The Kaskade Region's Tofrug is now a Plushie! 🍁🐸 Gnoggin - Lockemon
Visit to pre-order this *exclusive* and *limited* plushie of the Kaskade region's own Tofrug!
More details available there as well.

Tofrug's original art by N4ni_N4ni:
Hopping Tofrug animation by Zee:

00:00 Introduction
00:14 Tofrug the Lockemon
00:48 Tofrug Plush Build Quality
01:49 Thank You for the Support!
02:37 Tofrug Photo Gallery

  • Jayden Destroyer0
    Jayden Destroyer0

    I have 60 dollars on my card but I can't buy it when it's $50.88

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    Asher Williams

    Plot twist: this video was sponsored by amaze-all

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    Pushpa Ravinder

    Can we please play this game i really like it

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  • Legogenius 22
    Legogenius 22

    1:34 hol up that's a lego bionicle pahrak? I have that set found it at a antique store a while back still sealed. (It's build now love the capsule packaging integration with the build)

  • E

    Lockstin: Throws Tofrug Tofrug: 0(。。)0

  • USAndor

    I just realized... What do you mean... first?

  • E

    Yay frug :)

  • Evan The human
    Evan The human

    Tofrug is my favorite lokemon and when I heard about the plushie I immediately bought it and now that you making it a real game I will not evolve it

  • Elisabeth Byrne
    Elisabeth Byrne

    The plushies are too big...😅 They would be better half the size similar to most official 7" plushies?

  • WolfLies

    To be honest, I think once you factor in the shipping price it is too expensive, I put down my location and it then it said I have to pay €41 which I think is WAY overpriced, sry just had to say what was on my mind.

  • Rick Of phantom
    Rick Of phantom

    Why tofrug is so cute

  • Golden waffle
    Golden waffle

    Make a clamtrip plush

  • Pika the Mimikyu
    Pika the Mimikyu

    Only the best for the lovely Tofrug!

  • Justyn H
    Justyn H

    That's a Canadian maple leaf, looks ripped straight from our flag

  • Gundam Unicorn
    Gundam Unicorn

    I demand Vaquamael, Tarmendoa, and Alfalphalops plushies too.

  • Peerzton

    i dont care what anyone says, tofrug is the canadian pokemon because its white and has a red maple leafe which reminds me of the canadian flag

    • IanXPikachu

      That’s part of its inspiration

  • Potato Corgi
    Potato Corgi

    What if you made Tofrug plushie... but smol?

  • Todd Zuzulo
    Todd Zuzulo

    U should make a plush of one of ur lockemon castform forms

  • Mordikyzer Eclipse
    Mordikyzer Eclipse

    I'd so buy one of these if i had seen the vid in time but i also reeeaallly want a Mosster plush lol

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    Enna Corens

    That is so f*cking adorable

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    Chad Jove

    I was wondering if you had any advice for my UZmilk channel?!

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    Im getting one im so happy yeeee

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    hamster duder 101 moo

    i have no money im poor but i need it

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    Ethan Nelson

    tofrug is the cutest thing ever

  • 8od0tMobile

    make all rotom for gods sake

  • bork lol
    bork lol

    U should make some megas

  • Samuel Carl
    Samuel Carl

    On second thought, I have another opinion. The next plushie, if you make one, MUST BE BUWUVE!!!!!

  • Samuel Carl
    Samuel Carl

    Omg...... NEED TOFRUG!!!!!!!!! It would also be cool if you could get the legendaries designed, as well as possibly think of a sequal to these, as EVERY game has had some do of sequal as of recent.........minus galare......... In any case, o hope for sequal, and will share my ideas with you anytime

  • DinoFrog _
    DinoFrog _

    What’s the music called!!!

  • Pizza DiGiorno
    Pizza DiGiorno

    This needs to be made into a rom


    0:17 who's these 2 pokemons on the top 2nd one and top right one please reply the link of both of them of their video please please please

  • The Green Butterfree
    The Green Butterfree

    Remember when you said in your not I take video wanted to see a fire stick come to you without fever

  • Neos Burn
    Neos Burn

    I just bought my tofrog!!!! But I noticed it says shipping is from North Carolina that's not the northwest 🤔🤔 it must be a regional variant from North Carolina!!!!

  • Yyumkibble Adventures!
    Yyumkibble Adventures!


  • Cthulhuisgamer

    is or was a set number of them shiny?

  • ironmanjrb

    you can also make a shiny varirint that is red with a white leaf

  • Rachel - PurpleDragonair
    Rachel - PurpleDragonair

    I canr wait for my plushie!

