Rampardos & Bastiodon! Pokemon's Castle Crashers! 🏰 Gnoggin | Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
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Cranidos and Shieldon are super cute! Then they evolve.
...But what all came together to make these dinosaur Pokemon designs what they are? With the gen 4 remakes Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl right around the corner, let's take a look at the gen 4 fossil Pokemon, and delve into their etymology and biology and all the stuff we usually do! Also, in classic Lockstin fashion, I mispronounce a lot of stuff!

How about that new Pokemon Fossil Exhibit in Japan? I must be psychic.

Thumbnail art commissioned from: twitter.com/AlvSoir

00:00 4th Gen Fossil Pokemon
00:50 Harry's Promo
01:54 What is Rampardos?
08:58 What is Bastiodon?
15:26 What do you think?

Gnoggin, hosted by its creator Lockstin, is a show delving into the mysteries of Pokemon! (and other games sometimes too). Explaining everything there is to explain! Why is each Pokemon given the type it has? What are their origins? What is the lore of the Pokemon world and the design inspirations? And what does it all have to do with alchemy? Let's Go find out!

  • Lockstin & Gnoggin
    Lockstin & Gnoggin

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    • Gabriel Krondos
      Gabriel Krondos

      your hair, i seen something like that on the WWE 2k19 create a wrestler

    • Luigi Pignatale
      Luigi Pignatale

      Lockstin you called dimetrodon dinos when there closely related to mammals

    • magma enderman
      magma enderman

      Ok you have to do this make a video where you give all pokemon a new mega Evolve

    • Amir-Hamza

      3:57 I know youre shortening Pachycelaphosaurus, but hearing you say "as Pakis get older" can be used a out of context voice clip to make it seem like youre a racist. If you dont understand watch Guz Khan's complaint about the Pakisaurus.

    • Josh Harding
      Josh Harding

      BOOOOOO TO HARRY'S!!!😠🇺🇲

  • Parker Sandahl
    Parker Sandahl

    I love how he uses his hands to demonstrate how giraffes fight #NeckFight 6:12

  • seddik turtle
    seddik turtle

    7:20 dimetrodon ain't a dinosaur tho >:(

  • Micah Playz
    Micah Playz

    What's a bastion? A minecraft structure located in the nether.

  • Harry Markey
    Harry Markey

    Logstin is married?

  • Sarthak sharma
    Sarthak sharma


  • ScottSepter

    9:24 what’s the name of the song

  • Bernardo Carvalho
    Bernardo Carvalho

    wait shieldeon- is that the new eevee

  • Furret Walk
    Furret Walk

    the crandos one when you said dinos switch the d with a n to make nidos i was a bit confused cause nidos in the pokemon universe are nidorans (both gender) and they have nido in their name so yeah...

  • THE Berrby
    THE Berrby

    Since I am excited for the G4 games, I really hope it turns out even better than expected...

  • Rhian Ronin
    Rhian Ronin

    Did Lockstin forget that RAMPARDOS probably has RAMPAGE in it?

  • Stotab

    as a small addendum to what you said about Dracorex Hogwartsia, paleontologists ARE nerds, but this is not an example of that, because CHILDREN named it! Here's what I found on a wiki about it "The name Dracorex hogwartsia was inspired by young visitors to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis as a tribute to both dragons (Dracorex means "dragon king"), which the animal resembled, as well as the Harry Potter series of books by J.K. Rowling (hogwartsia for the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the fictional school from the popular series)." so the Draco part actually isn't a reference to harry potter, but the second part of the name is

  • Bekah Sp
    Bekah Sp

    As usual, Lockstin bringing the info to me, this time learning real life stuff about dino classifications and such. Thanks!

  • JaniToad

    Bastiodon's jaw is also kinda like a drawbridge

  • Deadpool

    Update: Headbutting insects is hard and hurts.

  • Turtle Lazer?
    Turtle Lazer?

    song at the end?

    • Turtle Lazer?
      Turtle Lazer?

      @NimrodZangoose thanks so much!

    • NimrodZangoose


  • Gyrre

    Is there a ballista pokemon yet?

  • Seth Gale
    Seth Gale

    Bastiodon Forever.

    • Seth Gale
      Seth Gale

      And no, there is no evidence of protofeathers on ceratopsians besides Psittacosaurus.

