It's NOT Feudal Japan! Pokemon Legends: Arceus | Gnoggin
I keep seeing people talk about the new Pokemon Legends Arceus game as "Pokemon in Feudal Japan" but it really isn't. But if it's not in the Edo Period, then When is it? That's what this incredibly rushed video aims to figure out!

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00:00 intro
00:32 When is Pokemon Legends Arceus Based?
04:04 Japanese Fashion and Pokemon Legends
06:43 Shinobi Romanticization
07:30 Pokemon Architecture
07:58 Pokemon Legends: Arceus Starters
09:38 Pokemon Legends Arceus is in the Meiji Period
11:15 Pokemon Timeline VS Real History
12:10 Will Giratina be in Pokemon Legends?

  • Lockstin & Gnoggin
    Lockstin & Gnoggin

    Also, before you say it, yes, I am aware of the Ainu people. The protagonists outfits are incorporating some elements of some of their clothing, but is more heavily general-Japan inspired I feel. I’ll be doing a whole video on Ainu influence in these games once we know more for sure. I needed to rush this video to appease the algorithm, and didnt want to get anything wrong involving them. But I’m continuing to research. :)

    • Boosted Bonobo
      Boosted Bonobo

      @Dark-blue_exe Because its using the exact same engine as BOTW...

    • MicManGuy

      Yeah, when the trailer first came out, I was trying to prove that the outfits were based on the Ainu, but from all of the images I saw, I just couldn't prove it. There were so many things that were different. Even the most distinct feature, the straw winter shoes, existed in the rest of japan.

    • Exis Edgardo Rujano Valero
      Exis Edgardo Rujano Valero

      there's a problem, that dragon type gym leader of unova tell iris that when he was young there was no pokeballs, im curious about his age tho

    • Shroom1Up

      what about the old man that claimed that when he was young there were NO pokeballs

    • freepaper100

      I would say Pokemon Legends: Arceus took play around 1000 to 2000 years ago. Why? Some of Sinnoh's oldest towns are not yet build. That includes which ever time Ash wound up in due to time travel in one of the Sinnoh movies.

  • Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce
    Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce

    It's called a newsy or newsboy cap, popular in the period you're bringing up, 1890-1920.

  • Sam Lucas
    Sam Lucas

    I hope I can at least have a froslass in that game!

  • cheatsmygame

    Hi guys just a theory! I think these people are from Johto specifically the Violet city, Johto's very first town. Because in the past , an ancient civilization lived together in harmony with the Unknowns at the ruins of alph and at some point, outsiders began to gather near the ruins (the city closest to the ruins is Violet city) and the Ruins of Alph's inhabitants decided to leave the region. That civilization went to Sinnoh region and for me they created a place for the Unknowns to stay which is the Solaceon ruins. Maybe they hid there to protect the unknowns from inhabitants but it also stated in the game that the clan quest led them to a mountain far to the north, where they met another group of people who had hailed from the Spear Pillar. Together, the two groups built a temple in honor of Arceus, which incorporated elements from both the Ruins of Alph and the Spear Pillar; this collaboration probably has to do with the underlying relationship between Arceus and the Unown. (Shinjoh ruins) Let me go back to the the village(refering to pokemon legends arceus).The starting village for me is Celestic town. The mountains surrounding the village, and also notice the design of the village dormer, its looks exactly the same as the shrine located at Celestic town. Also try to play Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver, notice the similarity in the architecture of Violet town and for this village. Its almost the same. The people from Violet city brought their culture upon discovering new lands, the Sinnoh region. This is just a theory guys, Im just in to the Sinnoh-Johto myth. Also Im so excited for the game. What are your possible theories?

  • Bored Erlands
    Bored Erlands

    Somehow i feel most people who said it was feudal japan actually meant edo japan

  • Zuu Power
    Zuu Power

    With the steamed based pokéballs, the original pokéballs shot out clouds(or steam) in gen 1-2 instead of light-like energy.

  • MoonFlowerViewing

    So like boshin war pokemon version

  • Tyler Stickler
    Tyler Stickler

    This almost feels like a game theory buy mostly because you can tell how much research he but in to this. Great video!!!

