Nexomon Names Explained! - Nexomon Extinction Edition 🐈🍄 Gnoggin
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There are a LOT of Nexomon, and this video JUST covers the Nexomon in Nexomon Extinction! What are their names? and what do their names mean? From Cloddy to Omnisun, let go through the list.

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00:00 Introduction to Nexomon Extinction
00:58 Meet my Friend
02:00 The First Nexomon
17:33 The Middle Nexomon
37:14 The Last Nexomon
41:20 The all-new Outro

Gnoggin, hosted by its creator Lockstin, is a show delving into the mysteries of Pokemon! (and other games sometimes too). Explaining everything there is to explain! Why is each Pokemon given the type it has? What are their origins? What is the lore of the Pokemon world and the design inspirations? And what does it all have to do with alchemy? Let's Go find out!

  • Lockstin & Gnoggin
    Lockstin & Gnoggin

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    • Ak tomimi / Little Baer William the caring soul
      Ak tomimi / Little Baer William the caring soul

      Hay I’m a huge fan of yours question can you please do neo monsters and jail silicon monster please o and of course can you please do Monsuno and maybes kaijudo and lastly duel masters please and thank you you amazing person and remember never stop using your noggin

    • Noé Ferreira
      Noé Ferreira

      During the whole video, i tried to guess their types! Also, there's a lot of Dark, Ghost, Psychic, Grass, Fire, Water, Electric, Steel, Rock and Dragon types!

    • Al To
      Al To

      Otro ejemplo tipo volar, nubes y sus tipos siendo según mini variante de nubes y cielo, variaciones de los estatus, como pidgotto el más veloz de luego ataque y agilidad, pero baja o media defensa y hp medio junto otros estatus, entre más rara la nube más raros los estatus del tipo volador, como límites de existencia del tipo, del tipo mas ofensivo tiene variantes que hacen de esa ofensiva el más velos, lento, defensivo, ofensivo etc etc, según gustos, estilos de juego y otras cosas del consumidor sugerencia pues de la primera generación pokemon podría ser de a poco o como estos diseños diferenciarse más dentro de los mismos tipos, 2 tipos es más raro y difícil tener la combinación ideal a tu tipo de juego y gustos por ejemplo.

    • Al To
      Al To

      Si es tipo tierra, roca y eléctrico, si su estado base es rocks tierra entonces al usar un ataque eléctrico ahora desplasa el tipo rocka y este turno luego de atacar será tierra eléctrico, cambiando debilidad si el siguiente ataque le da con el tipo contrario tiene cambio y riesgo jugar asi, pues se vuelve piedra papel tijera y el siguente turno ser previsto por el oponente, solo que vuelva a usar un ataque de rocka regresaría a ser tipo tierra rocka, o usar un ataque roca y luego eléctrico cambiaría los tipos y no se quita ni al retirarlo del combate sugerencia.

    • Al To
      Al To

      Si les gustan como pokemon de ahora usa referencia a nuevo lugar del nuevo juego adelante, pero si quieren cosas arriesgadas sería sub tipos de los básicos por ejemplo, tierra si existen tipos de tierra o hasta grava afecta en tener varias les los tipo tierra, entre más grava más ofensivos y lentos, entre más arena más ataque especial, pequeños cambios sólo en los estatus del pokemon, además de que sería básico, como vidrio en tierra y roca pero siendo variable de ser velos entre los tipo roca pero menos defensa como glass canon, por último quisiera sugerir a los desarrolladores que si quieren jugar con los 3 tipos en vez de 2 tipos simultáneos, siendo que d ultimo ataque se vuelve dominante es decir...

  • Nagito Komaeda
    Nagito Komaeda

    Now do Myztakal Quest

  • COVID 19
    COVID 19

    Sunknight should have evolved into something like Duskpaladin at least. That makes more sense than Moonsting

  • Grape boi 🍇
    Grape boi 🍇

    This has a lot of feminine nexomon 🤔

  • Hayden the Toa
    Hayden the Toa

    Duh is Croatian for ghost

  • Zek Draco
    Zek Draco

    Wow, this looks like someone made there own Pokémon game. It’s amazing.

  • adriano santos
    adriano santos

    Just saying pau means stick madeira means wood in Portuguese

  • Maxoyew

    What’s the song at 17:51?

  • Rolex Nambram
    Rolex Nambram

    Do a video on the Palworld. The latest Pokémon ripoff game but with guns and monster slavery and a wooloo for a shield.

  • Mimeotaur

    16:25 I think you ment atlas

  • just a king dedede main
    just a king dedede main

    I think Lioness might be a mix of Lion and Highness.

  • Karu Clínico
    Karu Clínico

    1:27 😄😂😂

  • Nacho Windham 2012
    Nacho Windham 2012

    I’m sorry to bother, but I think your forgot Lumefur’s evo, Lumerai. Great vid btw! Got me back into the game!

