How to Pronounce Arceus - Let's Settle This! | Gnoggin
The Pokemon God Arceus has a problem... how do to pronounce Arceus? Why is it so hard? What do the official sources say? How do you pronounce Arceus in Japanese? How does Ash Ketchum say Arceus? How does Detective Pikachu pronounce it? What are the origins of Arceus? Arceus root words? So many things to consider... you think they intended this confusion? It'd be fitting, as the Judeo-Christian God also has a name that nobody knows how to say: YHWH... or is it YHVH? Does that even relate at all to the common search term: How to pronounce Arceus?

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00:00 Let's Look at Arceus
01:21 How to Pronounce Arceus
01:57 Official sources saying Arceus
03:57 Arceus Root Words
05:06 Colloquial Pronunciation
07:11 Arceus and YHWH
10:05 How do YOU Pronounce Arceus?

Gnoggin, hosted by its creator Lockstin, is a show delving into the mysteries of Pokemon! (and other games sometimes too). Explaining everything there is to explain! Why is each Pokemon given the type it has? What are their origins? What is the lore of the Pokemon world and the design inspirations? And what does it all have to do with alchemy? Let's Go find out!

  • Heath Chisenhall
    Heath Chisenhall


  • book worm
    book worm

    For me it's rks

  • Elias Gonzalez
    Elias Gonzalez

    Spanish here Ar-Seh-oos or Ar-Sé-eus Because Zeus the Olympian God

  • Bekkaanneee

    i mean, think it makes sense that the creation deity is a little unknowable. who are we, mortals, to fully be able understand god?

  • Holden Pope
    Holden Pope

    Are key iss

  • Mipha Hyrule
    Mipha Hyrule

    It’s arkoos

  • Pixl V
    Pixl V

    Ah, easy. Its Ar-cheese

  • Fredrik

    At one point I pronounced it ”Are-C-Us”. But now ”Arch-A-Us” is how I pronounce it.

  • HoFabii

    I've always said "Artsoys" - which comes from the similaity between Arceus and the german pronounciation of "Zeus", which is "Tsoys" ("EU" in german is pronounced as "oy"). The other most common pronounciation here is "Ar-kee-oos", which is basically like reading the letters out loud according to rules without the EU=OY (which gives it a more ancient greek sound, I guess. The "C" is normally pronounced as K-sound. Btw, I didn't know the context of "BLVD" as well, so my first thought was "beloved". :D

  • luciddre4m

    The katakana for Arceus is アルセウス (A-RU-SE-U-SU) so I'm sticking with AR-say-us. If it was supposed to be Ar-kay-us or something similar I would imagine the katakana to be アルケウス instead.

  • Meatly notthatmeatly
    Meatly notthatmeatly

    Everyone knows its pronounced ARKOOS


    if you see palkia and look at his details you see that he uses heels

  • Sharkbaitares


  • Mega Charizard
    Mega Charizard

    BLVD - BeLoVeD If I don't know about Boulevard

  • Altma


  • Because Sakamoto
    Because Sakamoto

    Man spelled out YHWH in Unown letters, that's an Easter egg very few people will understand lol

  • Mikkel Svane
    Mikkel Svane

    Unless you pronounce it like IKEA

  • JFails Gaming
    JFails Gaming

    I love how half of the comments is about mandjtvs pronunciation and correct pronunciation of “ar-koos”?

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill

    8:09 suddenly I want there to be a bandicoot pokemon. Dunno why.

  • Thesmus

    i'll just have a written "arceus" ready somewhere so that i can just show that when i want to say his name

  • Nick


  • I don't have a name
    I don't have a name

    I say Ar-See-us. If anyone says anything else besides Ar-See-Us or Ar-Kay-Us I consider them to be a psychopath.

  • Jace & Jaxon Do It All
    Jace & Jaxon Do It All

    Arkeeus and arseeis

  • Alibek Zholaman
    Alibek Zholaman

    Everyone in the comments who knows Mandjtv:ITS SHOWTIME

  • Frank Litzenberger
    Frank Litzenberger

    A R K O O S

  • SuperA- 64
    SuperA- 64

    The hard K sounds way more powerful and cool. I’ve been saying that forever as well ever since I was little. Ars-ee-us just doesn’t sound right to me.

  • Indigo XIII
    Indigo XIII

    Ar Kay Us Ar Kay from archaic.

