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Why are Pokemon fans so toxic? Wait that's not right hang on... okay; Why are so many Poketubers Toxic? Wait no.... I mean true, but like... AH! here we go. Why does almost every Pokemon learn the move Toxic? There we go, THATS the video.

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00:00 Sorry I'm so Toxic
00:38 How many Pokemon Learn Toxic?
01:58 Sponsored Segment!
03:18 Poisoning Pokemon: How does Toxic work?
04:06 What is Poison?
05:56 Why do so many Pokemon learn Toxic? Bacteria?
08:18 Why do so many Pokemon know Toxic? Zoonotic Disease?
10:04 Mouths, Feathers, Burns and Placebos.
12:05 Why do so few Pokemon NOT learn Toxic?
13:07 Magearna is Perfect, and not Toxic.

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  • Blaze The Movie Fan
    Blaze The Movie Fan

    This video makes a lot of sense thanks for making it.

  • Condorman Refreshed
    Condorman Refreshed

    “Warm and nice whole” ok buddy

  • Daniel Huelsman
    Daniel Huelsman

    If Magearna doesn't have Toxic because it's a nurse, then what about the Chansey line or Audino?

  • hanaan xuseen
    hanaan xuseen

    Human mouths have spit, spit is Disgusting and poisounes

  • Simon Hansen
    Simon Hansen

    Well, that's certainly the verbage to use in today's political climate. I could really use some climate right about now XD Heard the name floating around the ether, but I never considered Florence Nightingale to be a real person. It's a really cool, catchy and 1800s writer-esque or made-up character name, and I thought that was exactly it. Glad to be proven wrong, in this case, due to the significance of what this person did, literally for humanity.

  • Guru

    3:32 *1/8

  • Jin Ezawa
    Jin Ezawa

    I mean, Genesect's not *completely* manmade, it's basically a fossil pokemon that was turned into a cyborg, so I guess there's still biological components there 🤷‍♂️

  • RBYGSC Plays
    RBYGSC Plays

    To answer 10:04, I think the bacteria are source from one area almost all Pokemon have - their fecal matter. I remember one Gaijin Goomba video in how ninjas coat poo all over the spikes they've set up and hidden to infect the wounds of their trapped enemies.

  • J.B.

    Gamefreak forgetting is definetly the reason why that genderless snowflake can learn attract. Though you might have a video on that already

  • FillisG

    I love the one note of toxic at the begining

  • NotInOrder

    This was a really cool video! it's always fascinating to learn about things that are described way to vaguely like what is a poison. Have heard about the Women nurse changing healthcare before; the easiest thing for me to remember from that bit of history is how so many doctors(who were pretty much only men at the time) claimed that a gentleman's hands could never be dirty and one even refused to wash his hands for anything. Might be wrong but ii remember that story ended with the particularly stubborn doctor contracting disintary from not washing between his water closet and kitchen times. Also a lot of dead patients... which admittedly really sucks.

  • Nick Anderson
    Nick Anderson

    Okay, who on the face of the Earth thinks it's a good idea to have their dog lick their open wounds?

  • Cat under drugs
    Cat under drugs

    15:11 yeah... No. The founder of antiseptic surgery is Joseph Lister, who actually created first antiseptic and demanded surgeons' hands and tools to be sterile. About 20 years before him those ideas were voiced by Ignaz Semmelweis. Not to belittle Florence, but in the grand scheme of things, considering this topic, her influence was rather puny and it is a crime to write our of history people, who were ACTUALLY important

  • Osteopatriarch

    5:36 Its been almost 20 years, and I just now realized that confusion effect is ducks, and not very strange faces

  • Khai Nguyen
    Khai Nguyen

    that pancreatic joke got me like how your immune system got your pancreas

  • NoOneButKamiil

    I was taking a sip of water while you were talking about how it’s toxic

  • Chillava

    This video was full of amazing and very interesting facts as always, but I'm not how I feel about these explanation being to justify why every pokemon would be capable of delivering "excessive poison" to each other. Maybe regular poison.

  • A-Bomb777

    We missed u Maxil

  • dem bones
    dem bones

    are we going to over look the fact that toxic is in dark souls, to.

  • Violet Vulpix
    Violet Vulpix

    15:45 Me remembering Madame de Brinvilliers would do to her patients when she volunteered for nurse work: 😬

  • SharkzillaBoi Lol
    SharkzillaBoi Lol

    Wait pokemons can give corona virus?!??!

  • Brayden Nelson
    Brayden Nelson

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  • Noah Buie
    Noah Buie

    please don't say God's name in vain.

