THIS is a Look at the Kaskade Region! | Lockemon - Gnoggin
It's my fakemon region! er, Lockemon region! Let's take a gander at this map and what in the Pacific Northwest inspired each bit. I'd like to know your thoughts on this Pacific Northwest Pokemon region. :) We'll also reveal a few Lockemon here too, Kaskadian Jynx, Kaskadian Diance, Kaskadian Lapras, aaand a few just hidden throughout the video. ;)

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00:00 Kaskade Intro
01:32 Forest quadrant
07:44 Spectoul Mountain
09:22 Desert Quadrant
13:10 Farmland Quadrant
14:58 City Quadrant
21:36 Overal Thoughts

Gnoggin, hosted by its creator Lockstin, is a show delving into the mysteries of Pokemon! (and other games sometimes too). Explaining everything there is to explain! Why is each Pokemon given the type it has? What are their origins? What is the lore of the Pokemon world and the design inspirations? And what does it all have to do with alchemy? Let's Go find out!

  • Bobert Johnson
    Bobert Johnson

    19:37 so, for a few frames, Revylon and Pestilation of the Cataclysmic Quartet appear. But… what would they have to do with this building?

  • Matthew Koller
    Matthew Koller

    Yeah, my crush on Zlata has not let up in the weeks since I first saw them before I forgot I was watching this Playlist. Still want to live in Tso-Lo, but, [redacted for the children].

  • Rose Varilek
    Rose Varilek

    hi! my folks live in Halfway, Oregon, which is about 15 miles away from Hell's Canyon, and our ancestry dates backs to years in the area. We had family help build the Hell's Canyon dam and the Brownlee dam so we know a bit about the history. I think it would be neat if around the river canyon area there were some ghost pokemon found. Since when building the dams, multiple workers lost their lives, whether form the constructions or the demolition of areas of the valley to make the dams and roads. So, i think it would be a neat little nod to that, plus since there is no bridge acoridng to your idea, so people have to boat across or use ferries, for however long, there must have been people who fell in to the water and drowned. And not to mention when pioneers were coming across to the area they often drowned in the multitude of rivers-being swept up in currents or from the cold water- so i think it would real neat if there were some ghost pokemon found at the canyon. :) also, it would cover multiple things from history from around the areas.

  • Asher Williams
    Asher Williams

    I thought it would make more sense that chapinooks gym wouldn’t have a gym leader because no worker was strong enough to take the place, plus fighting in an unfinished gym would be damaging and it would a Heath code violation and the dude wouldn’t want to get sued.

  • Cam The hyena animator
    Cam The hyena animator

    You have any links to the beginning song in the background? (Edit: nvm just link me all of them lol)

  • Nicholas Hartle
    Nicholas Hartle

    Lockstin: So how many puns do we need in this region? Also Lockstin: Yes

  • Peashooter _0216
    Peashooter _0216

    The amount of thought and effort that has been put into this i wish it was an actual game

  • Julien Precourt
    Julien Precourt

    Do the megas

  • EinsamPibroch278

    I much prefer the new design for Jynx, though I still think Jynx as an idea is itself a Jinx, in salvageable. Nice try though.

  • Pushpa Ravinder
    Pushpa Ravinder

    Can we please play this game i really like it

    • zekrom op
      zekrom op

      It's not a game. It's a Pokemon game idea only

  • — Legacy —
    — Legacy —

    I have an idea for Kaskadian Drifblim. Since they are mostly all used for Amaze-All delivery, how about everytime you catch one or defeat one, they drop an item like a Focus Sash or Black Glasses or something like those.

  • Le Penguin
    Le Penguin

    I would love to live near that Sequoia Forest.

  • Opheebop Monster
    Opheebop Monster

    Okay so, lemme get this straight, he thinks that blood is too “mature” for Pokémon but strippers and weed isn’t???? Ah yes, l o g i c

    • A man who has regretted his life choices
      A man who has regretted his life choices

      Exactly. This game would be teen rates most likely with a te

  • MaximumOverdrive

    Lockstin: "Oregon and California are agricultural powerhouses!" Me who lives in Nebraska: "Pathetic"

  • LongLiveTheLionKing2

    I can finally build my BlazingBloom team xD

  • Donovan Tuomi
    Donovan Tuomi

    You need to add new land marcs and make some mythycals

  • Donovan Tuomi
    Donovan Tuomi

    There should be a game where you start in galar but you go to all other regions

  • Lord Fickle
    Lord Fickle

    Tfw no Tacoma representation 😔

  • Mint Mango0
    Mint Mango0

    Ooooh I saw that kaskadian Abamasnow, no hiding new mons from us

  • paxton

    are the pokémon on the map there to show where to find them?