  • Blumountian

    Bit of a correction on calfter heifer is pronounced without the i as like heft without the t also a heifer is specifically a female bovine that has yet to have its first calf, essentially a virgin cow. As for sources I cite my 20 years of experience in the cattle industry. P.S. a cow is always a female regardless of species

  • prawnda snibbles
    prawnda snibbles

    some of these are very cool, but i still kinda like yours better

  • DanIsCheesus -
    DanIsCheesus -

    Please do the OG Nexomon that was a phone app game thing!

  • javen rose
    javen rose

    When I herd Mara I thought of persona and I hate that

  • Mau Zangetsu
    Mau Zangetsu

    24:20 I swear I thought Megalovania was coming

  • Rose

    Did I just hear “Tuh-rask” said “terror rask” Usually you’re pretty good at pronunciation things but WHAT

  • Vann Kleis
    Vann Kleis

    Where and how do we play nexomon?

    • Nazeer Sadek
      Nazeer Sadek

      Nexomon extinction is available on all consoles (steam, PS4, Xbox and switch)

  • Holy Pagan
    Holy Pagan

    Terrasque = Tear-ask

  • Frogboyaidan

    Do no man's sky name orgins

  • Frogboyaidan

    Terragon might also be earth and pteradon

  • Frogboyaidan

    Runk could also come from trunk cus it's whereing pants

  • Frogboyaidan

    Bactouul could also be ghoul

  • Frogboyaidan

    Ok please do more pokemon therorys

  • rui fernandes
    rui fernandes

    Actually, Wood is "Madeira" in portuguese, "pau" is more like stick in english

  • ヘブンズゲートAZ

    Pronghorns are not a type of goat. Pronghorns are the only surviving member of the artiodactyl family Antilocapridae, subfamily Antilocaprinae. Goats are from the artiodactyl family Bovidae, subfamily Caprinae, genus Capra. Pronghorn’s closest extant relatives are giraffids as both are members of the superfamily Giraffoidea. Giraffoidea is comprised of only 3 living species: giraffes, okapi, and pronghorns. So calling a pronghorn a “type of goat” is the same as calling a giraffe or okapi a “type of goat.” The Giraffoidea are members of the infraorder Pecora, making pronghorns, giraffes, and okapi distant relatives of the Cervidae (deer) and Bovidae (cattle, goats, sheep, antelopes, and gazelles), with their next closest relatives being the family Tragulidae which includes Chevrotains, or mouse-deer. Pronghorns, cetaceans, pigs, peccaries, hippopotamuses, antelopes, mouse deer, deer, giraffes, camels, llamas, alpacas, sheep, goats, and cattle are all even-toed ungulates aka from the same Order called Artiodactyla. Caprinae has the same root as the mythical sea-goat or goat-fish Capricornus from which we get the name of the constellation and its derived Zodiacal Sign, Capricorn (♑︎). Fun fact: the only difference between the symbols in the Greek and Hindi branches of the Indo-European Zodiacal Signs is that in Hindi, the Sea-goat Capricornus is replaced with the Makara (an elephant/crocodile hybrid). Regardless, the meaning is the same: the energy of Capricorn/Makara is amphibious, but both are considered only Earth-Element, though Capricorn/Makara is the complimentary sign to the Water Sign Cancer. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Tropical Capricorn Season begins on the Winter Solstice and Tropical Cancer Season begins on the Summer Solstice. The Indo-European systems use the fire, earth, air, water, and ether. The Chinese system of the "Five Phases" (Wuxing) are Fire (火 huǒ), Water (水 shuǐ), Wood (木 mù), Metal or Gold (金 jīn), and Earth or Soil (土 tǔ). While the Indo-European Astrologies are solar-lunar (tropical/sidereal/draconic), the Chinese 12-year calendar and 1/5 of the larger 60-year cycle of solar-lunar-jovian calendar. Jovian=Jupiter. Jupiter has an approximate 12 year orbit (11.862 years) and its Indo-European Sign location corresponds to a Chinese Sign. Currently, it is the Year of the Ox and Jupiter is at 1°52’ of Tropical Pisces, and will retrograde back into Aquarius before turning direct and moving on permanently into Pisces (and then Aries) as the Year of the Tiger begins in 2022. Similar to the Indo-European Zodiac, the Chinese Zodiac also align to specific months, but the two Zodiacs align in halves.

  • TheBuzz

    These names are pretty uncreative

  • BlindSloth

    another thing about scailla, its probably also a reference to the greek monster scylla, who was a giant water snake thing with multiple heads that lives on a cliff near the ocean and would grab sailors with her heads, and eat them. its a pretty deep inspiration i gotta admit

  • don't know
    don't know


  • Kuryo SX
    Kuryo SX

    30:42 idk the typing, since i never played Nexomon, but is this electric? Because "Bliz" could also be a corrupted Form of the German word for lightning: "Blitz"

    • Nazeer Sadek
      Nazeer Sadek

      Nope it’s a mineral Nexomon

  • Live Gasoline's Video Hole
    Live Gasoline's Video Hole

    Chiroptera is the scientific suffix for bat. Not a reference to pterodactyl.