  • Martin Piekarski
    Martin Piekarski

    I've got a simpler explanation to this. Toxic is a kind of tricky move, primarily geared towards specific battle strategies. If the creators only had poison types elarn this move, it'd be kinda wrong because, let's face it, there are not that many poison types and more importantly, they aren't very good overall. Therefore, to balance the gameplay the creators allowed vast majority of Pokemon to be able to learn this move. In other words, Toxic was created as something akin to Attract or Double Team.

  • Aluminia Banaki
    Aluminia Banaki

    Why is skitty everywhere

  • ChillWooper

    Couldn't Smeargle learn Toxic by sketching it?

  • Montblanc‎Playz

    Just like Toxic Comments?

  • Ravonies Ravenshir
    Ravonies Ravenshir

    Lockstin, Blood transfusion can be toxic if you do it wrong... it has to due with typing though.

  • Scott Pearson
    Scott Pearson

    Okay so I always assumed it was a ninja poison that the pokemon could use because Koha gave it to you originally claiming his family developed it like centuries ago and my 8 year old brain just connected ninja and poisons

  • Burrb C
    Burrb C

    I'm gonna have mint

  • RadenWA

    Ah yes, the strongest poison Pokémon of them all, bacteria and virus

  • Christopher Harris
    Christopher Harris

    Having had a mild form of cat scratch fever where my arm got very swollen and hurt like hell, yes animals are poison. But also cute Edit:Drs not washing their hands after handling a corpse and then doing a baby delivery is thought to explain why infant/recent mother mortality rates used to be so freaking high.

  • AJMD

    "most" > 50%

  • eyeofthasky

    well even earlier nursing was hygenic, problem's those "medical" people discarded everything the church did ... already at the beginning of the 1500s in the region of France called Burgundy (which curiously was the origin of many revolutions in dogmatic christianity every some 100 years) a guy called Nicolas Rolin pimped up his monastery and set some rules for his monastic order for an improved care of the suffering, which was so well workin, that the Pope set those rules as standard for all orders

  • Jon Mccall
    Jon Mccall

    Got a little hard on yourself at the end bro. I don't think any of us are going to lump you in with the toxic group.

  • [tebowned]

    COVID may be from bats,but people caused the virus,they were eating the bat

  • [tebowned]

    I’m Allergic to cats,and got scratched by one,it swelled a bit.Therefore cats are slightly poisonous for people who are allergic to cats

  • Missingno Videos
    Missingno Videos

    Well they probably just generate toxic since I don’t think they can to that with laser beams

    • Missingno Videos
      Missingno Videos

      So they are not toxic

  • Taylor Wright
    Taylor Wright

    One of my favorite Pokémon Tumblr posts (more or less paraphrased): "Is is cheating to teach toxic to every Pokémon in my team?" "Not at all, I'd love to hear them sing it!"

  • Levente Mucsi
    Levente Mucsi

    "Magic healing spit" *Steven Universe intensifies*

  • Alain Ali
    Alain Ali

    Me: How does a CHANSEY poison you?! its a nurse! Chansey: I have an used AIDS injection needle in my pocket. Me: oh...

  • Tom Patterson
    Tom Patterson

    Bullets are poisonous.

    • Tom Patterson
      Tom Patterson

      @Fenriz Nobile en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bullet#Materials Edit: they are still poisonous because, while the damage done by the thing ripping into you is not enough to qualify, the lead poisoning which it can cause if left in someone long enough is.

    • Fenriz Nobile
      Fenriz Nobile


  • ata yigit358
    ata yigit358

    wtf did skitty evolve

  • Lucario 667
    Lucario 667

    Love how his pocket skitty evolved partway into the video

  • The Hidden Ninja
    The Hidden Ninja

    Doesn't regular poison deal 1/8 damage and not 1/16?

  • Gregory Jones
    Gregory Jones

    I didn’t know I needed this video until I did.

  • Lucky Trident
    Lucky Trident

    What I learnt today... Humans are not big enough or/and not small enough to escape from deadly diseases... *sad okay

  • Nick Walker
    Nick Walker

    Am I the only one who recognized Bad Dragon?

