MEGA Pokémon Battle Royale Explained! | @TerminalMontage X Gnoggin
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Mega Pokemon don't exist, but if they did, which one would win? This video gives commentary and explains why some of the things in the animation by TerminalMontage, happen.

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00:00 Intro
01:20 Explaining Begins
19:32 Explaining Ends

  • TerminalMontage

    Thank you for the amusing script! I enjoyed bringing it to life! These collabs are always a blast! :D

    • sans comic
      sans comic

      plz make a dinamax/(or) gigantamax battle roile im 12

    • Springdude 11
      Springdude 11

      I'm curious to know which of you two wrote the Ghostbusters reference.

    • Instinct-C-964 _YT
      Instinct-C-964 _YT

      Make Dynamax Royale

    • Josh

      When will the Gen 8 battle royale update happen?

    • TruecarioZ

      Please more of these pokemon battles

  • Overse


  • FoxyX

    call 911 there is 911 likes

  • Arya

    Lockstin no the worst mega is MEGA-nium

  • Qiana Bartholomew
    Qiana Bartholomew

    One of mega lucario's dreads accidentally bumped into mega alakazam

  • Kryssthian Froy Noel
    Kryssthian Froy Noel

    14:42 69000 pounds.... Hmmmmm NICE

  • Star Wars Noob Gaming
    Star Wars Noob Gaming

    If anyone was wondering 69,000 pounds is 34.5 tons, now have a good day

  • Lando 530
    Lando 530

    “Irritated” to describe the pain Pokémon feel in mega evolution is the biggest understatement of the century.

  • B Pennington
    B Pennington

    Mega gengar: so anyway I started kidnapping

  • fang wade
    fang wade

    Yo no hablo takataka

  • Karbry Ramirez
    Karbry Ramirez

    I recently got back into Pokémon and I am WAY behind on a lot so your vids explaining the battle royals are definitely appreciated by me. 4:18 you took off Palmon?

  • Saiaxs

    You mispronounced Rayquaza It’s pronounced Rayquaza

  • Seori Wolf
    Seori Wolf

    There are two mewtwo’s

  • Spyshark _
    Spyshark _

    When your fav mega is mawile and its not even mentioned

  • Azubi LP
    Azubi LP

    10:12 I have to correct you there. Nothing breaks through bedrock

  • SunValkyrie

    OBAMASNOW HAHAHAHAHAHA I CAN'T BREATHE, Lockstin actually said Obamasnow with a straight face, it made me laugh non-stop for 10 minutes. The explanation video made me laugh 10 times more than the battle itself, and I love how the little details make it even more enjoyable.

  • Jacktheripper2000 pro gamer
    Jacktheripper2000 pro gamer

    So if the Shelder was bigger the slowpoke family could completely Merc everyone through attrittion

  • Jacktheripper2000 pro gamer
    Jacktheripper2000 pro gamer

    I'm kind of hoping for pokemon battle tpyale excluding pokemon of different types and legendaries

  • Keon Johnson
    Keon Johnson


  • SpiderT16

    Wouldn't the primal legends cout as well

  • Danny Caracciolo
    Danny Caracciolo

    I demand to know where you got that Pokedex toy you played in the beginning...... also of course mega Rayquaza was going to win....... he's literally greater than God...... no really it outdoes Arceus.........

  • Linus Hon
    Linus Hon

    Wow terminal he actually made it specific with the pokemon's actual abilities. I thought it was just for fun

  • Federico Liao
    Federico Liao

    And Tyranataur is Godzilla

  • Agent of Empathy
    Agent of Empathy

    I hope y'all do gigantamaxes next 👀

  • Alberto Gallo
    Alberto Gallo

    I was hoping mega audino would win. audino is my fav pokemon. I liked the part where they put a mask on that one ice type pokemon(forgot their name lol) and how she healed everyone.


    8:39 my very first thought when i watched the real thing Stando Powah

  • Tina Plume
    Tina Plume

    It's mega Pokemon

  • RedManWho HasASpikyHair
    RedManWho HasASpikyHair

    I am aware that the pokedex is usually pretty shady sometimes, but the alakazam thing got me thinking... why alakazam gains defense upon mega evolving? it clearly contradicts its own pokedex entry :/ ... maybe it gains some kind of psychic second skin or something ?.... maybe im just ovethinking.... but sure it looks kind of odd. lov your content btw :)

  • The Glitchy X
    The Glitchy X

    “THAT’S 69,000 POUNDS! nice.” Nice indeed.

