Let's Write a Pokemon Game Plot! | Kaskade Region | Gnoggin
Pokemon BlazingBloom and Pokemon FrigidFall, our Pokemon X Lockemon Fakemon Region concept NEEDS a plot. And in this video let's go through my ideas for that plot, and introduce a few new characters and Lockemon along the way. :)

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Additional Credits:
Editor: Pro Nosidda : www.twitch.tv/rroleplayers
Idea-Guy / Special Thanks: Snow Hakaishin
And everyone on the Project Kaskade server!
Commissioned Fakemon Artists:

00:00:00 Introduction to the Video
00:02:23 Tofrug Plush + Card
00:04:40 Ancient History of Kaskade
00:09:34 Modern History of Kaskade
00:16:16 The Game Begins (first half)
00:25:10 Raid of Amaze-All HQ (second half)
00:49:48 The Post-Game Plot!
01:01:46 Thank You for Watching!

Gnoggin, hosted by its creator Lockstin, is a show delving into the mysteries of Pokemon! (and other games sometimes too). Explaining everything there is to explain! Why is each Pokemon given the type it has? What are their origins? What is the lore of the Pokemon world and the design inspirations? And what does it all have to do with alchemy? Let's Go find out!

  • Virizion

    Wrens gonna be ma new waifu

  • magimul

    This is making me want to continue/correct my one region

  • Ronnel Relayo
    Ronnel Relayo

    Is the parasite controlling the whalemon a pokemon as well?

  • Caeden Person
    Caeden Person

    I love the concept of the main character being a more mature person and a Pokémon game being more mature

  • Vanguard Jossu
    Vanguard Jossu

    I wish we would be able to see the original thunderbird pokemon

  • Henrique Persechini
    Henrique Persechini

    whn your rival battles you for the relic, what if you loose? If you entered the fight one could assume you accepted his terms and would thus loose the relic early

  • hexi124

    32:42 uzmilk.info/number/mtWvyZ1ljqqYg7U/video.html

  • Nate Wood
    Nate Wood

    I think instead of the legendaries letting you catch them they should give you an egg that’s the respective legendary’s species


    Create new version exsklusiths

  • ya girl lila
    ya girl lila

    i wasn’t expecting to genuinely like and develop an appreciation for a Great Value jeff bezos, but i guess that’s just the power of great storytelling!

  • Tie smile
    Tie smile

    THIS IS AMAZING!!! As long as there’s a good shiny hunt feature (that’s actually kinda fun): it’ll be the best game for me

  • GudBoi 02
    GudBoi 02

    The big whale is spectacular! I think Tom Bezzle shouldn’t be all nice and just mind controlled though. I feel he should still be a bad guy but the orbthropod is just a WORSE guy.

  • Nidz Vidz
    Nidz Vidz

    there should be a plot twist if you lose to lark

  • SkellyMinecraft

    What if diance isn’t in your party post game? How would it reveal toms being controlled if it’s not there?

  • Shaheer Sajid
    Shaheer Sajid

    This is a sick game dude!

  • Violet Vulpix
    Violet Vulpix

    One of my main problems with recent Pokémon games is that they make your rivals sympathetic, but at no point does the player character actually _interact_ with them, to show sympathy. Hop and Hau are sad because you beat them? Too bad, the PC is just a body without a soul, so you can’t console them. Pokémon MC’s shouldn’t have to be bad friends. Also, I like the emoticon “speech” the PC has in this vid! I’ve always kind of wanted a protag that literally doesn’t say anything. “😊” and “😠” options instead of the usual “Yes” and “No” could make the character feel more like an individual, rather than a mindless husk.

  • Benjamin Campbell
    Benjamin Campbell

    so when will we get the Thunderbird reveal?

    • Benjamin Campbell
      Benjamin Campbell

      I am taikng about the real thunderbird, not the fake one

  • Benjamin Campbell
    Benjamin Campbell

    when will the fangame be available? and on what platform?

  • Scandal

    Ok but why isnt the bad guy's name "Tim Bezzle" instead of Tom?

