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There's quite a few Temtem! And in this video, we're going to very briefly go over some of the origins of their design! Mainly via their Etymology, and what that gets across.

List of Temtem
00:00 Intro and Privacy.com
02:11 Oree and Zaobian
02:37 Platypet, Platox and Platimous
03:17 Swali and Loali
03:57 Tateru
04:27 A Chat with Crema
05:27 Paharo, Paharac and Granpah
06:07 Ampling and Amphatyr
06:39 Bunbun and Mudrid
07:11 Hidody and Taifu
07:53 Fomu and Wiplump
08:23 Skail and Skunch
08:55 Goty and Mouflank
09:38 Rhoulder
09:50 Houchic, Tental and Nagaise
10:57 Orphyll and Nidrasil
11:52 Banapi and Capyre
12:42 Lapinite, Azuroc, and Zenoreth
14:04 Bigu and Babawa
14:42 Kaku and Saku
15:10 Valash
15:30 Barnshe
16:00 Gyalis
16:29 Occlura and Myx
17:31 Raiber, Raize, and Raican
18:12 Pewki and Piraniant
18:37 Osuchi, Osukan, and Osukai
20:06 Saipat
20:30 Pycko and Drakash
21:00 Crystle, Sherald, and Tortenite
21:55 Hocus and Pocus
22:30 Sparzy
22:54 Mushi and Mushook
23:17 Magmis and Mastione
23:44 Umishi and Ukama
24:21 Raignet
24:36 Smazee, Baboong, and Seismunch
25:36 Zizare
26:07 Momo
26:42 Kuri and Kauren
27:29 Spriole, Deendre, and Cerneaf
28:29 Toxolotl and Noxolotl
29:27 Blooze and Goolder
29:53 Zephyruff and Volarend
31:08 Grumvel and Grumper
32:13 Ganki and Gazuma
32:33 Oceara
33:09 Yowlar
33:23 Droply and Garyo
33:58 Shuine
34:30 Nessla
34:40 Valiar
35:30 Kalazu and Kalabyss
35:55 Adoroboros
36:23 Tuwai, Tukai, Tuvine, and Turoc
37:39 Kinu
37:06 Vulvir, Vulor, and Vulcrane
38:46 Pigepic
38:39 Akranox
39:16 Koish
39:28 Vulffy
39:52 Anahir
40:55 Every Temtem Explained

Gnoggin, hosted by its creator Lockstin, is a show delving into the mysteries of Pokemon! (and other games sometimes too). Explaining everything there is to explain! Why is each Pokemon given the type it has? What are their origins? What is the lore of the Pokemon world and the design inspirations? And what does it all have to do with alchemy? Let's Go find out!

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    • Al To
      Al To

      Por un lado cabezas y jefes de cada organización criminal de pokemon y por otro los gym leaders con los élite y los protagonistas de cada generación, serás desalmado y te iras por la libre o serás bueno siguiendo las reglas como entrenador novato? El jugador elije y también con que aliados y formas de hacerlo junto sus estarters pokemon, si le gusta como te los dan o quedarte con alguna de las evoluones futuras impredecibles, como jugar con tu fuego volador y terminarlo y aprende ataques de esos tipos, sino la segunda evolución de fuego eléctrico que es más veloz y ofensivo que blaizeken o el que tira a legendario fuego hielo que tiene pocas desventajas? Tu elijes igual los demás estarters de agua y planta, podría haber otros pokemon similares en esta tendencia pero según como juegues, explorer si usas las habilidades de pokemon y tu personaje para navegar mapas de día y noche, climas y tierra, aire y bajo agua, pues para historia y explorer, achivment los retos, los jefes y oponentes, killer ser sucio y entrar a batalla pokemon por la espalda o con hacerle algo a estatus del entrenador o de los pokemon que deja fuera de sus pokeballs y sociliser, de como sea con otros jugadores por Internet y 2 por mapa de cada juego, sugerencia.

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      Al To

      Los líderes no son de gimnasios, vas por las cabezas y por los jefes de equipos de villanos de otras organizaciones del mundo pokemon y por sus secretos, aditamentos, pokemon y hasta emm adn, con ciertas desiciones que ya hacían como los aumetadores de stats de los primeros juegos y cosas de trampa e ilegales, tanto eso como poderlos crear y más, como rare candyes si no hay tiempo o eres un anti héroe, junto otras trampas de los fans mejoradas para no perder tiempo en este nuevo juego.

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    five two-one 4 five one

    Pokemon got too big for its own good and has been for awhile now. It becomes obvious when a new game of the same genre has a way better consistency as far as great looking designs go. Hope some of these pokemon-like games eventually dethrone pokemon, it needs to be humbled.

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    Pundertale Fan

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      Pundertale Fan

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    • Justin Reed
      Justin Reed

      yeah definitely, it’s battle system with stamina, synergies, holds, no rng, more status effects, player housing, mmo-like features such as raids, global chat, being able to interact with those around you, player guilds, full co-op and daily and weekly quests isn’t creative, especially compared to Pokémon 😐

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    Actually I've played pokemon since I was a small child and... I like Temtem more... Crema (The company) is actively listening to the community and working with them to create Temtem the fans like as well as adding features and QOL improvements that matter the most. The game is beautiful without turning your PC into an oven and almost all Temtem have some value so you don't end up the one person not able to be competitive just because you like a specific one. The game has no microtransactions, no premium plans, no subs- anything thats in the game can be obtained with good old fashioned hard work and they just increased EXP yield to help new players get their fangs in as well as older players who want to make new teams. The big point is Crema isn't treating this like a money printer like Nintendo has been doing Pokemon recently. While I liked Sword and Shield I feel like a bit more listening on the community side would have saved it from so much backlash. But the end all of it is that Temtem IS NOT Pokemon. While they're both in the same genre Temtem is actively setting itself apart and I really like that. The difficulty in Temtem is also higher than any pokemon I've played in a LONG TIME. Battles feel rewarding and I feel like my efforts are rewarded. There's also a massive competitive scene for those who want it and because of Crema actually monitoring the game well there is no such thing as hacked Temtem making their way in. Noone has hacked temtem.

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      Justin Reed

      there is no rng in temtem’s combat, instead the battle system involves double battles, stamina instead of pp and synergies between certain moves and temtem so it does play quite different

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