  • brad kluge
    brad kluge

    Diamonds Pokémon next Please

  • Supremecrazy

    what did i just watch?

  • cyna gaming
    cyna gaming

    Almost to 1M

  • Carson Stanfield
    Carson Stanfield

    Megamax next time

  • Le Dax
    Le Dax

    I think I read it somewhere but I'm not sure it was a joke or a fact. Didn't Mega-Rayquaza have his own superior tier created for him alone ?

  • alezo71

    Jesus didnt exist then

  • gabi.n_art

    I love these collabs they're so funny and fun to watch

  • Cool and Funny Minecraft Creations
    Cool and Funny Minecraft Creations


  • The Lone Wolf
    The Lone Wolf

    Here before 1 million Subscribers

  • Vel Omni
    Vel Omni

    My poor baby mawile. Lol but for real i enjoyed both videos they were so interesting and well done.

  • Munch KING
    Munch KING

    10:45 Did any of the Mega data say it doesn't kill her to do that now? Because the dex entries for regular Gardevoir kinda implies it does. Well technically it says it "expends all of its Psychic power" and "It will give its life to protect its Trainer" so maybe I read too much into that juxtaposition.

  • Munch KING
    Munch KING

    0:10 Yeah, UZmilk recommended your video, but not Terminal Montage's video to me, so that was pretty much exactly it.

  • Jemma Rostron
    Jemma Rostron

    I have watched them all

  • Jemma Rostron
    Jemma Rostron

    The Pokémon what win does not have a mega stone

  • Jemma Rostron
    Jemma Rostron

    I have

  • AlphaMale_gacha

    Mega evolution is scary

  • AlphaMale_gacha

    So basically Pokémon: *mega evolves* KILL ME I’M IN CONSTANT PAIN!

  • Cris Meridian
    Cris Meridian

    Mega Sceptile is a friggin plant metal gear

    • james rodriguez
      james rodriguez

      metal gear sceptile

  • Aiden Quach
    Aiden Quach

    But can they answer the infamous question, a billion lions vs every Pokémon


    This rendom youtyuber is conected to my fevorite youtyuber dam dam dam

  • SiCheng Luo
    SiCheng Luo

    8:01 amongus

  • Wayne Lu
    Wayne Lu

    Just realized how dark pokemon can be

  • Merchant Ziro
    Merchant Ziro

    Ok somebody hear me out, a Mega Man Robot Master Battle Royale, using the same logic as the Pokemon battle royale videos with the Mega Man and Bass CD Database among other sources. Considering how insane some of those get, like Heat Man's fire being canonically 12,000°C in his CD Data or Quick Man being noted as faster than light itself by Elec Man in the Mega Man Megamix Volume 1 manga, I can totally see this getting really crazy, really fast.

  • Neo IV
    Neo IV

    Awaiting the G-max battle royale ( Predicting that Eternamax Eternatus will win )

  • Brayden TheDestinedShield
    Brayden TheDestinedShield

    I can never like mega evolution the way it is canonically now in terms or morality, but I could perceive it in my own way. Perhaps if you trained you pokemon physically and mentally up to lv. 99, it could maintain and have control over its mega form and body.

  • Robster The Lobster
    Robster The Lobster

    Alright we gotta know 1 billion lions vs one of every Pokemon

  • Just Some Random Guy
    Just Some Random Guy

    oh thats why I saw ash when houndoom and scizor were battling

  • Owen Lindhartsen
    Owen Lindhartsen

    Aggrons my fav

  • Chris Demonic
    Chris Demonic

    Espero alguien lo Tradusca al expañol

  • Emma H
    Emma H

    Pinsir getting happy because it finally has wings 🥺😭

  • Istvan Fodor
    Istvan Fodor

    I'll never forget the day I started actually going through the pokedex entries as a kid and thinking......this whole world is a big ass nope from me. Ash is a mad lad

  • Little Baby Martin
    Little Baby Martin


  • Hydro Pump
    Hydro Pump

    What did Mega Blastoise do to you?

  • Teresa Ellis
    Teresa Ellis

    Thank you for explaining and sometimes over explaining (14 days) as I am very new to gaming. I got into it because my son really REALLY wants to share all the nerdy wonderfulness of it all. I can only claim to be nerd adjacent when it comes to console and PC games. I am more into sci-fi and fantasy books, but am willing to learn, especially if it makes my son happy and exposes me to more wonderfully nerdy people. (When I was dating, my future husband gave me A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys. It worked as I married him.) Unfortunately he passed several years back and am only getting back into the gaming scene now that my son is old enough to drag me back in. 😊

  • jamcdonald120

    0:20 GET ON WITH IT!!!