  • pablo jansen
    pablo jansen

    If this ever gets finalised, i'm gonna gamble all my money away

  • ya girl lila
    ya girl lila

    i love the little “but will they?” when you mention the possibility of Amaze-all doing something that doesn’t just create more profits for them

  • pointless crap
    pointless crap

    I love a bit of eldritch horror in my children's rpg

  • Christian McCrary
    Christian McCrary

    I would love for you to develop your own Pokémon game seriously I think game freak is so incompetent at delivering a deep and complex rich and exciting fun game full of lore and creativity. Pokémon has taught me so much about the history of this world. I absolutely adore Pokémon

  • DJ Burk
    DJ Burk

    Only now finally watching this, but man was it spectacular. You (and anyone else involved) did an AMAZING job with this whole plot. Absolutely professional quality! As someone with memory issues due to medical reasons, the last fight sounds extremely difficult to impossible. Perhaps a forced save (even if auto-save is off) right before it would help, so people can go back and review their team (or take a picture of the screen) before challenging Endram again?

  • Patrick Imes Jr
    Patrick Imes Jr


  • Juanpa094

    I really Want..... No. I need to play this game This looks awesome dude awesome job!

  • Maddox Mulligan Yuhas
    Maddox Mulligan Yuhas

    dude i got teamwiped like 5 times by ultra necrozma during my first USUM playthrough

  • Michael Townsend
    Michael Townsend

    I really like that Wren's dialogue is almost entirely facial expressions

  • Keith Kent
    Keith Kent

    Mfw i have the know-how but not the time.. Sadge

  • NinjunoBRu

    I pogged when he said this is gonna be a game

  • ThatNyteDaez

    Loved this. Pokemon needs to do better.

  • Michael Townsend
    Michael Townsend

    I'm so incredibly excited for this!

  • ThatJaymsWisdom

    I love everything about the Kaskade region except how direct all the references are. I just really dislike the names and designs for Goomaze, Facedex and Amaze-all and how clearly they reference the companies on which they are based. You could easily have had this exact same story with Tom Bezzle creating a platform called pokeweb or something really generic like that which would serve the same function(s) to the narrative. The companies as they are just feel like sleezy rip-offs when everything else is so well thought out and considered. Edit: I like the poryphone and the porywatch and the focus on data collection though. I think the idea of the poryphone as a competitor to the rotom phone is a really fun idea that could be played with here and beyond and could mirror ideas of iPhone vs Android.

  • Mr Skysen Games
    Mr Skysen Games

    PokéScript: Child visits professor and is thrown into the world to catch Pokémon, child defeats gyms, child encounters evil organization, child defeats same, child becomes champion, roll credits. Post credits, child captures the local god(s) and goes home to have lunch with mom. LockéScript: _Middle aged protag_ visits professor and is thrown into the world, etc.

  • Guilherme Gaspar
    Guilherme Gaspar

    Thanks for The vídeo and that Ultra-beast is in ALL places

  • PE Player 33
    PE Player 33

    Brought to you by today’s sponsor, Raid Shadow Legends.

  • Luna Solaris
    Luna Solaris

    Don’t forget to preorder Tofr-

  • Khajit Nerfer
    Khajit Nerfer

    16:40 he's been a "freind" of yo mom

  • Nasihat Penjahat
    Nasihat Penjahat

    I am 10 years old btw

  • PenguinStuff

    This plot is amazing, but it would never work in anime form...

  • Mudko

    I would love to see this as a real game, this was such an interesting video! This was so worth all the wait

  • Ben Devine
    Ben Devine

    I Notice a Danganronpa Text box When i see One

  • Corvus Dax
    Corvus Dax

    How did I miss this?

  • FeatherGlacier

    I told my sister we were 22 in this and she immediately said there should be a bar in the game

  • MatiNuva1700

    I always wanted that plush, but my mom said no. But now that it even comes with a CARD....

  • a finnish fish net
    a finnish fish net

    Give us the animated pixel background you used at some points in the video, they would be some really nice desktop backgrounds

  • Yattien

    Oh wow I cannot wait for the fangame!