  • Sam Pound
    Sam Pound

    Porygon can be toxic on the internet

  • Ryan Rafter
    Ryan Rafter

    well by this logic, its not just all pokemon, but all LIFE that is poisonous/toxic

  • Chris Shep
    Chris Shep

    Me: "My Premium just ran out. I hope it doesn't affect me much." Video: "Sorry for being such a toxic UZmilkr..." *ad plays*

  • Brian DiGiovanni
    Brian DiGiovanni

    I think it's more of a gameplay decision rather than a lore/flavor reason. Consider the other universal TMs like Protect, Rest, Double team, Endure, Substitute, Swagger, etc. Some like Rest make sense for nearly every pokemon to learn since they can all fall asleep. But then there are others like Double Team creating illusionary copies of the user which doesn't really make sense for every pokemon to learn. A pattern I see with most of these are their usefulness in battle. More specifically, a lot of these seem to be ways to counteract strategies that could be used against the player. Need to live a powerful attack? Use Protect/Endure/Double Team. Need some recovery? Use Rest. Need to be able to fight while under a status? Use Sleep Talk/Snore/Facade. Opponent is too bulky to defeat with attacks? Use Toxic. I think it was just a failsafe GameFreak added so that, no matter what pokemon the player may be using, they would be able to teach one of their pokemon a move that could get them past any specific pokemon or trainer that was giving them trouble.

  • 1stNickname

    Pokemon theory: Nidorina and Nidorino are in a toxic relationship, they needed stone therapy to get over their problems but kept the toxicity as their type.

  • Lion_603

    Toxic + Leech Seed Have fun

  • Ethan Blackwelder
    Ethan Blackwelder

    I’m watching this video late at night while drinking water from a sink faucet, cause I was thirsty, tired and had nothing better to do and to my surprise Lockstin talks about water and lead poisoning and I’m in the sink bowl gulping water thinking “Oh no”

  • Aegis

    Rusty metal does not cause tetanus

  • HomicidalPhone

    Lul T1D jokes, love them

  • Sutori Immortal
    Sutori Immortal

    So... if magearna don't learn toxic because of that... what about chansey? Are chansey the nurses that didn't wash their hands? Ironic considering one of the few real ways to run a competitive Chansey/Blissey is with Toxic.

  • Jahmocha

    I always thought almost everything learned Toxic because, well, everybody poops. Though wondering how something like a Magnemite defecates is a.. disturbing mental image.

  • Edwin V
    Edwin V

    Not anymore 😅😁

  • Sven Hallgren
    Sven Hallgren

    On the topic of water poisoning, most people know that you really don't want to drink salt water (because it messes with your electrolyte balance) but the same thing is true of distilled water, you REALLY don't want to chug that stuff, no matter how clean it might be.

  • GamerFromJump

    Porygon used Toxic! The opposing Pokemon got a computer virus!

  • Benjamin Durden
    Benjamin Durden

    Two sponsors this video, eh..? Privacy.com and the World Health Organisation..? Pushing the Covid-19 conversation, shame on you! Thumbs down, unfollowed!

  • Keaton Mane
    Keaton Mane

    "Water! Can be a poison!" *me, struggling not to simply type out the definition of osmosis* O-osmosis

  • Enrique Garcia
    Enrique Garcia

    I heard from....... A thousand ways to die(heh). A viking who cut off another guys head and swung it around like a flail somehow got the head to bite him in the leg. Now he didn't die from the bite wound until about a week later witch if he had made it back to town on time he could have saved his life (but the irony is that he actually made it to the gates of town).

  • Maria Kait
    Maria Kait

    i love this video it has an extra chaotic vibe

  • Rachums McOne
    Rachums McOne

    I want an eldritch magikarp, that'd be awesome. I already had this theory about if you tried to pull say a goldfish from one plane of existence to another without quite knowing what you were really doing, it'd become an eldritch horror do to the process.

    • RKade


  • Makeupbycharacter Aka Maria
    Makeupbycharacter Aka Maria

    I've been water-poisoned many times, it's not fun.

  • The Z Family
    The Z Family

    Is this like the one thing that every move is just dig but every Pokémon is a poison type? Oh ya and apparently bats have evolved to live with the diseases they have instead of trying to get rid of it so there voluntary hosts

    • RKade


  • Ankylord the Shapeshifter
    Ankylord the Shapeshifter

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  • Melonman OfMelonia
    Melonman OfMelonia

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  • Miss_Nerdy

    Aaaand nursing back than (1850s) was considered to be a god's work. You are not doing it for money, but because the christian god is telling to love and care for your next one. And people did not know how und why they get sick (in fact most people considered it to be a sentences from god, not only the christian one. But I know it best for Europe and Germany, wich where mostly Christian) but they knew that being around a sick person is going to make you sick aswell! So that is why nursing was considered to be such a low job. Like can't money from it, and if you do get payed it is only a little. There is a german TV- Series about the "Charité", wich is if you don't know probalbly the oldest (founded in 1710) and most famous University and univerity clinic in Germany. In the series you are going back to the 1880s (first season) and they did a damn good jib showing how they used to work there (like the doctors and nurses). I don't know if you can watch it in english somewhere, but it is on the german Netflix though. The second season is set in world war two, towards the end. If you do not know what the Nazi's did.. google before watching. Like euthanasia, the so called "mercy killing". They did not do it because they had mercy.. beware of that

  • Miss_Nerdy

    Be careful a virus is not considered to be a living thing, nor an organism. A Virus is not alife, because it is unable to reproduce itself, it is fully depenend on lifing organisms (like Plants, bacteria, fungi, animals) to exist. In that one picture it seems like you are showing a virus and call it an organism (maybe I get you wrong, because I still learn english) But I really like your allusion on the immunsystem attacking your pancreas. That is one way to develope Diabetes type I . Am I wierd finding that funny? You have diabetes - propably type I - making jokes about it in a pokemon video.

