These Kaskade Cards are Crazy! 📨 Lockstin Opening YOUR Mail!
I opened a PO box. I've gotten stuff. I'mma show it off. Thank you everyone!
This video features two different recordings of me opening mail.
I'm going to do ONE more Mail-opening video in late summer.
Want to send me stuff for that? Only open until the end of June!
Send to:
Lockstin LLC
PO Box 948
Salem OR, 97308

00:00 Intro
00:56 Older Mail
02:26 Mail Week 1 \u0026 2 (Pokemon Cards and more!)
07:37 Mail Week 3 \u0026 4ish (Pokemon Mini's and more!)
13:57 Outro

Check out EVEN MORE Kaskade Cards by:

Yeesha Stone makes amazing Pokemon Minis:

Lockstin Embroidery by:

Zacians Sword and Shield-hanger by:

Roserade Pillow plush by:

Maxill Body pillow by:

  • Lockstin & Gnoggin
    Lockstin & Gnoggin

    I love all of you. This is a younger-me's dream come true.

    • Rayster Z
      Rayster Z


    • Zado The Le epic dragon
      Zado The Le epic dragon


    • Joshua Sinclair
      Joshua Sinclair

      I want those cards

    • Springscrap 7775
      Springscrap 7775

      How bout we see Pokémon get these new Pokémon official ay?

    • Keygan DAlterio
      Keygan DAlterio


  • OceanWolf2025

    I going to send something

  • The Shamanic Music
    The Shamanic Music

    Thanks for uploading. Ready to party? If you have a second, we just posted an original dance song. As fellow music lovers, we'd love if you would take a listen. It's on our page. Hope you enjoy!

  • Raphael Martinez
    Raphael Martinez

    Will maxell ever make a return?

  • bladberry

    I want that Tarmendoa its so cool🥰

  • Spencer Drumm
    Spencer Drumm

    They are fair I now lots of Pokémon and Pokémon Cards

  • Pokemon Blader 328 MS
    Pokemon Blader 328 MS

    Kaskade cards? More like KASKARDS! GET IT? (Just look away ._.)

  • Magi Pup
    Magi Pup

    "do you love me more than I love my wife?"

  • UmbralKing

    To think we have been on this journey for a year almost

  • _Bleu_Føxy_Wølfu_

    I’ve got a build a bear Vulpix with that hoodie, honestly it’s so adorable

  • Drew Yamokoski
    Drew Yamokoski

    then Ahwak38 comments *face smack*

  • Bardice Elsherif
    Bardice Elsherif


  • Bardice Elsherif
    Bardice Elsherif

    We need more cards in your shop and more plushies IF U EVER MAKE MORE PLUSHIES OR MAYBE CARDS I WILL GET THEM ALL

  • Myson Bond Hill
    Myson Bond Hill

    I want some of these

  • Karima Assahli
    Karima Assahli


  • paxton

    does no one see the unrelated things that aren’t pokémon?

  • Sasha Koch
    Sasha Koch

    sory i cant send you tubers mail ( sory strict rules ) but i love you'r vids!

  • laura favro
    laura favro


  • Dip Universal
    Dip Universal

    That 8 years old kid is in luck with the people on Discord working on a game for it

  • Girafarig Appreciator
    Girafarig Appreciator

    Salem? Intelligent? Witch! Burn the Witch!

  • Metroplex

    1:26 whom’st that on the left? (the bodypillow)

  • ToaCody

    I'd like to send you artwork of three Fakemon I've concocted that I know you'd enjoy, but first I need to have it made, and it doesn't look like the artist I want to commission will be available before the deadline.

  • Lb Ice
    Lb Ice


  • Lb Ice
    Lb Ice

    Good. Very good 😘😘😘😘👏👏👏👏👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿 excited for

  • Paul Iver Xedric Jimenez
    Paul Iver Xedric Jimenez

    You mean pokemon shuffle mobile

  • Tom TCB
    Tom TCB

    His hair looks like a rhino’s horn mixed with a wood axe.

    • Tom TCB
      Tom TCB

      That is not an insult btw.

