EVEN More!! Even More PNW Pokemon! | Gnoggin - Kaskade Region - Lockemon
There's just SO MANY idea's we have for a Pokemon region based on the Pacific Northwest FILLED to the brim with Pokemon and Lockemon!
Let's go over a few in our "OTHER" category; sorta the ones we missed in other videos. There's only a few videos left!

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Commissioned Fakemon Artists:

00:00 Intro and TOFRUG!
01:06 Chansey Equivalent: Faebrill
02:19 Tardigrade Pokemon: Reuniclus
03:09 Kaskadian Phantump and a Swampy Trevenant
04:21 Chewmunk and Cheekat
05:50 The Unipiper Pokemon: Dubwool
07:03 The Litter-Ghost Bagoul
07:36 The Pokemon Cult: Folleming
08:53 A Canada Goose Pokemon: Rabyoose \u0026 Gneckle
10:27 Jemineye and Clamtrip!
12:35 Kaskadian Update and Outro

Gnoggin, hosted by its creator Lockstin, is a show delving into the mysteries of Pokemon! (and other games sometimes too). Explaining everything there is to explain! Why is each Pokemon given the type it has? What are their origins? What is the lore of the Pokemon world and the design inspirations? And what does it all have to do with alchemy? Let's Go find out!

  • Lockstin & Gnoggin
    Lockstin & Gnoggin

    Just want to give another shoutout to all the amazing artists we've commissioned for this series so far! Each bringing their own styles and concepts to the designs. Check them out: twitter.com/RGreywind​​ twitter.com/Barbie_E4​​ twitter.com/Tubz_AZ​​ twitter.com/DarknWindie​​ twitter.com/N4ni_N4ni​​ twitter.com/elesteva076​​ twitter.com/FkmnOfficial​​ twitter.com/pokejayjay​​ twitter.com/Mat4265

    • Lucas

      Did you just give a heart to your own your own comment? 👁️👄👁️

    • Speedy Lurchix
      Speedy Lurchix

      @GS ok thank you

    • GS

      @Speedy Lurchix prolly not. I’m in contact with a couple of the artists (Tubz_AZ more specifically) and they haven’t shown me any shiny art. I have seen a few mons early though. For example, a Bearvoyance prevo.

    • KatseenTV1

      Can you do Colorado

    • Chikalataz

      This has been driving me nuts for ages so thanks for finally adding this video to the playlist I can finally rest in peace now (I mean sleep 💤)

  • Paradøx Shadøw
    Paradøx Shadøw

    11:51 MR KRABS LMAO

  • Jay P
    Jay P

    Baghoul is like a drifloon

  • RedDragonAutomaton97

    "They hate everything" as a Canadian I can confirm that no sentence better describes the Canadian Goose

  • Jeffery Schroeder
    Jeffery Schroeder

    The dark goose looks like a deviljho from monster hunter

  • Steve Bao
    Steve Bao


  • Steve Bao
    Steve Bao

    wait I just realized that

  • Steve Bao
    Steve Bao

    is it just me or does rabyoose kinda sound like abuse

  • EinsamPibroch278

    Don't settle for Rom-Hack, rebrand as its own thing like Nexomon and make a full game.

  • Pushpa Ravinder
    Pushpa Ravinder

    Can we please play this game i really like it

  • Pushpa Ravinder
    Pushpa Ravinder

    Can we please play this game i really like it

  • HBFresh

    Can somebody please make a Pokémod of the Kaskade region!!!

  • Isaac Guessous
    Isaac Guessous

    Did anyone else get hitler vibes from folleming?