  • benadryl smoke
    benadryl smoke

    bastiodon and shieldon are my favorites and its noy just because i have memories of roark's cranidos constantly kicking the ass of 8yo me

  • Ace

    "Before Gamefreak even knew what they had they uh, patented it and, uh, packaged it, and, uh, slapped in on a plastic lunchbox aaand now they're selling it! They're selling it!"

  • Riopol Zaurus
    Riopol Zaurus

    The nose and horns of Bastiodon make me think more of a Nasutoceratops, with a similar nose and horns that are kinda extending outwards, like a bull, similar to Bastiodon's weird horizontal horns. But yea, the frill looks like that of the Chasmosaurines. Ok bye.

  • gvs93fdr

    I actually think Shieldon and Bastiodon resemble more AFRICAN tribal shields. Not European. May be a mix of both. Shieldon's more oval shape (not exactly round) resembles those type of shields made of wood and with simple designs that are common with some African tribes. And Bastiodon's nose piercing may also represent tribal culture (like stated in the video).

  • Nippels The Enchilada
    Nippels The Enchilada

    Word: Herbivore Lockstin: Erbivore

  • Kristin Claire
    Kristin Claire

    Hey man, Crichton is pronounced CRY-ton 👍🏼

  • VisonaryAnime

    OH! ALSO PROTOCERATOPS IS ACTUALLY AS OLD AS A TRICERATOPS...WHICH MEANS...THEY ARE NOT FIRST! THEY ARE BOTH SPECIES LIVED AROUND 74 - 65 MILLION YEARS AGO! when I found this out at age 15 my whole dino nerd self had to re educate myself...also feathers...goddamn feathers.. xD

  • VisonaryAnime

    also jack Horner's theory on that physiology change was proven untrue when they found an actually skeletons of dracorex. idk much on it but it is a full adult haha.

  • VisonaryAnime

    110 million to 65 million years ago... late creataceous was 78 - 65 million years ago xD

  • NaesTheFox

    It wasn't first popularized by the jurassic park movie. Land before time showed two dinosaurs ramming each other's heads and scared poor Sara while she was split from the group xD

  • Munch KING
    Munch KING

    5:20 the headbutting idea was around LONG before Jurassic Park. I remember the Dino-Rider toys/cartoons from the 80s had that as Pachy's defining feature. They liked headbutting each other for dominance games there too.

  • Nuno Monaco
    Nuno Monaco

    Fun Fact: Lockstin talked about the attack stat of Rampardos and how he isn't the strongest anymore but all the pokémon with a higher attack stat then Rampardos are either legendary or mega evolutions (unless you don't consider ultra beasts to be legendarys, wich makes Kartana the highest non-legend non-mega attack stat wielder)

  • Calvin Yee
    Calvin Yee

    What about gisnt bugs or did they not exist in the late cretaceoes period

  • Daniel Olsen
    Daniel Olsen

    Maybe the rampa part of rampardos could be rampage? Idk im not good at thinking

  • Eclair Ribbonedgold
    Eclair Ribbonedgold

    Don't talk to my shield son or me ever again!

  • Kenny Mun
    Kenny Mun

    Croconaw is the best starter middle evolution design.

  • Mr. Muhammad ABEER AHMAD
    Mr. Muhammad ABEER AHMAD

    2:47 that is actually the longest dinosaur name for one of the smallest dinosaurs

  • Sascha

    the grasshopper won...

  • Jacob Roberson
    Jacob Roberson

    Honestly I find the ‘Head smack’ thing they actually did way cooler. It’s like they have a fricking mace for a head!

  • Elveon_and_Minecraft

    I did very well on the grasshopper head-butting task

  • OneBillionTacos

    Got to love all the bastiodon love in the comments! I love it’s iron eyebrows.

  • Luke769 Animations
    Luke769 Animations

    1. The whole “Dracorex is a juvenile Stygimoloch” thing came from the same guy (Jack Horner) who thought T-Rex couldn’t hunt and only scavenged. 2. Dimetrodon was not a dinosaur, it was a synapsid 3, Shieldon is absolutely adorable and I want one 4. This video was very fun and I liked it

  • A Random Seal
    A Random Seal

    Report: took 2 weeks but attempted to bash a grass hopper with my head. After a few attempts it was dead. Not by me but by the bird that picked it up and most likely ate it. End of report

  • Hunter 37
    Hunter 37

    I love Bastiodon.