  • gamebor

    14:28 *sings* "Mount St. Helens is about to blow and its gonna be a nice swell day!"

  • Shay

    apparently amazon likes amaze-all XD

  • Benjamin Campbell
    Benjamin Campbell

    actually, I have been to alot of the places referenced here lol

  • Benjamin Campbell
    Benjamin Campbell

    Hey! Ive been to tidal beach!

  • Mandy Ogilvie
    Mandy Ogilvie

    4:32 Who knew Not killing people constantly result in a bigger population

  • Lasagna

    Hey wait where’s the regional Pyukumuku?

  • Collin Songe
    Collin Songe

    Can you make a video on all of the lokemon you made?

  • Watcher 5482
    Watcher 5482

    "It has a lot of cherry trees in it" What is this an anime!?

  • Ephyram

    Nintendo! You have the money! Make this happen!

  • Koopageneral

    "Land of a Thousand Lakes" Laughs in Minnesota

  • Polar O.
    Polar O.

    we neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this game

    • Claunch

      Its currently in progress

  • Lucas QianZhengxu
    Lucas QianZhengxu

    I mean, Manitoba, Canada is known as the land of a million lakes. Seriously, you can't go 10 km in any direction without seeing a lake

  • the rat that got yeeted
    the rat that got yeeted

    13:21 okay but like take a look at that good boi in the tractor, he smol like he just vibin with his owner

  • orangesilver8

    Mount Rainier could do with being a bit bigger. It's also not named after rain it's named after some friend of George Vancouver, a British explorer who you can guess might have other things named after him. Anyway, it's really important. It's the biggest mountain in the Cascade Range, it's the most topographically prominent mountain in the United States. You can see it from the whole region. It also has a real risk of exploding just like mt st helens except even worse! 80,000 people are in danger! So yeah it's very important. I also learned while trying to find the term alki because I had never heard of it before, that Washington state has an official tartan. So the kaskadian Dubwool could use that pattern.

  • Your local Trash panda
    Your local Trash panda

    Land of 1,000 lakes, you got nothing compared to us Minnesotans with 10,000 lakes

  • Drolos Shack
    Drolos Shack

    As with any region are there any megas and stuff

  • jish55

    The main issue is that the region is WAY too big for a pokemon region, where normally, it only expands a chunk of a place. For example, if we take the Kalos region, which is the all around largest region based on landmass within Pokemon, which in comparison, only used 3/4th of France, would be at most the size of Washington State. Hell, when comparing the third largest state of Texas, that's triple the size of the UK. Then we have to look at how pokemon regions are handled, where based on how each region is designed, Gamefreak tries to keep it within the area of a single city within the aforementioned state or country they're putting said region in, which is why each pokemon region only has one massive city and a few towns and small cities surrounding it (Kanto is based around Tokyo, Johto is based around Kansai, Tokai and eastern Shikoku, Hoenn is based around Kyushu, Sinnoh is based on Hokkaido, which only has one notable large city and small towns throughout, Unova is based on New York city and the smaller parts of the city, Kalos is based on France, which is essentially focused on Paris and the surrounding country side, Alola is based on Hawaii, which again only has one large city, and finally Galar is based on England, which again only has one notable city, London. Then there's Sevii islands based on Izu and Bonin islands, and the region of Orre is based on Phoenix Arizona).

    • Claunch

      It;s around the size of Unova in terms of size theyve posted updates and showcased it.

  • C4B3RUN7 god of destruction
    C4B3RUN7 god of destruction

    I’m still curious about that dark looking tower in Port Alki

  • TheGreenNinja 21
    TheGreenNinja 21

    I just realized in a game this region could be Pokémon summer and Pokémon winter, the joint one could be Pokémon seasons, and this region fits an unspoken thing in Pokémon that I think started in sun and moon where the names of the game kinda match a Pokémon, sun and moon had solrock and lunatone, Pokémon sword and shield had aegislash (hope I spelled it right) and this video made me realize Sawsbuck is the one that fits this region Also I just now got to when he says the actual names and it works better then mine, but I keep my idea just different names

  • Pepijn Meijer
    Pepijn Meijer

    so he anounced an anouncement video

  • Frazone Dracaoo
    Frazone Dracaoo

    It makes me a little sad that eastern oregon gets so little representation. It's always being overshadowed by the more densly populated western portion. It's criminal to condense this entire region that's 2/3 of the state into one town and a open expanse. The wild area dousent even conver what most of the region looks like. It's a large grassy dessert with lots of sage brush and red rocks convered in multicolored lycan. A region that trully beautiful in its own way.

  • The Attack Titan
    The Attack Titan

    so how is it with the seasonal lore? for example, how is winter in the sand desert quadrant?

