EVERY Mysterious Psychic Pokémon Move EXPLAINED! | Gnoggin
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In this video, we go over and explain EVERY Psychic-type move in Pokemon!
Here's the list and timestamps:

00:00 Creepy Pokemon - Psychic Edition
01:11 Pokemon Shirts Giveaway!
02:27 Psychic
03:33 Telekinesis
04:22 Kinesis
04:57 Confusion
05:26 Gravity
05:56 Expanding Force
06:18 Psyshock
06:29 Psycho Cut
06:42 Psychic Fangs
06:59 Psystrike and Psywave
07:54 Future Sight
08:41 Extrasensory
09:09 Barrier
10:16 Light Screen
10:43 Magic Coat
10:59 Mirror Coat
11:12 Reflect
11:25 Psybeam
11:50 Psycho Boost
12:12 Hypnosis
12:44 Dream Eater
13:16 Freezing Glare
13:48 Psycho Shift
14:12 Imprison
14:37 Instruct
15:18 Shattered Psyche
15:49 Max Mindstorm
16:16 Psychic Terrain
16:45 Trick Room
17:15 Meditate
17:48 Calm Mind
18:14 Amnesia
18:50 Miracle Eye
19:16 Stored Power
19:38 Zen Headbutt
20:10 Space Type Moves
21:00 Cosmic Power
21:56 Lunar Dance
22:32 Hyperspace Hole
22:58 Prismatic Laser
23:42 Light That Burns the Sky
24:19 Photon Geyser
24:39 Luster Purge
25:12 G-Max Gravitas
25:36 Genesis Supernova
26:29 Teleport
26:57 Eerie Spell
27:33 Magic Powder
28:31 Magic Room
29:11 Wonder Room
29:31 Power Trick
29:50 Split Swap Moves
31:40 Heal Pulse
32:02 Heal Block
32:16 Healing Wish
32:30 Ally Switch
33:14 Agility
33:59 Mist Ball
34:23 Heart Stamp
35:01 Trick
35:26 Rest
36:01 Role Play
36:50 Glitzy Glow
37:40 The Outro

  • Lockstin & Gnoggin
    Lockstin & Gnoggin

    WE'VE NOW COVERED EVERY MOVE OF EVERY TYPE!* How exciting, what's next? abilities? egg groups? Body Types & Footprints....how boring would that be? Oh well. Be sure to check out the Pokemon Shirts giveaway by Original Stitch! mailchi.mp/originalstitch.com/summer2021giveaway?US_PK_INFLUENCER2021PrizepackGiveawayGnoggin& *Other than the ones they've added since the earlier episodes of this series.

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  • spindash64

    I think Mist Ball isn’t about using ANY old feathers, but rather Latias’ specifically, because its feathers have unique illusive properties. They can bend light to let it disguise itself, so throwing a bunch at the enemy could mess up their ability to hit you properly with mental attacks As for rest.... I dunno, technically sleeping and dreaming are done mostly by chordates and big brain time animals?

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    James 4theDoctor

    Are you waiting on Original Stitch to finish Gen 3 before you review it?

  • KittyFAN13

    “If you ever feel demotivated when you wake up, it means a Baku ate your dreams.” Damn, I must be their favorite restaurant then.

  • wrestlerboy500

    I think of Ally Switch being psychic type because if you look at a Pokémon battle as happening in real time then your ally could be on the other side of the field far from you and you can instantly switch places with them with the same power that uses Teleport. And I imagine that Trick works the same way that The Four Horsemen in Now You See Me works. So magic would be why these two moves are Psychic type.

  • Rasmus n.e.M
    Rasmus n.e.M

    I always thought Psychic Terrain gave the pokémon affected by it more powerful psychic abilities, thus enabling them to more easily predict moves, which would mean that priority moves would not work since the target already knows the opponent is trying to get sneaky and move first. I guess that leaves a little to be explained as to how psychic types are even affected by priority moves in the first place, but hey, at least it's something.

  • Justice Alistair
    Justice Alistair

    Magic Powder... Think of when Tinker Bell used her fairy dust to allow the kids to fly. Or Kamek from the Mario Series.

  • Kevin Nolasco
    Kevin Nolasco

    I got 2 hawaiian shirts for the summer and I love them

  • Joshua Hunt
    Joshua Hunt

    0:45 and for some reason (probably balance), psychic-types aren’t weak to fairy-types, suggesting a lack of fear of the Fae.

  • Lesbeano

    Damn i forgot i loved this channel so much!!!

  • Max's Intense Videos WTHP!
    Max's Intense Videos WTHP!

    Actually the move rest is short for recover fast according to the NPC that gives you the TM in G/S/C/HG and SS which explains why it's a Psychic type move. The user devotes so much mental energy to recovering quickly that they pass out for two turns.

  • Reagantorrey 69
    Reagantorrey 69

    Jumpscare timestamp: 7:35

  • jet Dinelt
    jet Dinelt

    I think orangrou is essentially leaving a suggestion in your mind suggesting you do that particular move

  • jet Dinelt
    jet Dinelt

    I think with future signs the phycic engery is the user knowing that the move is coming up so they launch a phycic attack too try cancel the attack with a counter attack

  • jet Dinelt
    jet Dinelt

    I have determined that in modern day kinisess just means mind magic pyrokinisess fire made by the mind Telakinisess moving stuff with the mind and thats the only kinisess powers I remember but probably applies too other examples

  • Entity of Justice
    Entity of Justice

    The fact that Lockstin saying psychics knew all about your secrets wasn't a segue into a VPN sponsorship baffles me.

  • Seetiyan

    Expanding Force = Shinra Tensei

  • Jesse Wallenfels
    Jesse Wallenfels

    "Special Defense is a kind of mental defense"..... Let me just mentally defend myself from fire....

