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Is Seel the lamest gen 1 Pokemon? Does it have the lamest name of all Pokemon? Why are Seel and Dewgong like this? That's the video.

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00:00 What is a Seel?
01:02 What is a Dewgong?
01:45 Worst Pokemon Name: Seel
02:20 Is Seel the Lamest Pokemon?
04:40 Is Dewgong the Lamest Pokemon?
06:22 Seel and Dewgong are Okay I Guess.
07:38 This part is Brilliant

Gnoggin, hosted by its creator Lockstin, is a show delving into the mysteries of Pokemon! (and other games sometimes too). Explaining everything there is to explain! Why is each Pokemon given the type it has? What are their origins? What is the lore of the Pokemon world and the design inspirations? And what does it all have to do with alchemy? Let's Go find out!

  • Lockstin & Gnoggin
    Lockstin & Gnoggin

    Thanks to today's sponsor we can talk about a Pokemon like Seel! You can get 20% off at Brilliant: brilliant.org/Lockstin

    • Peter Hart
      Peter Hart

      Dew Gonggongong!😃

    • Eni Magnus
      Eni Magnus

      Hey Gnoggin, I know it not your forte, but can you do an Explained video of all the Pokémon in Pokémon Xenoverse.

    • Shroom1Up

      just take the german name: yugong

    • Malachi Saunders
      Malachi Saunders

      What would you look at that you always have 10 million subscribers! 😃👏👏👏👏👍👍👍 Good job for making almost 10 million of us use our noggins.

    • gaming with epikworld
      gaming with epikworld

      What's up with the animations are you done showing your face?

  • Arim Tota
    Arim Tota

    I work as an installer because engineers need hero's too

  • ShadowWXZ1797

    Wait dugongs are real animals? What? Ligers? Narlugas? I'm so lost

  • Holy Pagan
    Holy Pagan

    Lockstin, what about that white Japanese sea monster that has arms and hands and a human head but with a whale tail and has been seen in icey waters.

  • Caiden Lipoth
    Caiden Lipoth

    No, no, no, clearly, Seel's name is a pun on it design as a seal that can see.

  • J Elliot
    J Elliot

    Hated their names but always loved Dewgong. Seel looked clutzy so called it clutzeel. Then when it evolved into a sophisticated mythical beast, I called mine Elegentus (elegant gentle elephant seal walrus). The healer and caregiver of the sea. I thought it was mythical (like arcanine) AND bigger like orca size until I saw it in the anime. The sheer large white size of it made me hope that gamefreak would treat seel like slowpoke with an evolutionary item that would make it evolve into a white-ish narwhal/swordfish/marlin type.

  • Letus the Dragon
    Letus the Dragon

    And now we wait for Spheal.

  • Freedomcat

    Aren't dugongs manatees?

  • ice ninja
    ice ninja

    Actually seel evolves

  • Static Spider
    Static Spider

    Is there a Narwhal pokemon yet? I wanna catch one and name it Awesome, specifically for the best Mr. Weebl song ever created.

  • Marav Reviews
    Marav Reviews

    No comprende. Sí. LMAO.

  • Taylor Wright
    Taylor Wright

    Lockstin: WHAT *IS* SEEL??? Me: Adorable is what it is.

  • Violet Vulpix
    Violet Vulpix

    This is actually one of my favorite lines. Sleek, simple, and sweet. Seel.

  • Pika the Mimikyu
    Pika the Mimikyu

    6:13 As a Canadian I agree that is probably what happened

  • Pika the Mimikyu
    Pika the Mimikyu

    Aw no Seel and Dewgong are adorable! I do get your point though.

  • Davelyn

    Wait people thought seel wasn't blue?

  • Someguycalledgoober

    Does this mean we get to talk about Altaria and how it's a cloud dragon?

  • motxmod

    The dog face may be a reference to the fact that dogs and seals are caniforms.which also includes bears, foxes, and weasels. Dogs are in the canidae branch while seals, sea lions, and walruses in the pinnipedia branch

  • Ace of Spades
    Ace of Spades

    The deel with seel is that it you can't peel your eyes of it's cute eyes

  • TheMaskedOne

    Day 1 of asking for a murkrow vid

  • Shigemi Notoge
    Shigemi Notoge

    Okay, Lockstin. I'm gonna stop you for a moment to let you know that the MAJORITY of Canada starkly opposes seal clubbing. It's pretty much only people in the fishing industry that participate in the abhorrent practice and there are extensive protests of it every single year. This is NOT the first time you've mentioned it and as a Canadian, I'd appreciate it if you stop making it sound like it's something we all do like it's part of our culture. It's a bit racist. Thanks. I'm not mad. I'm just disapointed.

  • Galey Luu
    Galey Luu

    Roasting pokemon again Lockstin?