  • LeftistDragon

    What I want to know is how old this makes Drayden, who was around before pokeballs were created.


    this was super interesting. the boys hat is so stupid tho i might play the girl just so i dont have the stupid hat (unless we get to customize our characters which would be the best)

  • WistyFish

    I honestly thought this was going to be an insufferable video full of “I’m right you’re wrong” but dang I was wrong and this was fun to watch!

  • ChloeFlower 369
    ChloeFlower 369

    A portion of you're reset theory was right, lockstin. Arceus is on the cover now... ...only by name.

  • Jake Middlemas
    Jake Middlemas

    It will probably take place AFTER the war, Nintendo would have to write an interesting story if it took place in Wartimes.

  • blackshaddow

    4:38 isn't the hat of the boy more like a flat cap or scally cap? (They look a bit different than those on your pictures, most of all, the brim is cloth too) Wikipedia says on this matter: "In the United States, the caps were worn from the 1890s.[citation needed] The cap grew in popularity at the turn of the 20th century and was at the time standard boys' wear." So they'd be in the right time period too

  • Terra Estrahl
    Terra Estrahl

    I feel like it's mild cultural ignorance to assume "japanese dress" is akin to "feudal era." Especially when Pokemon is pretty much this futuristic utopia where civilization and nature are in (mostly)harmony. Though I've run into the opposite assumption as well, I had a friend who assumed Japanese people always dressed in kimonos and yukatas.

  • daichi akiyama
    daichi akiyama

    I was so sick of every western youtubers connecting the game with feudal Japan, so glad I found this clip. As a Japanese, it is very clear that this game had to do with the Meiji Restoration era. Hokkaido development didn't catch on until then, and the game clearly depicts the time when the first military settlers (Tondenhei) were coming into Hokkaido. Although I understand how the Edo period is more popular of a history than Meiji in western countries, it was very irritating to see everyone trying to find an inexistent connection between the game and feudal Japan. I hope people find the game interesting and give Meiji era a bit more attention.

  • ImconfuseddL

    Is it just me that read the Pokemon Adventures Diamond and Pearl Platinum manga and prefers to call Lucas, Diamond instead because in the manga they are just called Diamond (Lucas), Pearl (Barry) and Platinum (Dawn).

  • Marc Bernat
    Marc Bernat

    The analysis of all of it is amazing. It's Meiji period for sure, but as you said, that doesn't mean it's based 150 years ago in the Pokémon Timeline. It could be 500 yeas as you said. What i want to say is that i hope there are "ancestral variant" like regional ones to make it more interesting for the players. Brilliant video.

  • Jarod Lopes
    Jarod Lopes

    . .

  • LunarCat42

    I mean I'd put it a little earlier into the Meiji period, closer to 1870-ish around when serious settlement of Hokkaido by the Japanese began. Of course I mean it's more likely more closely based on it than it is literally that. Given such idiosyncrasies as the Sinjo Ruins and Spear Pillar and a seemingly long history of Sinnoh and Johto communicating and it appears they were rather culturally homogeneous. Admittedly though yes it could be the "Pokémon Ainu" but something tells me that Game Freak will really shy away from explicitly making that connection.

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez

    I haven't seen your videos in a while and I gotta say you look a lot better man. Good for you

  • NoWee

    Meiji as a first guess.

  • Arin Jäger
    Arin Jäger

    a wooden pokéball, huh... very reminiscent of the "inro" (you know, these danglydoos for storing small things, 'cuz japanese clothes lacked pockets, so you'd hang it from the obi, instead), but inro was invented in sengoku period (1467 - 1615), so, that probably means nothing (though the artistic value of _inro_ increased in meiji period, sooo... I'm reaching, ain't I?) Wasn't there alredy a feudal japan pokémon game? on the DS... Pokémon conquest! (a pokémon + nobunaga's ambition crossover, of all things) (also: isn't a pokémon trainer basically just a poacher? think about it)

  • Randy urquiza
    Randy urquiza

    I have the same pikachu shirt 😁

  • Brayden TheDestinedShield
    Brayden TheDestinedShield

    I like that little sneak-in at the end title card with Giratina.

  • Emerald Hoarder
    Emerald Hoarder

    About the old pokeballs with the latches, we have seen them before. In the Gold and Silver time of the anime, the gang, specifically Brock, was trapped by a Ninetails because Brock looked a lot like the Ninetail's long-dead master since a Ninetails can live about 1,000 years. Anywho, Brock eventually breaks out of the illusion and finds the Ninetail's pokeball in the former master's main study room, and uses it to stop the Ninetails. That pokeball looked EXACTLY like the ones in the trailer. Take this how you will, I'm just impressed Ganefreak didn't forget a design it already had.