    • Live Gasoline's Video Hole
      Live Gasoline's Video Hole


  • JYaafi

    Me only played the first nexomon and never played extinction looking at the old starter nexomon be like... "was their final evolution looking like that??"

  • Enrique Garcia
    Enrique Garcia

    Did you say Maori wrong again?

  • Kirbyjawws _YT
    Kirbyjawws _YT

    Glamond looked awesome

  • Alfrel Rumangkang
    Alfrel Rumangkang

    akhirnya kamu berhasil sampai 1 juta subscriber sukses selalu

  • TTR K
    TTR K

    Imbuzi means goat in Zulu and a few other African languages

  • G-Max Jack
    G-Max Jack

    21:38 Wow he is singing

  • mrjared543


  • Julian Nickermann
    Julian Nickermann

    12:59 Moga actually is really straight forward the name of the dog that was present in production, i think it was a crème colored Pomeranian.

  • chrisbuett

    why do these nexomon look more like pokemon than like all fakemon and most galar pokemon

  • Ak tomimi / Little Baer William the caring soul
    Ak tomimi / Little Baer William the caring soul

    So Pokemon vs nexomon vs Temtem vs digimon who would win ?

  • André

    Now Nexomon Types Explained

  • Logical Gaming
    Logical Gaming

    I thought this game was better than Sword and Shield

  • Peach-Søda UwU
    Peach-Søda UwU

    I love the voice used for leechy

  • gustavo raab
    gustavo raab


  • The D.N.
    The D.N.

    I like how Kromicide has homicide in its name because a group of crows is called a murder and a homicide is also a murder

  • gustavo raab
    gustavo raab


  • Cobra Cadabra 2099
    Cobra Cadabra 2099

    Next can you talk about coromon?

  • nocturnalnathan

    Genuine question: Why are three stage evolutions a bad thing, or at least having too many of them? I love Pokémon with three stages and I would love if more two stage lines got a third form. I get that you don't want every mon to have three forms for the sake of variety, but other than that I really can't think of a downside.

  • Paul Wilhelmy
    Paul Wilhelmy

    Yo, Lockstin Devoul could also have Ghoul in its name

  • Marten Bilstein
    Marten Bilstein

    Can you make more nexomon content?

  • Murtadha Amin
    Murtadha Amin


  • Flame

    I reallllyyy hope this brings a ton of attention to nexomon, seriously has been one of my favorite games (ever) after playing it. A lot of the names are pretty straight forward and I feel it'd be better with some slight game changes (moves nexomon learn and how many there are) but it's got comedy, a great plot that brought out the "childhood pokemon me", and it feels more difficult than pokemon. It's still mostly just use the supereffective moves and type match ups, but health and damage is rough on top of the catching mechanics being much more involving than pokemon. A true masterpiece.

  • Seth Aquauis
    Seth Aquauis

    Roclas was most likely a reference to "Atlas" the man who holds up the world, considering the stance. It's really not that hard to understand

  • Frosty Tropic
    Frosty Tropic

    I like balls but no one calls me cute >:(

  • Rajkumar Biswas
    Rajkumar Biswas

    I want a nexomon anime series 🥺🥺

  • Stormblessed

    Both introduce to and bought this game because of this video. I played almost non stop for 37 hours to beat the game, and wow was it a fantastic adventure. The story is amazing and the combat is wonderfully fun. You are constantly changing Nexomon and using different moves to counter, speed up, and apply side affects.

  • Griffin Bell
    Griffin Bell

    1 Million! Let's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • that one animator
    that one animator

    Scailla also comes from scylla, she's something like A reef monster, she has 6 tentacles and at the end of each tentacle there is the head of a baying dog.

  • Seth Aquauis
    Seth Aquauis

    10:00 they're just unknown

  • Molson 1990
    Molson 1990

    The designs of these are absolutely amazing.

  • E

    For me, Nexomon feels like a Pokémon knockoff. What constitutes a Pokémon knockoff?

  • Landon Sahlin
    Landon Sahlin

    Congrats on the 1m subs

  • Marcel Carlos
    Marcel Carlos

    *@Lockstin* want a wild suggestion on names to explain in an upcoming video? Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream Drop Distance) has Pokemon-like creatures and mechanics, and have some interesting designs and names :o

  • TheMaskedOne

    Day 6 of asking for a murkrow vid

  • Cheryl Tolliver
    Cheryl Tolliver

    Congratulations on 1 mil respect the grind

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    Stalagca is a Stalagmite. Stalactites are ones on the ceiling that hang down. Roclas is clearly a reference to Atlas, not Heracles. That is the famous Atlas pose used in gyms and on t-shirts. Everywhere, really.