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    Hubi John

    Yass Queen Energy

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    odd shock wave

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    Colin Elmer

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    Becky Nosferatu

    Fire formost, followed by Psychic, Dark and Dragon. There's a few other 'types' that I like to have in my team, but those are my favorite.

  • Keryn Oon
    Keryn Oon

    When you mentioned how to remember psychic type weaknesses, I realised that it's exactly the same as the types that trigger the Rattled ability.

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    Fancy Ferox

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    Frozen Eevee

    Now I'm thinking about binge watching all of Lockstin's videos of him explaining Pokémon moves.

  • MBCMechachu

    Really love how you described Expanding Force by having it be used on a Pokemon that is even affected by psychic type moves.

  • your nutt
    your nutt

    small pronunciation things: tapir is pronounced like taper, and lich rhymes with witch

  • Brooks Journey
    Brooks Journey

    I haven't seen anyone mention that Synchronoise is making a shockwave with a *noise.* It's synchro-noise, isn't it? Why is it not a sound-based move?

  • Dexuz

    25:06 Can't believe you didn't put the League of Legends reference.

  • Dexuz

    21:58 This had the same vibes that How to Become a Fossil.

  • Honey Badger
    Honey Badger

    While watching the video I’m thinking, “mist ball. Where’s mist ball? Did he forget mist ball?” But I totally agree. That ain’t psychic 😂

  • UltimateMustacheX

    Now you need to explain abilities. Especially why Flygon has levitate. They are part ground type, so this just seems like an odd pick. It should be something that creates a sandstorm upon entry into battle, since that would fit so much better with the theme.

  • Lunar Komet
    Lunar Komet

    Man, this is maybe the most uninspired move category lol

  • Sigurd Gruenke
    Sigurd Gruenke

    - I see "magic powder" as some sort of drug that opens you mind to the cosmos making it easier for you to do this psychic moves and be attacked by anti-psychic things. - And all those swap moves could be maybe be explained by that trope where a magainin makes you think you are a dog. So then you don't use your natural armor properly because you don't know you have it. And there was a experiment where two groups of people where given the same coat. One group was told it was a lab coat and the other was told it was painters coat. And the lab coat people did better in the teste they where given. So I believe you can trick the mind into believing you are something you are not.

  • WaddleWaffle

    Is it me or gnoggin is into league- I see many Tear of the goddess- And alooot of league reference-

  • Sowda Moalin
    Sowda Moalin

    Who else is here for agility

  • pablo jams
    pablo jams

    While mechanically telling your opponent you’ll attack them later seems lame, future sight honestly is a very powerful pressuring tool in practice. Making your opponent have to keep track of the attack and forcing them to either switch in a dark type or a resist, or suffering two attacks on one mon is an insanely powerful position especially because the mon on the field may resist psychic but be weak to the one staring them down. Very good move and easily makes the slow twins great pivot pieces in competitive to set up a future sight and make the opponent react. I just wish doom desire had more distribution or was more worth using on Jirachi considering the very clearly defined roles it often takes on.

  • Quarter Cut
    Quarter Cut

    at 26:49 anyone know what game that is? i would like to try it out.

  • Lichdemon

    8:41 I used to think it was pronounced 'extrasensory'... but then I heard RTGame pronounce it during his Heart Gold nuzlocke, and I had to rethink all my life choicses. ._.

  • Spring Willow
    Spring Willow

    I always imagined heart stamp being made by swoobat giving the other Pokémon a heart shaped hickey with its nose 🙈🙈

  • 2oorsy McBuster
    2oorsy McBuster

    I think Trick might be referencing a magic trick considering it's animation.

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    Glichman 62

    Hey Lockstin can you make a ground and psychic type tortoise Pokémon

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    Love your videos. My favorite type is fire. I think the last few moves in the not psychic category are more of a mental/mind power type deal.

  • AGM

    Another video idea: - Which pokemon is the best representation of their respective type and type combination. What I mean which pokemon's apparience and maybe lore makes you say "oh yeah, now that's a >insterttypehere< pokemon!"

  • QuintaFeira12

    Psychic types are afraid of Ghosts, Bugs, and BEING KICKED IN THE NUTS, that's how you remember their weaknesses.

  • Steak Master
    Steak Master

    Li-ch not li-cgh

  • Matthew Orozco
    Matthew Orozco

    I think I can explain Latias’ mist ball attack. In some of her Pokédex entries, latias has very glossy down that can allow latias to bend light to create her illusions (ie invisibility, shape shifting, etc). She can also molt the down to create lingering illusions where the down lies. So the gimmick of mist ball is latias gathering up her special down and charging it with light, then tossing it at her opponents. The special attack drop happens because the opponent is unfocused either to the massive flash of light, the lingering illusions latias makes, or the fluffy feathers now stuck onto them.

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  • Casey Asher
    Casey Asher

    Hey lockstin could you make a dragon steel type train Pokémon for your next video on your region and it could be called tyro-motive, it would be a steam train dinosaur dragon mix and would be red and grey with big clamp Crain arms

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    Kaskadian Zeraora is a Electric ice type. The eyes coming from the back of his hands and his back are from before he evolved, and make ice. you should be careful around him otherwise he could he view you as a threat and attack you.

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    Fun fact: Psychic is the second- highest base stat combined ever, only below Dragon

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    The White Rabbit /The Pig Man

    Extrasensory is basically the equivelent to "You cannot comprehend the form of Giygus' attack!" from Earthbound.

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    I have a theory that both Glastrier and Spectrier are the same horse but had frozen to death and split in two and is why when Calyrex seen them he recognized them. A friend of mine think it used to be a galaren rapidash that froze to death

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