  • Commentatineer

    Those pokemon cards seemed a little stronger than what I'm used to, and they stopped making GX's, but the newer cards they make are stronger than they used to be, so they're probably pretty well balanced

  • Bez Timelapsów
    Bez Timelapsów

    grab your before 1 million subs tickets here

  • Shaheer Sajid
    Shaheer Sajid

    YOO those cards are sick! They are balanced and they look really cool!

  • Edward Landers
    Edward Landers

    make 4 videos dedicated to each quadrant of kaskade

  • Ace

    Linkara has been doing PO Unboxings for a few years now and I've sent him a few things. Maybe when life kinda sorta starts getting back to normal-ish again I might send you something too. We'll see.

  • Plushie King
    Plushie King

    If you’re going to make the sizes of you’re starters based on these, you should change Tarmendoa’s height 6’ 03”, Aspfault’s height 2’ 07”, Therpal’s height 1’ 04” Edit:And also make Danfluff’s height 4’ 03”, make Alpalphalops’s height 7’ 03” Final Edit:And you should make Spoutlaw 3’ 11”

  • Impy

    Yeesha stone participated in Artfight years ago! I got some minis from her too!

  • nabnabking

    Wonder how long it'll be until these cards end up in the Chinese knock offs

  • Shiny Absol & The Eevees
    Shiny Absol & The Eevees


  • Blobs 2
    Blobs 2

    I really hope the tag team cards get rainbow rares

  • Lunar gamer
    Lunar gamer

    Bruh why have they not hired you yet

  • SleepyDurian

    Those kaskade cards are amazing!

  • Aidan Clark
    Aidan Clark

    Your pronounce the last name A Hawk 38.

  • TuddTheTotodile

    I’m making a region and all that and am physically mailing it to Nintendo of America. Edit: I was 8 when I played my first game (12 in 2020) and it was Crystal on our GBASP. First starter was totodile and second was pikachu(we have yellow)

  • megarobin123


  • nightmare Corpse,JR
    nightmare Corpse,JR

    The card look good the look real

  • Courtney Ford
    Courtney Ford

    jackson low key throwing shade at gamefreak "just give us a good plot and its practically done" lmao

  • Rene Taylor
    Rene Taylor

    I haven't seen all of them but are there any returning pokemon

  • Shiloh Myers_25
    Shiloh Myers_25

    I still miss naxle, even if I can never remember his name

  • SIlent - BS
    SIlent - BS

    gamefreak is probably gonna do the north west but not kaskade maybe somebody could make a fangame based on kaskade

  • Panzer shanzer
    Panzer shanzer

    Idea Kaskade mega evolution

  • Keygan DAlterio
    Keygan DAlterio


  • bthonk


  • Henry Gutierrez
    Henry Gutierrez

    Hey I like Maxill :(((

  • the great lumberjack King
    the great lumberjack King

    3:26 never gonna happen but so cute

  • Dragon_ Master_010
    Dragon_ Master_010

    he gnoggin i just found out that i have the same pikachu with mario suit

  • Jackson Villasana
    Jackson Villasana

    Mabe lockstin can make some thing about oak harbor

  • Chris Bos
    Chris Bos

    i liked maxel

  • Sean Martin
    Sean Martin

    I miss the aggressive funni bone guy, not to be confused with the comic funni bone man, or the aggressive funni bomb guy.

  • Shawn Coney
    Shawn Coney

    we miss max

  • Jill Storer
    Jill Storer

    Don’t think that I saw that OTHER pillow 1:26

  • Mordikyzer Eclipse
    Mordikyzer Eclipse

    What if i don't get the chance to send it to you before the po box is closed? :(

  • Rayden And friends studio
    Rayden And friends studio

    Make a game

  • Jordan G Petersen
    Jordan G Petersen

    Who or what made this, did this come from the place where pokémon are made or not, I don't understand

  • Bastion Sea
    Bastion Sea

    I watch two channels that still do fanmail regularly

  • Caleb Olander
    Caleb Olander

    I know that this is a little nitpicky but how would the catching of the legendary work if it became an official game because without them circling the map what would happend.

  • notPCG

    Waiting for your channel to reach 1 million subscribers!

  • Novio Mohga Amsor
    Novio Mohga Amsor

    1:04 : what why in the mother of Arceus why ?!