  • RoboWreckerCam

    I mostly say Ar-cee-yus at times, but mostly Ar-cee-us

  • Nazhan Akid Nasruddin
    Nazhan Akid Nasruddin

    I always pronounce him as Are - key - years

  • Zoe The Awesome
    Zoe The Awesome

    i always said ar-kee-is...until i started watching MandJTV *ALL HAIL OUR LORD AND SAVIOR THE ETERNAL ARKOOS*

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith

    Its pronounced Air-See-Oos

  • Jmaster Gaming
    Jmaster Gaming

    Arkoos! No srsly tho I say arkh-ay-us The h in kh being really subtle tho. Mostly from the arch and deus thing.

  • sonic23233

    Cool pendent

  • kirb stomper
    kirb stomper


  • Adriel Oliveras
    Adriel Oliveras

    Hey all, Random Commenter here, I pronounce it as Arceus. Joke aside, I've always, and still will, say it as Ar-cee-uhs, but idk.

  • Writer in Black
    Writer in Black

    Honestly at this point, I'm inches away from next looking up the katakana every time there's disagreement on a name.

  • Writer in Black
    Writer in Black


  • D • I • O BRANDO
    D • I • O BRANDO

    *_A R K O O S_*

  • Luna Scythe
    Luna Scythe

    As a Brit I need that hard K, I'm sorry. I cant say the soft one without getting weird looks...

  • Commando birds 1090
    Commando birds 1090


  • rexenowner


  • Anant Tiwari
    Anant Tiwari

    Simple: Arceus.

  • Hi I like Turtles
    Hi I like Turtles


  • Cheese


  • MC FinalNinja
    MC FinalNinja

    7:26 Arceus got a GODLY headache and couldn't take it anymore. get it?

  • Luis Ricardo Preciado Paulin
    Luis Ricardo Preciado Paulin

    I think it was the official sinnoh guidebook that stated the arse-ee-oos pronounciation being released soon after or with the DP games, then changed as you said.

  • Approblade

    But you didn't answer the question posed by the title. Also I pronounce it ARK-EE-YUSS

  • HelmenHjelmen


  • HelmenHjelmen


  • AdventureMidget

    I usually go with /'aɹ.sij.ʌs/ just cause that's the way I heard it first but I like the way you pronounce it better cause it actually sounds godlike

  • CoolLoserTheLoser

    I would pronounce it as arr-key-us

  • SpeedyakaLeah


  • Brian Kelly
    Brian Kelly

    Two things, first of all, I would really like to see you do more videos on religious backgrounds and the history of them, you always have a way of making things interesting to listen to. The second thing is, with things like BLVD, I think it would work because if you look at the word Boulevard and strip it down to the dominant sounds, you get BOLVRD and then to shorten it again, you could potentially get BLVD. It's the same with something like YHWH, if you pronounce it as is, you could assume it means something like Yahweh/Yahwah because those four words are the most dominant sounds in the word. Side note, Arceus with the soft C will always be my preferred way, no one will convince me otherwise.

  • Purple Slushie
    Purple Slushie

    What the hell is with that creepy outro music?

  • bo mg
    bo mg

    It's funny how their unintended coincidences are deep

  • Starlight

    Haha, god of Pokémon: Ass (Are-see-iss I think it sounds cooler than Are-key-iss)

  • MikuHatsune159

    i'm more inclined to say it the same way I've been pronouncing it..... especially since it's still aru-seh-oosu in japanese (アルセウス) though for english context it is definitely weird to be saying arse everywhere you mention arceus lol

  • Lex Ruptor
    Lex Ruptor

    I'm full on RKS. Like Toys R Us, Ar K Us

  • Joca Plays
    Joca Plays

    Lets just pronounce arceus the way you want, i pronounce it as "bob"

    • desperation spray
      desperation spray

      I pronounce Arceus as pipi

  • Zplay

    What if ... and just here me out here... It's pronounced (Air-See-Us)

  • The video game nerd
    The video game nerd


  • stuti gacha
    stuti gacha

    *I say A R K O O S*

  • Carlito Lamont
    Carlito Lamont

    I have an official product pokemon encyclopedia and it has the pronunciations of all the legendaries until gen 6 and it says that Arceus is pronounced (AR-kee-is)

  • Pro Jey96
    Pro Jey96

    Jajaja maaan its a lot of fun for a spanish speaker who tries to pronounce Japanese words based mostly in english but closer to Latin instead of anglo pronunciation xD I will have so much fun in the Bleach comunity when the anime comes back with Yhwach xD

  • Banana Boi
    Banana Boi


  • Daivik

    It's arkoos everyone knows

  • Gatomon

    People hate this truth but English names aren't canon. Can't expect a series that whitewashed a fictional Japan to Hell and back to get anything right. There is アルセウス and only アルセウス.