  • PocketCookie

    Okay, lemme blow your mind. Seal + Heel, like commanding a Dog to Heel. Boom.

  • Daryn Nehrkorn
    Daryn Nehrkorn

    Unique horn excuse... drum fill

  • Gromczar

    Where are you

  • Dominick Weiss
    Dominick Weiss

    I just learned that the "Narluga" exists. Thanks, Lockstin...

  • Max Young
    Max Young

    Please Gnoggin give credit in all videos to all sources!!!!

  • Tsukuyomi Sasami
    Tsukuyomi Sasami

    next on the list, why are unowns just called unknown

  • sterlingdragon123

    My brother believes that Seel comes from seal and "heel", as in, the common dog command.

  • Daniel Dishon
    Daniel Dishon

    You forgot about Golbat and its really long tung

  • Sardonic

    I would love a video on my personal favorite Pokemon Bisharp :)

  • Jj and Mj
    Jj and Mj

    I loved Seel as a kid for no reason 🦭

  • Joshua Ottley
    Joshua Ottley

    Seel has a dog face because it's a seal pup. What else has pups? Dogs. Also, Columbus approves.

  • Andrew Harper
    Andrew Harper

    🤷‍♂️ I don’t know, say what you want about Seel “Kiss from a Rose” was a great song

  • Dominic Hedge
    Dominic Hedge

    Nice 669th video my dude

  • oogabooga king
    oogabooga king

    LOCKSTIN... you know how a while back you made a tofrug plushie I had an idea What if you made all ur kaskade starters into plushies I would definitely buy them

  • Adam Blanc
    Adam Blanc


  • Alex Mccorkle
    Alex Mccorkle

    I haven’t heard the narwall song in years forgot about it

  • galaxy2018

    Is this some kind of late April Fools Day video?

  • Marcus Ferro
    Marcus Ferro

    Coming up: a new series dissecting the most forgettable Pokémon with some trash names

  • Djo

    Terrible video 0/10

  • Cossak Rose
    Cossak Rose

    *S i*

  • Tyler Thibodeaux
    Tyler Thibodeaux

    alternate title: man complains about a mutant seal for 7 minutes

  • Lycan Takeshi
    Lycan Takeshi

    I hate Seel and Dewgong with a burning passion

  • Speedwagon Gaming
    Speedwagon Gaming

    A theory suggestion. What is Gardevoir? Like, think about it for a moment. We'd like to believe that is has human-like flesh... But if it's in the Amorpuhous Egg Group with things like Slugma, Muk, and Stunfisk... WHAT IS IT MADE OF? DOES IT HAVE ORGANS? DOES IT EVEN HAVE SKIN!?

  • Ch0pz .D
    Ch0pz .D

    Great video from a rubbish pokemon 🤣

  • Oktay Kılıç
    Oktay Kılıç

    They looks like harp seals and harp seals are objectively superior to other life forms, no need for anything else, they're cute.

  • Proto

    My first shiny was a seel

  • Rajaat99

    Arizona has the lowest high school graduation rate in the U.S. at 75%. Idaho has a middle of the pack graduation rate at 86%.

  • teja cube
    teja cube

    See is the german word for Sea or Ocean. Still stupid but that's areas some sort of explanation.

  • Dip Universal
    Dip Universal

    Cool, currently re-watching EVERY SINGLE SEASON of Pokemon. Though really I only watched Indigo League season 1 and Sun and Moon so really I'm just watching (almost) ever single season there is. For free too on Pokemon TV.

  • Netkeeper

    seel's name being so plain is why i'd type seel whenever i got frustrated as a young internet teen. it was my version of keysmashing before keysmashing existed. i'd just suddenly say SEEL with no explanation

  • Mizu Izumi
    Mizu Izumi

    Watching this just remind me about how long Misty is able to hold her breathe. That is able to do a show underwater, dance, and only take a breathe of air once for however long the show are at the Cerulean City gym are. The Waterflower sisters are amazing in the show, wouldn't you say if take consider very few people could actually do that without training. What everyone else's thought.

  • Tito Odierna
    Tito Odierna

    The title of this video really SEELED THE DEEL

  • Irving Uriel
    Irving Uriel

    *Reads title of video* Nooo please be nice to Seel, I love him 😩😔

  • Madness Arcade
    Madness Arcade

    Let’s not bully finneon

  • Madness Arcade
    Madness Arcade

    I wonder if dewgong’s pokedex inspired primarina

  • Madness Arcade
    Madness Arcade

    Onus’s horn is more like an antennae also lizard horns

  • Madness Arcade
    Madness Arcade


  • Madness Arcade
    Madness Arcade

    Gold fish actually

  • Madness Arcade
    Madness Arcade

    Well horns are cool

  • Madness Arcade
    Madness Arcade

    Nah the models are still cute just more realistic

  • Madness Arcade
    Madness Arcade

    Why we bullying seel and dewgong they are adorable

  • MysticMylesZ

    Wow the captions on this are Royally a broken So so broken

  • Fernando

    What the heck I came by a channel

  • Fernando

    Pro you have like 75 channels wtf

  • Malachi Saunders
    Malachi Saunders

    Well would you look at that you almost have 10 million subscribers! 😃👏👏👏👏👍👍👍 Good job for making almost 10 million of us use our noggins.