    • A man who has regretted his life choices
      A man who has regretted his life choices

      If you payed attention, you would see the desert is locked in eternal summer

  • Riley Paulin
    Riley Paulin

    What if Amaze-All is paying the infrastructure department of the Kaskade region to not build a bridge north of Bent Town to “encourage” people to stay there and work at the factories and warehouses

  • LilSparrow

    WAIT WAIT WAIT. As someone who lives in Minnesota, I take umbrage at you claiming that the "land of 1000 lakes" title is a Pacific Northwest thing. It's literally our state motto, and there is a reason that the major dairy company based in Minnesota named itself "Land o' Lakes" >:[

  • Thomas Gregory Eucharista
    Thomas Gregory Eucharista

    I had an idea: 1) You start up In a Theatre with your mom, "you Sleeped again *insert Your name here-" Cmon The show is done" then your mom got called by the professor to give you a starter Prof: "I know *insert Your name here- Want a Pokémon since *his/her- were a kid so I decided to give *his/her- one"

  • Jaiden Greene
    Jaiden Greene

    The space needle must be a secret lightning rod to gather enough power to make the Thunderbird that amaze-all wouldn't have to share its power (I'm calling the bird Voltrap because electricity, probably evil so trap, and it flaps its wings)

  • The_Bradinator

    15:35 Minnesota: _Pathetic_

  • DeerlyQueery

    Time to make a Minecraft map

  • Vaibhav Yadav
    Vaibhav Yadav

    If someone made a rom hack for this it will be amazing

  • Max Derosa
    Max Derosa

    Man I wish this was a real game and a new Pokémon show and region Ash to go to.

  • DinoTheGamer

    If this was made as a real game could you please make it a 2/3 ds game pls

    • Pedro Rosa
      Pedro Rosa

      He is already doing the game

  • NightmareTD

    Is Zangoose in kaskade?

  • Kody Allen
    Kody Allen

    I grew up in Eastern WA / Idaho. You should expand on the palouse area. Add Steptoe Butte , Palouse Falls.

  • Jaxon Ashley
    Jaxon Ashley

    You should make a kaskade ditto based on the gum wall

  • Gabriel Hix
    Gabriel Hix

    Minnesota have more

  • Turtle McMoose
    Turtle McMoose


  • Pika the Mimikyu
    Pika the Mimikyu

    Hey maybe someone could like, animate a series of a protagonist traveling around this region the same way a player would if it was a game.

  • Pika the Mimikyu
    Pika the Mimikyu

    Oh no. No no no why. Somehow he managed to make Jynx soo much worse than it already was. I don't even know how that is possible!

  • Pika the Mimikyu
    Pika the Mimikyu

    We NEED a pokédex of all the Pokémon in the region!

  • Jepersprepur

    That a kascadian Abomasnow?? Where the explanation for that one chief

    • Pedro Rosa
      Pedro Rosa

      It all be explained in the given time and when the game is ready

  • Vicki Englehart
    Vicki Englehart

    I want this instead of diamond and pearl remakes

  • Galaxia

    I really hope there's going to be a game with this region

  • AterLupus

    I love the concepts explored in this video, however, it does seem to contradict a lot of what was previously stated about this region. Namely: The constantly changing seasons and roaming legendaries. "locked in eternal |season name|". Very neat, none the less.

  • Pinecone Pangolin
    Pinecone Pangolin

    Starting town earthquakes Shakespeare

  • AbsolX Guardian
    AbsolX Guardian

    Okay so I had to start reading up on Lumeria because of this, and it's hilarious. Perfectly reasonable naturalist: since continental drift hasn't been accepted yet, there must have been a land bridge here explaining the presence of lemurs in the fossil record, among other things. New Age people a century later: Hey you can make a religion out of this

  • GamingTiger 1809
    GamingTiger 1809

    I hope this becomes an official Pokémon region

  • EatAvocados

    I saw the title really fast and i read "Nuzlocking the Kasakde region"

  • Abu Mahzoorah Aymaan
    Abu Mahzoorah Aymaan

    is tofrug going to be the mascot of lockemon kind of like pikachu

  • pragues90

    Been binge watch your series and this is really interesting and would love to play in this region. But one thing, alki, isn't it pronounce al-kai? Been living in seattle and we say alki beach as al-kai beach every time.

  • Sean Honaker
    Sean Honaker

    LOVE this region concept and the Pokemon designs!! Side note: Ashland University is in Ashland, OH, not Ashland Oregon (source: AU alumnus here lol). But we do have a lot of theatre nerds hahaha

  • Ethan and friends adventures
    Ethan and friends adventures

    We need this as a game

  • Roxanne Sikkenga
    Roxanne Sikkenga

    *Kaskadian Beyonce*

  • razorback9999able

    We shall play this game once Pokemon is in the public domain.