    • Fat Pikachu
      Fat Pikachu

      OK OK OK 5x23 is the episode According to the journal the owner was alive 200 years before anime GSC But the ball looks plastic It looks defined and powered by electricity The legends ball is more ridged and wooden They do look similar tho go compare it yourself 5x23 @10:56

  • notus

    They've missed out on so many advancements and improvements to the story and plot of pokemon games that could've been incorporated at any point but especially X&Y, Ruby and Sapphire remakes, and Sun and Moon. Your old theories for those were so well researched and connected that I couldn't believe they didn't even try to add more to the releases. Sword and Shield is okay, but I'm hoping Legends is a solid game both gameplay and story wise so that becomes its own Pokemon series or style of games.

  • MicManGuy

    I can't believe I only just now found this video. I've been saying this from the beginning and no one was listening! Now I can just link them this video!

  • PRT001

    What if its an alternate reality sinnoh that you need to buy and play the diamond and pearl remakes to understand

  • Zev Feitelson
    Zev Feitelson

    I'm pretty sure Lucas has a flat cap not a beret, which means they've changed the flat cap to a newsboy cap in Legends Arceus

  • Zev Feitelson
    Zev Feitelson

    Because newsboy cops are so much better than berets

  • Andy Ortiz
    Andy Ortiz

    Very insightful video! Subscribed.

  • Ex Hero
    Ex Hero

    Clearly the people that thought this was feudal Japan never watched Rurouni Kenshin and it shows.

    • Fat Pikachu
      Fat Pikachu

      That anime sounds so specific

  • Marxia Inferno
    Marxia Inferno

    Pokemon legends: Kanto or Mew?

  • Makhyusni Makhyusni
    Makhyusni Makhyusni

    Hold it, hold on second, if you mean this take place at Meiji era then that mean at era where Japan and British became alliance and we know Galar based of British, so is this coincidence

  • dragon rose biollante
    dragon rose biollante

    Fun idea(that doesn't have to be true) What if this is where cyrus ended up and his world without emotions was taken over by arceus and turned into another pokemon world,it's similar to the old world but just different enough to have things like the starters be rowlet, oshawott, and cyndyquil, and less technological advancements have occurred.

  • Eric Brand
    Eric Brand

    The "excuse my mispronunciation" before every japanese word is the english equivalent to the chinese "sorry for my bad english" after every sentence

  • Al To
    Al To

    Jugar de anti héroe, un desertor del equipo rocket, juegas del lado de los villanos, los más útiles y mejores pokemon de cada región aparecerán y podrán atraparse para ahorrar tiempo, pues te infiltraras en las bases de los demás villanos de cada entrega y teniendo problemas con protagonistas anteriores, junto la policía, eres el red oscuro anti héroe, incluso será de hacer actos como tomar bases, robar aditamentos como en los primeros pokemon como lo que quería giovany en ese juego, pero cada región, desde infiltrarte de pasajero en aviones, barcos o ir con surf pero evitando ser descubierto por ejemplo, nuevo pokemon juego sugerencia.

    • Al To
      Al To

      Los más buscados de pokemon su universo, junto pokemon villanos también para derrotar o atraparlos en vez de legendarios y shiny, así como otra forma de jugar pokemon y de explorar e investigar pues puedes meterte a casas ajenas y hasta lugares inaccesibles de cada región para ver lo que antes no podías.

  • FearCosmicWolf

    The way he says Arceus triggers me lol

    • WyvernRex

      I know right, it’s supposed to be Arcoos

  • Mohamud mohamed
    Mohamud mohamed

    I like how he turns Pokémon lore in to real life history. I learn more from here than the history channel lol

  • Mark Gray
    Mark Gray

    Its literally set in the same time demon slayer is

  • Das Institut
    Das Institut

    ....Did you know (and I only learned that today. Butt the literal translation of the Sinnoh folk lore 3 says people married pokemon in the past, because back then, Pokemon and People were the same. R34 Artist knew the truth all along.