  • ShadowX Productions
    ShadowX Productions

    I’ll be real with you, I think Roclas was referring to Atlas not Heracles

  • Joshua Karpel
    Joshua Karpel


  • Peter Iverson
    Peter Iverson

    Bouldcran could also be Boulder and Alacrán, which is Spanish for scorpion.

    • Peter Iverson
      Peter Iverson

      And floreina is flor + reina (flower + queen)

  • PunxG

    I’ve been watching you for years! Congratulations on 1 Million!

  • Lisa Hill
    Lisa Hill

    You really should do an Azoth University episode on the exploding frogs thing! That was out of nowhere but so insanely fun to hear about.

  • Luxy 43
    Luxy 43

    19:34 i think the dra in foxdra comes from thundra instead my good fella

  • ChargerGT 19
    ChargerGT 19

    Baloompa is literally just Drifblim.

  • Umar Khan
    Umar Khan

    I believe Roclas is also based on the Greek Titan Atlas due to it carrying a rock on its back; similar to Atlas carrying the world on its back

  • DobieMeltfire

    34:57 You forgot about the 3rd evolution of Lume. It's also starter Nexomon.



  • Leander Searle
    Leander Searle

    You also missed an obvious sikorski reference, which were helicopters.

  • Ashrem Draws
    Ashrem Draws

    You did it you crazy son of a bit** you did it Actully very happy been here a long time

  • Matthew Lynn
    Matthew Lynn

    Still no Digimon :-(

  • Endstar Gamer
    Endstar Gamer

    Peltry may also take a little bit of Name Inspiration from the Herb Parsley considering the plant theming,ingredient theming,and name,this is likely the case.

  • Ant Man
    Ant Man

    Why are the Pokemon rip offs so much better than the original game?

  • Eve Good
    Eve Good

    Sorry for intrusion but I don’t know this nexomon and I don’t know if it’s in nexomon extinction mind telling me what it is this will most likely will get deleted or something but I just want sum knowledge about this nexomon

    • Nazeer Sadek
      Nazeer Sadek

      @Eve Good this one does look similar to one of the greater drakes maybe it’s a beta version?

    • Eve Good
      Eve Good

      I guess no knowledge

  • Wince Media
    Wince Media

    This is the only Pokemon-like that has actually good monster designs. I like them alot

    • Nazeer Sadek
      Nazeer Sadek

      I wouldn’t say the only one but ya the designs in extinction are really good

  • The Dimly Gamer
    The Dimly Gamer

    I'm mean there was a couple really good ones in there but also some bad ones, so Pokemon is still better... There also too many dragons you could make a while region of just them

  • marcus childs
    marcus childs

    baloompa ba loompa = umpa loompa dobady do

  • DuckybotX

    new outro fire bro

  • Serpentblader09

    hey lockstin great work making a denotized lockemon to sponsor the video.

  • E. Pagán
    E. Pagán

    13:13 I speak Spanish and I have never heard anyone use “illa” to refer to something small. “Ita” from “chiquita” or “pequeñita” yes, but not “illa”. And in the sense of referring to something big, it’s because of Godzilla, the giant Japanese monster.

  • Eramiserasmus

    Lockstin, you hit 1 million! Congrats! And loved this explanation video, even if I don't know what a Nexomon is.

  • 🎀Shopkins Pesky🎀
    🎀Shopkins Pesky🎀

    Congrats on one million!!!!🪅🪅🪅🎉🎉🎉

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    Paul s

    Congrats for 1 Millions subs man!

  • L L
    L L

    Runk kind of means "jerking off" in swedish, god bless

  • Koopa Junior & Savannah
    Koopa Junior & Savannah

    Hey lockstin I. Thi no you should do subnautic a below zero

  • EmPaul Belarmino
    EmPaul Belarmino

    15:09 the "tera" part is not from pterodactyl instead from chiroptera, the scientific name of bat

  • N lamlam
    N lamlam

    ummm, Lockstin a bit on Hinazuru's name. Hinamatsuri is the Japanese word for Girl Festival/Doll Festival, Hiyoko is the Japanese word for chick, but yet Hina is a common name for girls in 3 languages

  • paco ramon
    paco ramon

    Tem Tem still looks better.

  • Tausif Turja
    Tausif Turja

    Is this game worth playing?

    • Nazeer Sadek
      Nazeer Sadek

      Absolutely yes!! It offers really good story an amazing open world to explore and a built in randomizer/ nuzlock mode which can be accessed once you complete the main story. Also it’s really cheap since it’s an indie title that is available at all platforms (steam, Xbox, PS4 and switch)

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