  • vyo27 viyo
    vyo27 viyo

    an idea is for there to be a new special island that is unlocked after beating endram-odai where you can catch the alien/ultra beast pokemon and a final dungeon like tower where you can capture endram-odai and there are no trainers only more powerful normal pokemon acting like trainers simmilar to totem pokemon

  • Riron

    is it bad that i saw the text box and instantly realized that it was from danganronpa

  • Jayden Destroyer0
    Jayden Destroyer0

    Lockstin I can't check out on your website. I'm buying a tofrug plushie. I need a discount code. I'm in Australia.

  • Yafie Zenas16
    Yafie Zenas16

    This plot develop from evil mega corporations to some eldritch stuff

  • Alex Dayz
    Alex Dayz

    I love how you took concepts introduced in many game (weather, totem Pokémon, Ultra Beast, boss battles against Pokémon, collecting something for a Pokémon, etc.) and where able to make them work together so well in a unique and non-gimmicky way. Very well put together!

  • October Samuel
    October Samuel

    The moment I heard Whale, my immediate first thought was Hitchhiker's Guide.

  • Digital Game Land
    Digital Game Land

    No 10 year old protags Shows the only protags that started out not being 10 ???

  • The Nerd Beast
    The Nerd Beast

    Bezzle really gave me the shivers, especially that part with the privacy options. "Oh users can protect their data at any time, they just didn't think to enable data privacy." Talk about a typical corporate loophole!

  • Cephalonio

    Wait what was the slur with coonsome? (if I spelt that right)

    • Aiden

      coon is the slur but it wasnt in the context he had it in and imo shouldnt have changed it

  • TDEnderPlayz

    If this becomes a game I will play this so much!

  • M J
    M J

    Only 6 figures? Come on Bezzle

  • Cosmic Jojo
    Cosmic Jojo

    better update the protags' fits no genz would wear that

  • Gloria Ocso
    Gloria Ocso

    My question is if wren was the rival Will it change the plot?

    • Gloria Ocso
      Gloria Ocso

      If you speak cookie Amaze all bad

  • TheRubyGames

    I can't wait to play this game!

  • Daniel Bernhardt
    Daniel Bernhardt

    I can not wait for this to be a real game

  • Augustus Wohlschlegel
    Augustus Wohlschlegel

    hey just a quick question, would you be able to name the rival in this game?

  • cobi the pog
    cobi the pog


  • David C
    David C

    What I'm hoping for is a region hopping mechanic. To find legends from all over current pokemon regions.

  • A P
    A P

    Lockstin, this FUCKS.

  • OneOfMany

    Not what I was expecting.... I enjoy it but it's also a very copypasta plot. Now what I would've wanted to put in would be a choice based system to give the player character a choice between the 2 sperate factions and change the story up a bit as they progress to make them feel more human instead of just the self insert. Possibly the choice between a gang who wants to end Amaze-all's sinister plot or the amaze-all corporation it's self... gaining a rival and a friend depending on the choices you have made.

  • ChloeFlower 369
    ChloeFlower 369

    34:42 38:20 58:16 and 59:52 ❤️🤗 the emphasis on Endram-Odai's powerful and unnatural (by human standards) presence. Because nothing says 'Epic Achievement' like a normal everyday human with supernatural entities for pets facing off a *_SERIOUSLY INTENSE_*_ Migraine-inducing Interdimentional Eldritch Abomination_ summoned by a corrupt group of higher class humans for the sake of personal (and societal) power (only to found out too late that they had bitten off more than they can chew) 41:47 talk about 'blowing your own horn'📯...er...'flute'. 😂😆

    • ChloeFlower 369
      ChloeFlower 369

      Also is 10:27 a reference to European settlers by any chance?

  • Redneck McGee
    Redneck McGee

    What system/ emulator would the fan game be on?

  • Nyx Orcinus
    Nyx Orcinus

    I want a warcane.

  • Jungwoo (Jacob) An
    Jungwoo (Jacob) An

    Reply to this comment if you think someone (maybe me, I'm kinda good in terms of art and maybe even 3D modeling) should make Endram-Odai without the parasite

  • Dino City
    Dino City

    no way!,the starter you choce was the starter that i would choce

  • Taygon45

    Real talk. Can you go into more detail about that writing technique at the beginning? Sounds like an amazing strat


    Man after how much teasing the artifical thunderbird received I didn't think it's final reveal would impress me THAT much! That thing is so cool though

  • Blue Banana
    Blue Banana

    Is there any sound type Pokémons?