  • taylor douglas
    taylor douglas

    yall should colab with game theroy

  • Christine Knauf
    Christine Knauf

    Looks like the time "Last Samurai" sets place or "The Geisha"

  • Helohel

    It's *BASED*

  • Matthew Margrave
    Matthew Margrave

    I hope the pokedex is in the ink art style

  • Takara Hayashi
    Takara Hayashi

    "eh-do" not "ee-do" , sorry, I just had to

  • LadyLeomon

    Judging from those outfits I’d say they were in the Elemental Nations, I swear when I first saw the trailer I half-expected Naruto to pop up while yelling “I’m gonna be a Pokémon Master! Believe it!” 😂😂😂 Thanks for the new vid 💙🐱💙

  • Hakelous-reviews

    if i had to guess after the era young sammy oak came from

  • gustavo761

    Lol I'm pretty disturbed at how much he sounded like Lilly from S/M at 5:00 in the video.

  • Chris Francis
    Chris Francis

    I really don't understand why everyone keeps focusing on Legends Arceus' "open world." EVERY mainline pokemon game since the FIRST generation has been open world. ????

  • Qui-Gon Gimli
    Qui-Gon Gimli

    The only anime I can think of that took place in the Meiji era is Rurouni Kenshin. In Ruouni Kenshin they took a ride on a steam powered train. If the pokeballs use steam then I think they could be in the Meiji era.

  • CelesteXStardust

    this is actually really really cool omg

  • ApexCrow

    Just realized the flag in the background for starter selection has the same symbol as your characters clothes..

  • gggiiillllllyyy

    10 seconds in prediction, you are going to say Meiji period the one that followed Edo and was industrial.... waits a long time for confirmation.... this is now a TL:DR of the video.

  • redblue heart
    redblue heart

    At 8:13 when you Manchin the desk being in the same period as the first sean where the light in the rooms coming from and plus the surroundings look more modern

  • Patrick Kjølhede
    Patrick Kjølhede

    Its not arceus with the k sound. if you look at the japanese spelling, the ce is a se.

  • Snow Lily
    Snow Lily

    This is extraordinarily well-researched! I agree that the steam Pokéballs give an Industrial Revolution vibe-but within a Japanese context. Great job pointing out the specific Meiji period with the war, which I'm not very familiar with. It'd be cool if this game explores the connection between Arceus and Giratina ^^

  • Just Some Guy with a Snaggletooth
    Just Some Guy with a Snaggletooth

    I still think it's a dlc for the remakes

  • NorthernWitch97

    I'm both a pokemon fan and a history major and I love this XD

  • Emily Mockridge
    Emily Mockridge

    The Meiji Period definitely makes sense, including when you think about Sinnoh’s wildness. Urbanisation is not modernisation and only really exploded in the 1950s. A fair amount of Tokyo would have been farmland and entirely separate cities. Even a number of towns and cities in Johto and Kanto may have only been around as short as 50 years or less.

  • Gegiojon Jongegio
    Gegiojon Jongegio

    8:00 It clearly isn't. There's no drawer.

  • Jordan Ball
    Jordan Ball

    Please do a video similar to emperor cubone with zodiac

  • Sonicworld14

    No lockstin bad boy

  • Nemasu

    You are a LEGEND.

  • The Woods
    The Woods

    Yanky with breem

  • Maxwell Alvarez
    Maxwell Alvarez

    oh god, arKAYus. No offense, but I always called it arSEEus

    • A Google User
      A Google User

      @Maxwell Alvarez don't take it that seriously brother , Even though they have an official pronounciation , i will always call him Arseeus , You can pronounce it as Arkayus , arkeeus , arkoos No one minds

    • Maxwell Alvarez
      Maxwell Alvarez

      @A Google User Yeah, You're right, I'm dumb. They said Arceus' Name in the trailer

    • A Google User
      A Google User


  • bartsimpson83

    It absolutely IS feudal Japan. It is a fact that the Sinnoh region was directly based on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. The time period Pokemon Legends takes place in, as far as we can tell from the trailer, directly corresponds to the feudal era. You are, completely and thoroughly, WRONG.

    • A Google User
      A Google User

      What in the trailer says its FEUDAL JAPAN ?