  • Shazam Guy
    Shazam Guy

    Did he ever go over all the weather conditions he keeps talking about? Like I've heard about all the types, but the info on them is super spread out

    • IanXPikachu

      Yeah. It’s the one where he made more forms for Castform

  • ThePersonaWeeb

    Amazon Evil Team is so original tbh

  • John Schwalb
    John Schwalb

    Minnesota and Finland are known as the land with 1,000 lakes, not Washington.

  • Tyler McClintock
    Tyler McClintock

    For anyone who doesn't live in the pnw that was curious about the grass joke, we have the grass seed capital of the world here!

  • Tree man 300
    Tree man 300

    I really wish this was a game! I think this is going great.

  • Hydragon Z.B.
    Hydragon Z.B.

    I want to know more about the tower/the crimson Tower

  • TheVoidHeart

    now make it a rom hack

  • Conner Sauchuk
    Conner Sauchuk


  • Ryan Andersen
    Ryan Andersen

    Minnesota has over 12,000 lakes the just call it 10,000 lakes sounds better

  • Ryan Andersen
    Ryan Andersen

    Fridged falls

  • microwaveable child
    microwaveable child

    Wheres that lapras thing

    • IanXPikachu


  • Mr.banana

    I would buy this

  • TheOringeCube _MC
    TheOringeCube _MC

    Pokemon with mega forms or dynamax usually don't have regional forms so I feel uneasy when I looked at that gengar

  • MuffinDragon77

    Lockstin: It’s a “Power Spot”. Does this mean if I go there, can I Dynamax? Quick, give me a Drednaw!

  • Mimi M.
    Mimi M.

    This series is like a love letter to my childhood and I adore it

  • Julio Chong
    Julio Chong

    17:33 :)

  • Roberto Lemus
    Roberto Lemus

    I feel like snorlax needs a regional variant can you make one

  • Varcas

    wait, i thought the legendaries constantly travel around, making the seasons change every month. how are there also spots that are locked ina specific season . you coudln't really say it's their home, because 2 of them got created to fly ahead, so they don't really have a home, one has been sleeping in the volcano for ages, which isn't one of the season locked areas, and they have been constantly on the move for an eternity rendering them all homeless anyways. i don't get it

  • Emma Bowen
    Emma Bowen

    I think Yellowstone would be a good add on

    • A man who has regretted his life choices
      A man who has regretted his life choices

      Which is not in the Pacific Northwest

    • A man who has regretted his life choices
      A man who has regretted his life choices

      Yellow stone is in Wyoming

  • Joshua Morris
    Joshua Morris

    14:25 Like the two Volcanos on the Pacific Northwest it’s based on, it must be quite a sight to see!

  • Volend

    You should do Kaskade region variants of the 3 legendary CATS (I hate they are called dogs. They are not. You got a sabertooth, a black panther and a lion.) Essentially, each legendary cat came to Kaskade to avoid humans and find a place rich in nature. Suicune ventured into the snowy region of Kaskade, enjoying the frozen over lakes. Suicune gains the ice typing, instead of running on water, it now gracefully skates on frozen lakes and rides down the mountains on a board of ice created from it's new abilities. Raikou becomes enamoured with the incredibly vast and windy valleys of the Kaskades, Raikou embraces the openness and wild winds, gaining the flying type, allowing Raikou to leap with powerful bursts of air from cliff to cliff! Entei found itself among ever rejuvenating mud springs, for the first time in its life, it has found calm. Entei now spends time relaxing in mud baths and releasing its fire in a more controlled state. As a result, Entei gains the ground typing.

    • A man who has regretted his life choices
      A man who has regretted his life choices

      In what goddamn universe is the legendary cats or dogs. It’s beasts. Let me explain. Raikou is a saber tooth cat and Entei is a Chinese lion mythos creature. That eliminates dogs, but suicune is a mix of a dragon, deer, cats, and unicorns. Technically, it makes sense to call them beasts rather than dogs or cats. Plus, it sounds way cooler

  • Moon Typhoon
    Moon Typhoon

    This region is really cool, but the fact that all over the internet fans are making our own stuff shows that Pokemon Company has totally dropped the ball

  • Eric Marshall
    Eric Marshall

    "There's over a thousand lakes here!" *Laughs in Canadian*

    • Anna

      *joins in with Minnesotan laughter*

  • Maglev Whale
    Maglev Whale

    Port Alki is literally 1984

  • Peanut King
    Peanut King


  • Michelle Evans
    Michelle Evans

    Tso-lo falls and town literally mean “wander to falls and wander to town” LOL.

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