  • MetYourDestiny

    5:53 this awoke a core memory I forgot I even had.

  • logan cintron
    logan cintron

    Doing a video on every Pokémon line means you have to make an explanation for Ambipom's kooky design. It's inevitable.

  • Alexa's Universe!
    Alexa's Universe!

    Seel has never really stood out to me but I really like dewgong

  • Napoleon Bonaparte
    Napoleon Bonaparte

    Always thought Kadabrah should have come after Alakazam

  • William Evans
    William Evans

    5:06 when i here this story i thought oh makes some scenes it's a fat old lady mermaid

  • KamiOtamega

    This is my favorite useless pokemon line. At least it isn't seaking (I was so so sad seaking wasn't cut)

  • William Evans
    William Evans

    digy dog digy day

  • William Evans
    William Evans

    bow wow wow

  • DatDecidueyeGuy Ennard
    DatDecidueyeGuy Ennard

    If you’re making a video for each Pokémon, I need a Garbodor one. Don’t ask why, I just need my stenchy friend to have some spotlight

  • William Evans
    William Evans


  • William Evans
    William Evans

    image if this beocmes the most vewied vidoe lol!

  • James

    "Rapidash has thar unique horn excuse" Unique... horn.. *UHHHHG*

  • Watcher Knight
    Watcher Knight

    Kind of sad that when I think about Seel, I don't really think about anything about the pokemon itself, I just remember that episode of the anime where Misty thinks she's a Seel and runs around clapping and going "SEEL SEEL...SEEL SEEL" Dewgong's aight tho I liked his weird voice in the first movie as a kid

  • Eduarda Johanna Alfena
    Eduarda Johanna Alfena

    Why do you BLOODY NEED to distil hate on Ice-Type Pokémon!? WHY!!!!!?????

  • Velvet Butterfly
    Velvet Butterfly

    I wasn't expecting a Narwhals song reference. I bet that's older than a good portion of your viewers. Next thing you'll be making a reference to that crab song

  • GabiBlueDragon

    We all know that the superior seal pokemon is actually Spheal

  • Absbor Phamtusin
    Absbor Phamtusin

    has the april fool vid vibe

  • pokesonav

    “It can’t be a word that already exists” Meanwhile japanese Sandshrew: SAND

  • Nick den Toom
    Nick den Toom

    Pokemon Company Translation team Gen 1: Name it Seel Gen 3: Name it Seel. Oh wait... we already have that one, change the name slightly to Spheal, then make it lamer with Sealeo.

  • James Hamaker
    James Hamaker

    It's like an unicorn and a seal had a baby. That Pokemon is a problem.

  • fasi Uddin
    fasi Uddin

    please make a video on "Dragonite".

  • Adad

    Dewgons aren't related to whales.

  • TheOnlyTherazan

    in French Canada, games weren't consistent translated from English until after 2005. So the Pokémon show aired in French, but kept all the English names for consistency. Seel is how I learned what seals were named in English.

  • MrUltimaSora

    Why’s my boy Shuckle in jail?

  • Aey Armenta
    Aey Armenta

    but its cute

  • David Meyer
    David Meyer

    The Weebl reference won your like for this video, Austin.

  • CakeBlock

    Are we really upset that they swapped the a in seal for an e while in the same gen we just have backwards snake and kobra?

  • Justin Gold
    Justin Gold

    Using Future Sight: Gen 25 will have Dewgong evolve into a Narwhal.

  • Deathnotefan97

    Jerry Seinfeld voice: What's the _deal_ with -airline food- Seel?

  • SonicMovieFan06 3eZ
    SonicMovieFan06 3eZ

    Seel is an adorable Pokémon. Same as Omanyte. 🥰

  • Canned Stupidity
    Canned Stupidity

    Dwebble next?

  • silversonic1

    Seel... The word seel means to close a person's eyes/prevent someone from seeing in some cultures. It also can refer to luckiness. Another to roll on the waves of a storm(in relation to ships). But if you want to know the truth, you need to talk to the man credited for the names we got in English.

  • Redneck Nerd
    Redneck Nerd

    I just been doing a vanilla nuzlock on omega ruby and just got a tropius and looking at it.... could it realistically fly ?

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