  • Jan Greay Bermudez
    Jan Greay Bermudez

    no. just no. bastion is from minecraft 😆🤭😂

  • Rampardos

    Actually, this is false, I AM a fossil.

  • Marcus Games
    Marcus Games

    Rampardos is my one of my favourite fossils and I love hearing bastiodon’s Pokémon cry

  • DÒctØ_ ØctÓ
    DÒctØ_ ØctÓ

    This comment is EXCLUSIVELY about Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. And about which of the two you'll choose.

  • Justin Burchette
    Justin Burchette

    Ew, that thumbnail is... *f r e a k y*

  • Josey Kaiser
    Josey Kaiser

    The mention of Rampardos chasing prey seems less silly when you consider that grass type Pokémon are a thing... I just imagine a group of Rampardos in a feeding frenzy over a Tropious...

  • DexterityYT

    Apparently it’s a hot take, but I always thought Bastiodon was a much better design than Rampardos. Always thought he was kinda dorky.

  • Blablabla Blablabla
    Blablabla Blablabla

    dracor rex isnt a type of dinosaure, its the pre pubertsent pachycephalosaurus.

  • yung jose
    yung jose

    Bastiodon and Rampardos are screaming MEGA EVOLUTION. Imagine the possibilities..

  • chris culbertson
    chris culbertson

    I like dinosaurs

  • guilmon182

    CRY-ton, not Crich-ton.

  • ChickenTendies5000

    i love the thumbnail art

  • Ebisu Minutes
    Ebisu Minutes

    As a dinosaur nerd, I love and hate the section on the Pachycephalosaurus section, For Rampardos, Dracorex wasn't really public until 2006 (discovered 2004), With the source code leak, It was already designed by then, Rampardos is like more based on a Stygimoloch, With other features from other Pachycephalosaurids (Horns primarily based on Stygimoloch, Size could've been based on another Pachycephalosaurid, Dome was simply exaggerated because it's pokemon of course) As for Cranidos, it's short stubby faced would be explained by being based on Stegoceras, the first pachycephalosaurid discovered (1902, Lawrence Lambe), As well as size being near perfect match But however, You did a lot of research so the video is still cool and learned a few things about other pachycephalosaurids that aren't really popularized.

  • boa c
    boa c

    so it just struck me when he described steelix as a steel coated diamond snake that the anime's crystal onix is a steelix that somehow lost it's metal coat so it is just onix again but it is now diamond. I feel dumb.

  • Lord Of Sandvich
    Lord Of Sandvich

    Maybe Shieldon’s face entry is making the distinction between unliving metal protection (like a rhino horn) and living skin (with a lot of metal in it) Also, its Ultra Moon dex entry might have some kinda nightmarish implications... either Shieldon’s skeleton is cartilaginous, or whatever hunted it to extinction decided to decapitate every last one.

  • Austyntheman

    Unless they supplemented their diet like modern animals do by eating rodents and frogs for calcium.

  • Grant N
    Grant N

    Awww I thought he was gonna do like a vs video saying who would win in a fight. But I love dinosaurs so it was still enjoyable

  • Andrew Munro
    Andrew Munro

    The whole diamond snake joke you said about steelix just opened my eyes to something. It’s just theory but since Diamonds are formed from high pressure would it be safe to assume that onix’s body is full of coal and upon evolving into steelix the high pressure causes said coal to become diamonds?

  • Andrew Munro
    Andrew Munro

    Fun fact- Hasbro has a transformer toy based of the dracorex in there transformers kingdom line

  • Dinova Master
    Dinova Master

    Do the other dinomon now pls.

  • 0ptik

    We just gonna ignore that amazing thumbnail art

  • Sad seal
    Sad seal

    Castle crashers if my fave game

  • Kirbosmith

    I thought when he said “What more is there to their designs, their origins, and what makes them tick?” he was gonna rhyme it with “And why is Bastiodon so thicc?” I was disappointed.

  • Ahmad Fauzan
    Ahmad Fauzan

    I just got a cranidos in the underground

  • 20hph2651 yash
    20hph2651 yash

    can we just aprreciate the artist of thumbnail bastiodon has never looked this badass

  • Regunes

    Wdym Bastiodon is ugly? and WHAT's with the Wyomeng running joke lately XD

  • Tyler Thibodeaux
    Tyler Thibodeaux

    what was that outro song?