  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter

    make one of the racoon

  • Foxy’s family foods
    Foxy’s family foods

    If you love tofrug put a #tofrug under my comment

    • Corbin Fitzpatrick
      Corbin Fitzpatrick


  • the great lumberjack King
    the great lumberjack King

    I want it but it’s probably sold out

    • the great lumberjack King
      the great lumberjack King

      @IanXPikachu oh

    • IanXPikachu

      It’s still in the preorder stage

  • Synthia

    Money... but f r o g... Bank account... but *f r o g*

  • Roque Perez
    Roque Perez

    Petition to release rare shiny variants

  • Bryce

    I haven't watched your entire kaskade region series yet, but so far it's making me nostalgic for home - Seattle. Don't know if it's been mentioned, but while migration/immigration is a big part of things in the pnw, migration from Eastern Asia is particularly important. This might mean a lot of early gen mons from the Japanese inspired regions would be there.

  • Broken Blue Sky
    Broken Blue Sky

    Just pre-ordered! Keep up the amazing content Austin! You're amazing!!

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    tarahbian guy

    i need more fakemon, lockemon..... fake, lock? i need more kaskade region videos like every kaskade lockemon. well new subscriber

  • Murph Muffin
    Murph Muffin

    A hacky sack of the hacky sack bug Locktimon would be neat

    • IanXPikachu

      Buggaesack as a hacky sack? Yes!

  • Skull the Dragon
    Skull the Dragon

    I love this little thing! I just preordered it!

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    Scott Hiszem

    So cute!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎

  • Lordof Music 420
    Lordof Music 420

    Would you be able to release the pattern so the diy people can make there own

  • FluxCptnDavey

    Question. What if I wanted to change my shipping address?

  • Fernando Castillo Gandour
    Fernando Castillo Gandour

    i have an idea make more kaskadian region pokemon plushies

  • M̳A̳R̳I̳N̳E̳ ̳V̳I̳R̳U̳S̳ [Road to 500]
    M̳A̳R̳I̳N̳E̳ ̳V̳I̳R̳U̳S̳ [Road to 500]

    this may sound weird, but please make a video about parasect

  • niknakeatpie

    Just gonna say it 0:45 makes me want an anime of the kaskade region I also want this into a full fledged game get nintendo on the phone.

  • Saki Tsuzura
    Saki Tsuzura

    Wow! That Tofrug plushie sure is cute! Next time, can you please try making plushies for Kituff and Beadumup?

  • Theo Lundström
    Theo Lundström

    Is this game acctuly going to be programed and realesed to public?

  • Nate & Friends
    Nate & Friends

    I said pine tree you gave me a leaf this is the best thing I've ever seen give me 27

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    do you have an europien store? I would like to by one :-)

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    fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame fangame

  • Tyler Tichoc
    Tyler Tichoc

    I'd like a Tofrug plushie. But I'd love a Coonsoom plushie. Seriously though, Coonsoom is probably my favorite Lockemon, he's my adorable little baby gremlin boi and despite him probably being very rascally and rambunctious, I would nothing more the to cuddle this warm fluffy bean and spoil him to no end. Oh yeah, and give him belly rubs and boop his little snoot. And name him Rocket like from Marvel but ALSO Team Rocket.🥰🦝

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    shadow wolffe

    Just don’t eat it...

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    Somone is gonna think its rofu and eat it

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    This is the only acceptable form of tofu

  • Rob Dapruzzo
    Rob Dapruzzo

    he should collab with the pokemon company

  • A R
    A R

    In the near future in Gamesfreak's HQ: POKEDESIGNER1: Ok so the next new Pokemon will be FROFU - a tree frog mixed with a tofu. POKEDESIGNER2: Nah. It looks like some dude already have created one. He called it Tofrug. P1.Damn it, even the name is better. Those fanmade pokemon are making our lifes harder and harder with each passing year. If this keep up we will be force to create only regional variants in next generations.

  • Smokeydonut

    haha *pleads to get a tofrug*

  • Someonelse

    Is that Pahrak the stone bohrok from the famous Lego theme Bionicle at 1:30

  • Fallen Fellows
    Fallen Fellows

    If these are successful I really hope you make different plushes of your lockemon!

  • thatoneguy Cult of Dave
    thatoneguy Cult of Dave

    wait this is limited edition I probably didn't catch that part

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    Tofrug screaming internally

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    I like the racoon better :>

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    If the red is a bit darker it'd be perfect.

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    "Feetsies" ah, yes. The scientific term.

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    So, when do we get the game? Via romhack or rpgmaker, any works

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    Anonymous Person

    0:18 unknown Lokémon on the top row

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    You could call the games Pokémon lock and key

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    me: Im not interested of buying a shirt lockstin: well thats cause I didnt tell you about the tofrug plush a tofrug plush plush tofrug plush, you can hug it, squish and hug it, and sleep with it

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    why didn't you use sewn eyes instead of plastic ? like in official pokémon plushes. It would be softer than hard plastic no ?

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    I’m not a tofu,or a Yoku, I’ll never be a fire type or a cop, I am a tofrug, a frug with a dream, to be human, and have a job.

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      Samadhi Savage