  • Av

    8:48 I don’t think anything is too dark to reference in Pokémon, hypno and driftblim kidnap and kill kids, and anyone too young for the reference to be suitable for, wouldn’t likely know that it was referencing it so... 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  • Gustavo

    I am exited for the shinys

  • Josh

    Ominous wind should be changes to not do damage and give the ghostly winds affect

  • Easton Creger
    Easton Creger

    Could baggouhl be kaskadian diffloon if they didn't already have amaze-all driflimm

    • Josh

      A bag is just a small box

  • pokemon person
    pokemon person

    I would like to use magic missile the bagoul

  • Ethan Bennett
    Ethan Bennett

    Trevor any should have a ability where it can miss allot more but if it does it’s defense and special defense raises or some stat I’m not that into makeing balanced Pokémon but I think that would be cool and it’s main attack can be a move that poisons and confuses the opposing pokemon

  • Swampy711

    What is you had a REALLY low chance of finding kalosian phantump due to the fact that it hasn't been taken over by fungi yet?

  • Manisankar Mishra
    Manisankar Mishra

    When you are making a Gba game

  • Aleksandar Simonov
    Aleksandar Simonov

    Why isn’t clamtrip just a regional variant of dwebble and then a split evolution

  • trexlazerbeamxplosion

    I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but Bagoul’s name and story are eerily similar to Bughuul, the devourer of children’s souls, in the film Sinister. If not planned surely serendipitous.

  • PlanetaryRat

    I really hope you do a video about shiny Lockémon and reasonings behind their colors, it'd be so cool to see 😄

  • Henrique Bittencourt
    Henrique Bittencourt

    I love tofrug so much!! If Nintendo decided to make an election to include one non-official pokemon in the next gen, I would vote for tofrug ALL NIGHT AND DAY!

  • Jace Allnutt
    Jace Allnutt


  • Draconix

    I feel like it should be called Chucat, and its also a adorable mon, dont you?

  • Aura Wolf
    Aura Wolf

    Rom hack yesssss

  • OneColdRepublican

    Folleming feels similar to Falinks. I'm not sure what you would call this, but I like the idea of a "marching band" type of Pokemon. Which raises some questions like what happens when you sperate the group? Is it similar to Dugtrio and Magneton where they just kind of bunch together(Maneton is a bit special because they fuse permanently)?

  • Rycore XIII
    Rycore XIII

    Actually from my understanding clamtrip might end up being straight up banned, because competitive Pokemon generally has rules against accuracy lowering moves lol

    • Tangerine Paint
      Tangerine Paint

      Into Ubers

  • Lucas

    I personally don't like the dubwool, maybe because the galarian one is perfect

  • Fawful117 Chortles
    Fawful117 Chortles

    So...Clamtrip is basically Tamatoa. -and by extension, Schaffrillas-

  • Watcher 5482
    Watcher 5482

    I'm sorry there's such a thing as a Robber Crab!?

  • Jmaniac

    With the phantump line you should give them an ability that causes confusion to the attacker of hit with a biting move

  • Noibat Boi!
    Noibat Boi!

    Instead of kaskadian dubwool why did you not make kaskadian gogoat?

  • Funny Valentine
    Funny Valentine

    Anyone else get shadow lugia vibes from rabyoose

  • Commander Glow Squid
    Commander Glow Squid

    3:09 hold on, how will trade evos work?

  • Micah Lau
    Micah Lau

    You just had to freak me out with tardigrades, did you? I HATE those things... *Shiver*...

  • Constantine Koutalas
    Constantine Koutalas

    why not make baguol a poison type since plastic bags are not good for nature and sea and stuff

  • TheGreenNinja 21
    TheGreenNinja 21

    I could totally see a main character in the anime having a Folleming and there being an episode where they find a wild one and two guru ones fight over the followers trying to take the other’s followers, it could even be that some characters stumble upon this scene and ash tries to help out the one that loses

  • Mason_Does_Stuff

    Waiting for the kaskade shiny video 👀

  • TheGoldStar Productions
    TheGoldStar Productions

    "Maybe be a thing" after me watching the plot video: Yeah, yeah it is.