  • Richard Burton
    Richard Burton

    Excellent research, Holmes-san. Is it any coincidence that there's a Detective Pikachu poster in the background? :)

  • Noktos

    Are people forgetting that Feudalism didn't properly end in Japan until the early 20th century? People seem to confuse Feudal Japan and Feudal Medieval Japan. Considering the points (that were appropriately brought up) that the industrial revolution didn't hit Japan until mid-late 19th century, saying that Legends: Arceus is set in Feudal Japan is in fact correct !!!!

  • Kittsim

    I love that in the trailer, when you catch a Pokémon with that poke ball it does a wood sound rather than a click metal sound.

  • Saltpork

    so what yur saying is that i could meet Matthew Perry in this game

  • King Puddles
    King Puddles

    4:10 Yankee with brim

  • Shadows Inc.
    Shadows Inc.

    If they borrowed the engine from Breath of the Wild, it would look better. I'm assuming it's a new engine that can deal with having hundreds of different character models and animations, while still not crashing. As much as I'd love for them to just borrow the Breath of the Wild engine and use that, something tells me it's woefully unprepared for the strain of a Pokémon game in terms of "total" added assets.

  • Asame

    i think it's always gonna be based

  • Val Kyrie
    Val Kyrie

    Who walks on carpets in shoes?

  • Benji Cornejo
    Benji Cornejo

    It's not Feudal Japan It's Feudal Sinnoh

  • cFreeze

    I like the Piplup plush in the background! I just happen to have that Piplup Plush, but I got it from Six Flags.

  • Raymond Blair
    Raymond Blair

    i was super excited for a sinnoh remake, and like.... this seems cool, but i was just really hoping for a classic diamond/pearl remake. i’m conflicted.

  • gamejongen

    I think its based on the movie that came where arceus was the “main” character in wich they (ash and the his friends from sinnoh) went back in time to revert the problem back then. I personally think this game relates to the movie

  • Andrew Palmer
    Andrew Palmer

    Enjoy these theories videos sometime more then the actual games.

  • Law Abo
    Law Abo

    Why do i think that the Pokemon should also look different lol

  • DotaMaster1994

    Do you talk like this in real life too? Damn talking to you must be exhausting

  • Rich Baladhay
    Rich Baladhay

    wodont make you *ARE YOU MAKING WRONG?*

  • spindash64

    I’ll be honest, I got the hunch it was 1800s from the dang desk in the background. Looked too... European and ornate to fit Edo

  • Miner-Gamer one-in-only
    Miner-Gamer one-in-only

    Well, that would mean we may be playing in the age before the Electric type gym leader became a gym leader. So that means, we are in the timeline that the Japanese Empire was still alive. (It lasted until 1945)

    • Dragonborn Express
      Dragonborn Express

      That part is obvious.

  • WiseSalamander

    honestly I am afraid that they will use the "past" version of Sinnoh thing as an excuse to lazy the game around in typical Gamefreak fashion... I mean... less cities is easier than translating the full modern region in open world, I hope I am just being paranoid, but GF has definitely lost my trust... Anyways! anyone excited for Pokemon Snap!?

  • Mediocre Boi
    Mediocre Boi

    Calling it, if there's a game freak dev reference it's gonna actually be a Nintendo Hanafuda style reference given the time period.

  • SHSfusion

    I did not realize that the pokeballs are different

  • Fill@PieNo!

    thanj u

  • Raiju Gwopo
    Raiju Gwopo

    Man that song in the starters section bumpin. Does anyone have the name

  • Dnisify

    Oh Dude wasn't there like a freaking Pokemon World War that was teased by different veterans in the Pokemon games? That there was a very big war or somethin'?

  • Dnisify

    Brims coz brims are cool

  • Tomáš Jindřich
    Tomáš Jindřich

    Who in Europe walks on carpet with shoes?

    • Dragonborn Express
      Dragonborn Express

      I think the reference was more towards the United States as that would be Japan's closest neighbor by sea.

  • Lucas B
    Lucas B

    Based arceus

  • addlass

    There are gonna be piplups, rowlett and cyndaquil 😍

  • Josue Aguilera
    Josue Aguilera

    Wwooooaaahhh yankee with no brim

  • Ian bruscky
    Ian bruscky

    damn your recearches are so good

  • Exam Mole
    Exam Mole

    The landscapes probably different because of Kyogre and Groudon or sumthin

  • Adam Junaedi
    Adam Junaedi

    I hope there will be another pokemon legend in unova where the original dragon didn't split yet