  • Lachlan Aulich
    Lachlan Aulich

    Slight problem, chansey and audino can learn toxic. They are also nurses, more or less

  • Michelle Rabey
    Michelle Rabey

    Why do I always try to catch up on the poison videos when eating dinner? 😭😓

  • DragGon7601

    When I looked at Magearna I for some reason thought it looked like it was made out of silver. Ive not played the games since gold/silver generation and no longer watch the anime, so I have incomplete knowledge. But looking up the Pokedex entries, it was made for a princess. And they tend to get things a lest coated in gold/silver if not entirely made from them. Silver has antibacterial properties. And is used to coat medical tools for this reason. Also as it doesn't rust so some consider it a "noble metal". These would be my guesses as to why Magearna cant learn toxic.

  • The Willamagger
    The Willamagger

    Dude, I honestly dig your info and input, but the visual style here is way way too busy. Like I am getting visually overwhelmed trying to watch and understand you right now. Remember, less is more!

  • Keesie Klungel
    Keesie Klungel

    Hey lockstin, one more possible explanation for magearna not learning toxic: its typing. Being a steel/fairy type means it has a weird relation with poison type pokemon, the strongest users of the move which is also poison type. Steel makes it immune to toxic, yet its fairy type is vulnerable to it, making toxic a very unfit move for the typing combo. The only other steel/fairy type is mawile, but is main theme is its big mouth - linking back to your bite-infections - thus mawile should logically get toxic? Magearna hardly has a mouth anyway, its not supposed to bite and it learns no bite moves. ? ?? Have a nice day!

  • CyberchaoX

    You know, I'm not surprised, even before hearing the explanation. Toxic was a Gen I move, and Gen I was all "there's a lot of dangerous things in the world, let's give everything the Poison type." And then they thought better of it, so it took until USUM for the Poison-type count to double from what it was in Gen I.

  • Marcus Ferro
    Marcus Ferro

    He said he needed my comments, ok

  • Marcus Ferro
    Marcus Ferro

    How did you even notice that all Pokémon learned toxic?

  • Emmicon

    can you give a source on this? all the pokemon websites (bulbapedia, serebbi, etc.) say that much less pokemon can learn it

  • Zwizard247

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  • Ashen fox35
    Ashen fox35

    I teach my umbreon toxic because their sweat is poisonous according to their pokedex entries for Gold, Stadium 2, Leaf Green, Heart Gold, Sun and Sword.

  • Jo Reven
    Jo Reven

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  • SutasSjet

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  • Ennael

    Magikarp section: Magikarp only knows Splash. It learns Tackle at level 15, and if denied being a Gyarados from 20 to 50, it learns Hydro Pump... So it does play to the "I can't learn Toxic" mechanic, but it's also not as useless as you made it out to be...

  • Galaxy Knight
    Galaxy Knight

    Some random toxic dude: "Pokemon is for kids!" Lockstin: *Says "We put many things into this warm and moist hole" in a pokemon video*

  • Galaxy Knight
    Galaxy Knight

    Lmao what if learning toxic is just making the pokemon sick or injecting some virus in them that allows them to faint the target on the spot by just spitting or doing some other action to just spread it. It's just that antidotes and other things like the pokemon center can't cure the host completely, though it just forms a symbiotic relationship of sorts with the pokemon learning the move.

  • Galaxy Knight
    Galaxy Knight

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  • ツAcidicAli777

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  • Tienne Bdg
    Tienne Bdg

    Cool video, though there are a few mistakes : 3:34 poison dealt 1/16th HP only in first gen, now it's 1/8th, but toxic still does 1/16th on the first turn 5:41 it's a little 2 and a big O, as a chemist that one hurts maybe others but this is it for me, that was still a cool video

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    Jason Deutschbein

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    Thomas van Greuningen

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    Lewis does a bit of shiny hunting

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  • Point E
    Point E

    I mean chansey and blissed infamously know toxic and they are much more inspired by nurses and doctors I don’t see how that explanation makes sense. I think the real reason is game freak wanted to stop giving everything toxic at around that era

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