  • Velox

    I'd love to send you the Sword and Shield badge set I made sadly I only have two at the moment one is for me, the other is for my Client. x.x

  • Luqman Kahairi
    Luqman Kahairi

    Lil bit more until 1M

  • The Virizion Master
    The Virizion Master

    1:25 is that.. is that a hatsune miku body pillow

  • Decidueye Doctor
    Decidueye Doctor

    I've actually played Pokemon games for almost 5 years and now I have two videos on UZmilk and yet I'm only in 5th grade

  • Samuel Dudley
    Samuel Dudley

    I miss maxel tbh

  • Emilio Santos
    Emilio Santos

    I miss Maxell.

  • avi0enator ❔🔞❓
    avi0enator ❔🔞❓

    live action cascade region animals or Digimon (tamers origin of digiworld)

  • Fishy_Blob _
    Fishy_Blob _

    Can I buy sum?

  • abhishek

    Make a game of your region

  • Just Call Me Kryptic
    Just Call Me Kryptic

    Jokes on you my first game was emerald, now I just feel old ;-;

  • Bluebell ice
    Bluebell ice

    Your videos are the freaking best your vid make me happy I wish I was u

  • The Truth
    The Truth

    Your hair looks bad

  • The Lucky Ducky
    The Lucky Ducky


  • Umbreonboi Meme
    Umbreonboi Meme

    I have the same eevee

  • ExiledBowser

    Just at a glance watching the video, I can tell you they are really well balanced for the current gen/standard format rule set he made them in, which was gen 7 and gen 8 here. Currently the standard format rule set uses the back half of Gen 7 and all of Gen 8. Expanded format ruling uses all sets from the last 3 sets of gen 5 up until the latest set in generation 8. I personally play Expanded Format as I can't always buy cards/code cards to add to the Pokemon TCG online to build only Standard format ruling decks. You're welcome for the detailed analysis.

  • skele bone
    skele bone

    hey lockstin do a montana pokemon video

  • GrimCreeper Reacting and gaming
    GrimCreeper Reacting and gaming

    I made a whole Pokédex and reigion I wanna send it to you so could you please tell me your address an state

  • Aura Montenegro
    Aura Montenegro

    This is so wholesome

  • Zach Reese
    Zach Reese

    That needs to be made into a rom hack

  • BluntForce

    Your region and subjectivelys region are amazing

  • Aaron Red
    Aaron Red

    7:55, sees my favorite Pokémon Banette. Me: Whoever made these are very intelligent.

  • Lance Cape
    Lance Cape

    Hey I made both a pig and robot stick pokemon

  • Donk Ponk
    Donk Ponk

    Loved your ever Pokémon type series watched dragon type seven times great UZmilkr

  • SurrealKeenan

    The card designs look great, but their attacks and abilities are all over the place. Most of them are *extremely* weak and some have problematic wording. For example, vaquamael's ability. What is "an airborne attack"? Is that a new mechanic they added? Why are stun spore and sleep powder considered "airborne"? Having interpretable wording on cards is a *big* no no for a competitive card game. I wish they had spent as much time studying card wording as they did on designs.

  • Aerianiah Rollins
    Aerianiah Rollins

    I was wondering if you could make a pokemon based on the Titicaca Frog please?

  • Nicholas R. Pena
    Nicholas R. Pena

    The fan pokemon are better than anything Game freak has ever made

  • Phil Anderson
    Phil Anderson

    “Do you love me more than I love my wife?” Im dead af.

  • Pokemon Karma
    Pokemon Karma

    "Now we've got busiiiiness!" -- Lockstin, prolly

  • Seth Aquauis
    Seth Aquauis

    I miss 2010

  • Nuggetslayer75

    You live in Salem? That’s so close to me

  • Monstro Azul
    Monstro Azul

    Good job to the person who made the cards and the action figures

  • Monstro Azul
    Monstro Azul


  • Tom Larsen
    Tom Larsen

    You should do shiny explanations for the Kaskade region

  • Aethernaut1

    The card from little Jackson made me have feelings 😭 😭 😭

  • annoyed avocado
    annoyed avocado

    Loved the cards

  • Cody Lord
    Cody Lord

    I love this! So wholesome. Nothing touches my heart more than creators inspiring other creators.

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