  • Yohanna Tavarez
    Yohanna Tavarez

    Can you make a kascade meowth

  • Ykario

    So, Faebrill sounds like "Fébrile" , which, in French, can either be said from something / someone that have a Fever, or is very Nervous. Goes well with the "Medical" theme, I guess

  • Commentatineer

    12:07, it says Youssef, spelling error I guess!

  • EKAnimates

    WILL THERE BE A GAME OUT OF THESE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Kahana Lewis
    Kahana Lewis

    If the kaskade region was in the real Pokémon anime I could see ash finding clamtrip and him sending it ou and he it bing funny when it drops its pearls and drops

  • A Manikyala Rao
    A Manikyala Rao

    Tofrug would be the partner of lockstin. Their skin tone and eye color match and from an angle the tofrug's maple leaf makes lockstin's hir style

  • •{INK}•

    Make an ash greeninja replacement or regional verient pls

  • Ethan Bailey
    Ethan Bailey

    5:55 A sheep screaming mixed with the sound of a bagpipe being played.

  • Mofirey


  • Fireshock-5

    The tardigrade pokemon should have the wonder guard ability, to reference its real life counter-part's ability to resist environment changes really well.

  • My Comix
    My Comix

    If you denie the rom hack stuff well....... WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THIS

  • Dylan Cuti
    Dylan Cuti


  • The Rick Roll
    The Rick Roll

    ghost posses gun ghost/steel GUN WITH LEGS

    • Tangerine Paint
      Tangerine Paint

      perfect opportunity to introduce a new type... but I was expecting it to be a new Rotom form, Rotom Snipe maybe?

  • Gracie Ledger
    Gracie Ledger

    I've never felt prouder to be Gemini :) jemineye is a wonderful lockemon

  • Desserted

    I agree with the fact Gneckle and Rabyoose exist because geese are just bullies to humans and animals

  • Tr1f0rc30faw3s0me

    I feel like Kaskadian Trevanent should have a new ability. Here’s my idea: Hallucinagen: Basically Poison Point, but it confuses the target as well.

  • AterLupus

    Would be really cool if we ended up getting a fan-game of this region, kind of like pokemon uranium. That was a fun one, even if it was kind of unfortunate with nintendo/gamefreak not being a fan of the idea.

  • MyrandaCousland

    I wonder if there'll be more Lockemon plush....

  • PatheticPlague

    I feel like kaskadeian trevenant would have a signature ability that makes it always confused

  • Abu Mahzoorah Aymaan
    Abu Mahzoorah Aymaan

    folleming is a falinks clone

  • Abu Mahzoorah Aymaan
    Abu Mahzoorah Aymaan

    kaskadian dubwool should have also been steel type

  • Plaz

    I only take issue with Clamtrip's ability because it reminds me of the EXACT incident that put me off competitive pokemon forever. I had no idea what i was doing so I made a team of Eeveelutions, and was immediately told my team was illegal because Glaceon's hidden ability (which I'd given it) reduced opponent accuracy in Hail. So I guess any accuracy-reducing abilities would be illegal competitive-wise. Other than that, these all look amazing. :D Edit for clarification: I didn't enter an actual tournament not knowing what I was doing. It was a small online thing for a friend's birthday party that used some kind of competitive emulator.

    • Tangerine Paint
      Tangerine Paint

      Showdown I'm guessing. There is a really good reason why evasion boosting abilities and moves are banned. No skill involved, and makes matches more RNG dependent.

  • Michael Gornik
    Michael Gornik

    Are you making other plushies?

  • Pika Poo
    Pika Poo

    There better be deep deep deep backstorys to these lockemon 😆

  • Femboy1423


  • Starkyoshi S
    Starkyoshi S

    The screen is pitch black for me😢😢😤

  • Michael


  • The almighty Coin
    The almighty Coin

    Kaskadian phantump looks like normal phantump’s shiny version

  • Jaiden Shah
    Jaiden Shah

    If this is an actual region, Cheekat are going to be annoying to get. Friendship evolution stuff.