  • Logan smith
    Logan smith

    Are key us

  • Frank axe
    Frank axe

    It's arkeyus there we are done ok? Okie

  • Elijah Castor
    Elijah Castor

    A R K O O S

  • MMMs


  • veronica croskey
    veronica croskey

    i've always said Arceus>> Ar-see-us it sounds better than they way people say it. Goodnight.

  • El Diabeetus
    El Diabeetus

    I go with Ar-say-oos(us) due to the katakana but drop the unecessary u from the Aru part (but I can read it and have played the games just as much in Japanese as I have in English), but I also pronounce Kanto like the Japanese way, even real brands like Nintendo and Honda too. Pokémon should technically be Pockemon. (Literally a portmanteau of Pocket Monster). Pock-eh-mon, but about 25 years too late to correct that.

  • Már Vín
    Már Vín

    I actually grew up hearing this name as "Ar-SHOES"

  • Zin PokeTube
    Zin PokeTube


    • Zin PokeTube
      Zin PokeTube

      Or ARKOOS

  • pokemonek 413
    pokemonek 413

    Since you asked: arkoos

  • Matt Pederson
    Matt Pederson

    How about how to say colloquial-keLOWquial, Lockstin. KeLOWquil. I love your videos, but I cringe every time you say it “coLEEquial” 😂

  • Dusk Legend
    Dusk Legend

    Yeah but doctor house says “are-see-us” which is objectively the correct way so the debate is over

  • andrew ramsey
    andrew ramsey

    For me it's always been are-key-us . Slightly more emphasis of key

  • Timbo Slice
    Timbo Slice

    Also I pronounce it Ar-koose

  • Timbo Slice
    Timbo Slice

    I thought it was colloquial, you keep saying calliquial.

  • Kazik Ek
    Kazik Ek

    "And now the RKS system say otherwise. Just **as...**" My monke brain : HAHA HE SAID IT FOUR TIMES

  • Iwanek

    Due to my accent I pronounce it Are-Keh-Oos

  • Dr Wryygee
    Dr Wryygee

    Some people in the comments: Arkoos Other people in the comments: Arkoos Me: Arkoos MandJTV: 👀

  • Gamer3ed

    Personally I say: AR-SEE-US

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams

    You've given me a pretty good reason to pronounce Arceus like you do, but I'm not gonna start saying gif wrong 😂

  • David Ávila
    David Ávila

    I pronounce it like in Spanish. Because I'm Spanish

  • Shadeshifter

    As a someone who lives in a german speaking country this is slightly more complicated for me, since i also have to deal with language differences XD In german i'd say it as: "Ar-keh-oos" (with the k and oo sounding similar to the english word "cute") And in english i used to say "Ar-see-us" but have since switched to "Ar-kay-us", just cuz it sounds cooler and a lot of people i watch say it that way ^^

  • James Perrott
    James Perrott

    If they wanted us to say “ar-kee-us” they would have simply spelt it Arkeus It has a c, so I’m pronouncing it “ar-see-us” like it was always meant to be

  • Kat Dreamer
    Kat Dreamer

    When I saw BLVD my brain instantly went BeLoVeD.

  • Bee Vu
    Bee Vu


  • Change of Heart
    Change of Heart

    Arse-ee-us. I am British though, and even as a kid I didn't hear it as a swear. (Battle revolution says Arse-ee-us and the PokéDex 3D Pro in Japanese also clearly says Aru-se-us. So I just say this but with my accent.) When I saw the movie, I assumed it was just due to the American voice actors saying it in their way since they tend to pronounce a lot of pokémon different to us over here.

  • Holly Hartwick
    Holly Hartwick

    For me, the pronunciation is settled by Silvally and its RKS system. I agree about GIF. Jiff is already used for a short amount of time and a brand of peanut butter. Also, the G stands for graphic. On another point of pronunciation, it’s colloquial, not coleequial. You sound a bit silly.

  • GlowingLimes

    [looks at the Unown in the thimbnail] YHWH?

  • MartyMcFlyy

    I think of Arceus having eus from Zeus, so therefore: Arkoos!

  • Roverto HzOo
    Roverto HzOo

    People in Spain pronounce it "arTHeus" 🤷

  • TheWolfOfWinter

    I pronounce it Arse-ee-us

  • Th8aOne - Θ1
    Th8aOne - Θ1

    Are-koos is the one true pronunciation.

  • Ariete_ 32
    Ariete_ 32

    Huh! easy its ARKOOS

  • Sushovan Neupane
    Sushovan Neupane

    Lokstin-arkeus me whos arkoos gang :never seen something as false as this