritual by having the candles on their head. Those old lady NPCs can be found in Johto's ghost type gym for example.

  • A

    Still waiting for the curing explanation part...

  • William Patchell
    William Patchell

    What the f*ck was that anime at the end?

  • vargen1414

    Hex Maniac makes a lot of people happy

  • Alexander Martens
    Alexander Martens

    Here's my logic for the self damage from curse: Ghost types are no strangers to metaphysically connecting with their opponent. They do this through destiny bond, grudge, and technically trick-or-treat and spite. The way I see it, using curse connects them to the opponent, and when they stab themselves they spiritually harm the opponent in the same spot. The ghost isn't immediately killed by it because they're already a ghost/dead, and the opponent has a delayed reaction due to not really being stabbed.

  • Angel Torres
    Angel Torres


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    That has got to be the strangest and most unexpected ad read I’ve ever seen

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    Quagsire Mcgee

    Comment gang

  • Purple Mom
    Purple Mom

    Banette:OOOO LOOK AT ME IM EDGY.. best part of the video in my opinion

  • duddude321

    Isn't the number 4 associated with death in Japan? Curse kills takes 25% max health a turn, killing in 4 turns.

  • Iván Llanes
    Iván Llanes

    I always thought of that japanese saying that when you make a curse you must dig two graves, as the cultural hint behind the self damaging curse move. However, all that ushi no... was really cool to find out, Loving the chanel.

  • auhe1309

    Comment for the greater curse👌

  • PhoeniksoftheStorm

    Hey how about a video about pokemon town names. In the games and show

  • Gabriel Hernández
    Gabriel Hernández

    Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi You're welcome.

  • ProudUnitedStatesMarine !!!!
    ProudUnitedStatesMarine !!!!

    It's basically based on African voodoo and American hoodoo

  • Jacob Collis
    Jacob Collis

    Also and I don’t understand how you keep missing things like this. The reason you are hurt using it is because with most Japanese curses including this one is because when you invoke the spirits you lose part of your life force and a certain amount of years off your life to kill another person.

  • Loturzel Restaurant
    Loturzel Restaurant

    MORE LIKE THIS! But maybe with less time for the sponsor?

  • Luiz Arthur Lima
    Luiz Arthur Lima

    The nail on the pokemon could be a reference to blood curses. where u bleed a bit to use the spell.

  • Lisa Hill
    Lisa Hill

    That was hands down the best segueway into a sponsor I've ever seen.

  • Spider World
    Spider World

    the curse lasts until the opponent faints

  • Bobbie-Christine Brewer
    Bobbie-Christine Brewer

    Not nearly enough comments about murderer mario


    To me the non ghost pokemon using curse feels more like them willingly taking on a curse of slowness to receive power and such.

  • crypticexhibit

    Lockstin dropping MTG artwork = New channel focus confirmed.

  • Fidel Pablo
    Fidel Pablo

    Also to add... cursing someone in japanese culture means you also cursed yourself and you will go to hell after you die. So you only make your curse if you really really hate the other person/s.

  • Surreal Cereal
    Surreal Cereal

    I NEED Lockstin to cover yokai watch WHAT THE HELL IS HUNGRAMP'S ORIGIN

  • JTAC Bluemansonic
    JTAC Bluemansonic

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  • JTAC Bluemansonic
    JTAC Bluemansonic

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    Quintin Meredith

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  • Sanja Blazina
    Sanja Blazina

    Sometimes Lockstin just reads words wrong, and making this an intro is hilarious in my opinion😆

  • Wiz Kalifa
    Wiz Kalifa

    Whats the name of the last anime?

  • spindash64

    I kinda like to see it as the inherent nature of cursing: at its heart, a Curse is wishing pain and misery on someone even when you know that pain won’t make you feel any better. It is in and of itself a self destructive, spiteful action, so to create such a powerful curse would REALLY eat into the amount of energy a being essentially MADE of lingering regrets or other emotions can muster. Not unlike Perish Song, actually

  • Maxximum Rockatansky
    Maxximum Rockatansky

    Time to get spooky

  • that_kid nobody_notices
    that_kid nobody_notices

    Maybe another reason the curse hurts the user might be based off the common "3 fold law" often associated with casting curses or hexes. The idea is that whatever you cast on another person, if you don't have protections set up to shield yourself, you will be affected by said curse/hex times 3. Easily comparable with alchemy's law of equivilant exchange if that helps you understand. (As far as I understand the "3 fold law" is not a constant, meaning only if you believe it will affect you, then it will. But then again I've only been studying/practicing modern witchcraft for about a year. Other people know way more, and if anyone knows better than me, please feel free to correct me.)

  • 8-bit Blitz
    8-bit Blitz

    Remember when maxwell wasn’t a gastly lol

  • Living Infernus
    Living Infernus

    I'll never hear Shuppet's cry the same again.

  • Aiman Hadi
    Aiman Hadi

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  • Elf of Courage
    Elf of Courage

    The Pokémon faints in 4 turns because the number 4 symbolizes Death in Japanese culture.

  • Liam Castro
    Liam Castro

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  • key

    Jujutsu Kaisen???

  • Light of Matter
    Light of Matter

    Someone online had evidence that curse (named nail at the time) was originally the signature move of the unused pokemon norowara (also known by the fan translated name Kurstraw), which was a pokemon that looked like a straw doll with a nail through the chest.

  • MagicalPhi

    4:20 My heart smiled when Yakuza got mentioned. If you're reading this and haven't played it already, please play Yakuza 0.

  • Jacob McCann
    Jacob McCann

    Wouldn't reflect be the one to protect you from nicks and cuts 🤔


    Oh so this is where nobara kugisaki cursed technique comes from

  • Coolhand 118
    Coolhand 118

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  • Buttercupkat Productions
    Buttercupkat Productions

    6:07 A reminder that people who do self-harm usually aren't seeking attention.

  • Mudko

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  • Jonah Palomo
    Jonah Palomo

    That last bit was so [curse]ing stupid.

  • Caleb Beers
    Caleb Beers

    Haha this may have been one of your most informative and yet hilarious videos yet. Well done!

  • Austin

    There is a character in jujutsu kaisen she uses a hammer and nails to fight curses and she even carries a straw like doll in case she needs it

  • Nigel Chinclucker
    Nigel Chinclucker

    I wanna know what anime that was

  • LightingbladeShen

    reminds me of the sidequest in Witcher 3 Wild Hunt of the man and the town herbalist who wanted his...uh...love but he married with another woman because this herbalist was crazy.. Kinda a given since she cursed a newborn baby to affect the man

  • Shelby Johnson
    Shelby Johnson

    There’s also the rule of 3 which is what I always associated this move with lol. Basically it states that w/e energy you put out, it is returned 3-fold to you. Interesting to learn the true origins of it though!

  • G Candy
    G Candy

    Do you think that mythical Pokémon are aperation

  • Patrick the Henchman
    Patrick the Henchman

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