  • Champ2stay

    Jemineye and Clamtrip could be version exclusives.

  • Shannimations UwU
    Shannimations UwU

    Are there Kaskadian Solosis and Duosion too?

  • Man Duck
    Man Duck

    Baghoul also just just rolls on the road

  • Blue Dragon
    Blue Dragon

    Folleming: Pops up on screen Me: o h n o

  • LeftistDragon

    reject modern weather mechanics, return to gen five weather mechanics.

  • Tristastran

    I waiting for the rom hack

  • Cpt. Davy Johns
    Cpt. Davy Johns

    What the hell is that noise the dubwool noise?

  • 1 like
    1 like

    Him thinking of all those names and lore Me: wow cool Pokémon I like Pokémon

  • TJ Gordon
    TJ Gordon

    Kaskade Trevenant's ability is "Hypno spore" When Trevenant is realised as starting or from switch or even in the wild it will get confusion from his spores but if you get it too level 50 it confuses the foes instead! Wild Trevenant in the overworld will have this ability active it will try too Chase after you but it will move in different directions and if it runs into something it will get hurt or into another wild pokemon they will battle but if it lands in the lake it becomes a normal Trevenant and will allow you too battle it and catch it That's my idea sense you said it gets confused so Hypno Spore is gonna do that

  • Mr Meowfull
    Mr Meowfull


  • Doodleboard Games
    Doodleboard Games

    Oi lockstin, just letting you know that this video isnt on the kaskade playlist

  • [GD] Glokk38
    [GD] Glokk38

    Why isn’t this in the playlist

  • Naruki Boy
    Naruki Boy

    what about rival ?

  • Red Head Case
    Red Head Case

    I feel there are to many Pokémon that just turned into kaskaidian forms

  • Mateusz Patuła
    Mateusz Patuła

    the Kaskade series is sooooo enjoyable to watch, every piece of information on this region makes me unbelievably excited 😍🤪😍 on the other hand it makes me sad, cause we'll never see it becoming a real game, won't we? 🤔 thank you for the effort you put in this project! [edit] a rom hack? it made my day 😍🤯 there's some hope!

  • Luca Castronovo
    Luca Castronovo

    I want this to became canonical, I think this would be one of the best generation ever

  • Lauren Rogers
    Lauren Rogers

    Me: sees Brian Kid AKA the unipiper Also me: this is way I live in Texas

  • Barrington Ratliff
    Barrington Ratliff

    The Water Bear alternate for Reuniclus has such a great design. The inspiration was used perfectly. I do think it’s funny that it’s so cute while the inspiration is ugly as hell (in my opinion)

  • Chikalataz

    This still needs to go on the playlist

  • Krzysztof Pi
    Krzysztof Pi

    if you make a pokemon game i play it

  • Jordan McCall
    Jordan McCall

    One note I gotta say, why didn't clamtrip have a shelder shell? 🤨

  • Moo Kid
    Moo Kid

    Wait a minute... KASKADIAN DUBWOOL FOREVER!!!

  • Moo Kid
    Moo Kid

    I have a fakemon region based on southern Canada! (Eggsecutor is wild blueberrys from Newfoundland)

  • Matthew

    I can not express how much I love this regional variant Trevenant, from concept to execution I love it.

  • Oro

    Also clamtrip kinda sounds like "caltrop"

  • Oro

    Faebrill's signature move would probably be an electric version of pollen puff

  • Cybo_Vampire

    If this does become a game, I hope it ends up being its own fan game like Pokemon Uranium or Pokemon Xenoverse was. Rom hacks tend to be a lot more limited in what they can have unless you use the rom hack Pokemon Unbound as a base, which I imagine wouldn't be easy.

  • Tristen Glover
    Tristen Glover

    Make everything broken so that nothing is broken lol

  • Bunch o Turnips
    Bunch o Turnips

    LOVE kaskadian Phantump and Trevenant!