  • Gravit Wry
    Gravit Wry

    My man lookin like he Ravenger from Minecraft..

  • Joof [REDACTED]
    Joof [REDACTED]

    I never actually thought about these 2 being based off of castle crashing, that’s actually super cool. I have a lot more appreciation for them now :)

  • Egolo Egman
    Egolo Egman


  • Varsinious

    "Why is bastiodon so ugly..." Me: *lowers glasses* "what did you just say, boy?"

  • Øppa1 Gød
    Øppa1 Gød

    Yo Mama's a fossil AAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!

  • Richard Sorgo
    Richard Sorgo

    What's funny is both are Marginocephalians.

  • LuckyFlyer


  • Murkrow yeet
    Murkrow yeet

    2:30 Dino D-Day

  • Freddy Arnold
    Freddy Arnold

    Rampardos is my favorite Pokémon, just wanted to say that

  • PokefanDylan

    What's the song at the end of the vid?

  • the GreenGoose
    the GreenGoose

    4:25 one word, bellsprout.

  • egg ?
    egg ?

    One issue... Dimetrodon isn't a dinosaur....its closer related to mammals and lived before dinosaurs even evolved... Overall tho, good video

  • Freedomcat

    protoceratops could have been the babies of the ceretopsians.

  • Darius Fritts
    Darius Fritts

    Dimetrodon is neither a dinosaur nor a reptile, its more closely related to mammals. Ffs lockstin

  • Mask _Vids
    Mask _Vids

    Pretty sure Every pokemon is partly omnivorous. Atleast in the show?

  • BulbaKurb

    God I love Rampardos. I think those two have always been my favorite fossil mons, even more than Kabutops and Aerodactyl

    • BulbaKurb

      Despite is having awful defenses and speed, I still enjoy slappin a Choice Scarf on it and letting it surprise faster mons

  • Gamer Glitch
    Gamer Glitch

    Does anybody know the name of the outro song?

  • Kellsoh

    I loved using Shieldon and Bastiodon when I first played pearl. Year's later I hatched a shiny Shieldon during my ultra sun playthrough I love both their crys they make.

  • Jolly BunBun HTF ARTS & MORE
    Jolly BunBun HTF ARTS & MORE

    You forgot about tryantrum tyrant and amura and aurorus they dinosaur plus dragopault And the dragovish and artcovish

  • Jared Nelson
    Jared Nelson

    Rampardos and Bastiodon should have been in Pokemon Sword/Shield for the theme ya pointed out of it being like a castle and Shieldon having shield in name.

  • Nate b
    Nate b

    Aron is the higher evolve form of sheildon it just make sence

  • R4nd0m Guy
    R4nd0m Guy

    I wouldn't say that Bastiodon is ugly but it certainly doesn't have my favourite design. It's perfectly mediocre.

  • Aidonno Mei B
    Aidonno Mei B

    Hey, just throwing a mini theory out there... Charizard wings are too small to lift it's weight to fly. That is why the charmander line evolved to the tail 🔥 fire. It allows charizard to heat up the air around it and create better lift. Plus, charizard being a flying (air) type and fire type together means it can control the heat and the air around it somewhat to fly.

  • Teal

    Rampardos is one of my all-time favorite Pokémon!

  • Bozhidar Pop
    Bozhidar Pop

    what happended to Maxel?

  • ValasaFantastic

    Fun video, thanks.

  • pakoGDLmx

    OMG! I just noticed your Spanish channel. I got to check it out. Thanks Cranidos :3 ❤️

    • pakoGDLmx

      Sadly, the channel appears abandoned. I guess I will stick in here

  • Payton Wright
    Payton Wright

    10:13 don MIGHT be referencing surviving to a new dawn

  • famineinfernal1

    ..... but I like Bastiodon. Yes I want to play that remake! I'm excited for it.

  • Tet Hotarubi
    Tet Hotarubi

    Hey, what can you tell me about New Mauville? I'd love a video explaining the crisis that happened there.

  • Fluff Lord alfalphalops
    Fluff Lord alfalphalops

    Can you please recreate your type explain series also that ant lion thing is not a dragon type because

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