  • Outlaws for life
    Outlaws for life

    Time to do battle royal trainer protagonist

  • Ricky Aguillard
    Ricky Aguillard

    Why you got do mega beedrill like that

  • CloudWolf7

    Can I put a tea cup on your hair

  • BygAnymeTytyes

    Glalie’s death was fkn grousome.

  • Adolfo Coy
    Adolfo Coy

    Mega Sceptile was done dirty

  • Froot Luips
    Froot Luips

    I’m still salty that the main feature of my first ever Pokémon game was cut in Sword and Shield.

  • D Y C E
    D Y C E

    so... where did groudon and kryogre go? >___>

  • Marisol Ramirez
    Marisol Ramirez

    9:46 I don't know why but Rayquaza and Diancie having a tea party in space made me laugh out loud

  • Arés Auditorez 2416
    Arés Auditorez 2416

    See, my mega lucario is extremely powerful. It'll outmatch all of them

  • Superior Mario Bros
    Superior Mario Bros

    New battle royal idea gigantamax pokemon

  • Lil Monkey Man
    Lil Monkey Man

    14:44 nice 👌

  • EliteToast810

    When we 1st moved into my house, my dad found a Mega Kangaskhan Ex Card in the wall. He gave it to me, but I have no idea where it is now

  • PeacKeeper

    7:07 turn anything into “Ash”

  • Stephen Rhodes
    Stephen Rhodes

    I don't get the whole erasing the memory bit... Do people forget that mega pokemon where a thing or something? Because I clearly remember them

  • Strawberry Short snek
    Strawberry Short snek

    I have a suggestion to Pokémon professors: Stop letting children fill out VERY OFFICIAL scientific papers.

  • Sirimpoleon

    When is the 1 billion lions vs every pokemon battle royale

  • Raymond Reddington
    Raymond Reddington

    Obamasnow. I need to catch that one.

  • ACGhostcat

    Eh in spanish? XD es medio obio que no me diran solo dire esto es the apocalipse simple

  • Jhaquevion Green
    Jhaquevion Green

    Gotta do Ultra Beasts now!

  • ZZamberang

    Can someone explain why they act like they forgot about megas?

  • Peanut Lord
    Peanut Lord

    I get that the explanation is probably going to be something along the lines of "Hey they're primal not mega's which is justified since rayquazza is considered mega and not primal." but even so, I feel like groudon and kyogre should have made an appearance.


    Love the wacky gag like battle royale but you love to put limitless fallacy on a lot of different Pokémon.

  • loco suicida
    loco suicida

    Y los subtítulos?

  • Rebekah Schmidt
    Rebekah Schmidt

    Scp foundation?

  • Jordan the Amazing
    Jordan the Amazing

    Next should pokemon villan teams battle royale

  • Soda Pop Barbecue
    Soda Pop Barbecue

    Ultra Beasts and/or G-Max mons are the future. Guzzlord in the first one, obviously. And, with no Alakazam, it's Gengar's time.

  • Ghalaghor McAllistor
    Ghalaghor McAllistor

    I'm going to subscribe to you just so I can unsubscribe. What a time wasting clickbait only to wonder why you were there at the end of a previously empty video. And how did you suddenly appear out of nowhere anyway?

  • SwagDaddyFish

    Now I never want to mega evolv my pkmn now 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jakub Ziarno
    Jakub Ziarno

    I feel kinda bad for Mega Agronn...

  • SharkzillaBoi Lol
    SharkzillaBoi Lol

    A multiple ending of mega aerodactly Normal ending:you got spared by ultra beast Good ending:you joined the party in ultra beast Bad ending:you died ;-; Best ending:you can back to the earth and kill mega rayquazza and you will be everyone fav pokemon Worts ending:you losed and the dev of pokemon deleting you

  • SharkzillaBoi Lol
    SharkzillaBoi Lol

    Latios and latias have best spiderman meme XD



  • Caleb Malone
    Caleb Malone

    So technically Alakazam is speedrunner Mario?

  • John Ulryck Mercado
    John Ulryck Mercado

    tbh the reason why rayquaza won is prob not about its power but about its wieght like a Giant dragon is VERY HEAVY

  • Astroboy

    MegaKabuteriMon Could have win!

  • Reyli Echeverria
    Reyli Echeverria

    You guys should do dynamax Pokémon

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