  • OttoFilms


  • MysticMylesZ

    55:28 alright this is where I drop out 😅 I'm ah wait for the game

  • shepard haverly
    shepard haverly

    Wait I get an assistant? Pog

  • Keegstar

    He made the character of age.. he will bring balance!

  • MysticMylesZ

    41:32 when the bad guys use legal methods 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sergio Davila
    Sergio Davila

    When they talk it looks like dangarompa

  • AChromatic Mediant
    AChromatic Mediant

    Peaked my interest should be "piqued my interest." Just in case it goes into the fan game or anything

  • Doctor H.M.L
    Doctor H.M.L


  • What do you know?
    What do you know?

    I like this

  • Daffyhat

    This is amazing. I love my Pokemon and I LOVE my cosmic horrror, so a combination of the two? It's just- **chef's kiss** I'm also a huge fan of any way to mess with same menus and systems in 4th wall breaking ways. A battle against a super boss that scrambles your pokemon and their moves is genius.3̵̡̢̼̤͖͚͉̭̖̳̥̼͈͛̆̒̒̍̅͂͝n̶̢͍͇̦̐̆̑̌D̸̦͔̬̪̘͈̱̭͚̼̥̦̪̻̀̊̉̉͌͑͆̾̓͘̕͠r̴̲̗͇̎͂̆͝@̵̧͙̹̲̃͠ṃ̶̨͖̝̗̹̻̙̳̰͓͈̪́̀̃͆̈́̽͂͊̉̄͘-̵͖͍͚͓̼̠̪͖̰͕̰̗̺̣͗͋̔̾̐̂̊0̷̢̢͎͎͎̬͚͖̻̟̤̳͍̥͔̾̆̄̇̾́̍͂̀̉̎̃̈́͘d̷͚̱͇̯̩̺̥̃̀͑̒̃̃͌̚͝â̷̛̼͈̲͇̟̹̂̔̃̆̈́̍̈́͊͐̋̐̋̕!̸̨̧̠̗̤͎̞͔̾̈́̚ sounds like a novel concept I'd pay good money to see something like it in an official Pokemon game.


    The “two big to fail” line got me thinking about how oversimplified said the same line talking about the big banks

  • The Ursa Lord
    The Ursa Lord

    Gotta say, as a writer this surely kept me locked on the screen during the climaxes. Nice work!

  • nightlight.


  • MysticMylesZ

    13:56 I really like the main characters design and outfit 🤔 Probably one of the few times I prefer it over the female characters outfit and design in a pokemon or Digimon thing

  • Zach010Home

    Yes, amazing, take my money and viewership

  • Sol Zen
    Sol Zen

    "The kids name is Jay" Considering that's almost always the name I choose for my characters, that caught me off guard.

  • Wither Gaming
    Wither Gaming

    wait why is the pokemon thing x and y and not pokemon snap?

  • Nano

    I wasn’t entirely paying attention because I was doodling in my sketchbook… but I legit thought you said “you caught a glimpse of Kaskadian Beyoncé “

  • flare blade
    flare blade


  • MysticMylesZ

    7:20 I feel like many can accidentally pronounce that Arctic Cold depending on accent etc 😅

  • JG R
    JG R

    the main character could as well be 16yo

  • green_plays8910

    imagine you just did what brick bronze did and make sawsbucks

  • Pancake :]
    Pancake :]

    Jay is the sweetest child I’ve ever met 😌

  • MysticMylesZ

    1:55 irk I've gotten kinda of sick of shows and games restricted to kids like 10 and younger and stuff.. that why I said if I ever did a story my aim would be E10+ or Teen just to give me freedom and make the world building and story a little more real and not just happiness hide all the bad stuff or only slightly hint at it

  • Shawn Mishael Mullet
    Shawn Mishael Mullet

    This game plot is so good I wish this was a real game

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the unknown slab
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