Grown Man Lists the 20 WORST Pokemon Designs | Gnoggin
We all have our favorite Pokemon... we also all have our LEAST favorites. In this video I list 20 Pokemon designs that I, PERSONALLY, don't like. I would say they are the 20 worst designs, TO ME, with my specific, personal tastes. It's fine to disagree, that's what makes humans unique. And shouldn't that be celebrated?

Thumbnail \u0026 Video Pokemon art commissioned from Toxiquid:

Tell me how wrong I am:
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00:00 Intro
01:01 10 Terrible Pokemon Designs
11:39 Top 10 Worst Pokemon Designs
23:05 Conclusion

  • Lockstin & Gnoggin
    Lockstin & Gnoggin

    Oh please! tell me how wrong my personal opinions are senpai!

    • Arshad Ayan
      Arshad Ayan

      My most favorite water and dragon type pokemon is The intelion line and Noivern line. Intelion signature move is Will be my channels mascot. Noibat cute

    • Luffydestroyer

      @• - TheGuiltyAnt- ikr

    • • - TheGuiltyAnt-
      • - TheGuiltyAnt-

      @Luffydestroyer I agree.It is so ugly that it becomes unique.Just like bulldogs

    • Asher Williams
      Asher Williams

      @Luffydestroyer I agree a lot, besides the fact HE HAS TO WAIT TILL THE END OF THE MAIN GAME TO EVOLVE, FOR A UNDER 500 BST! but it’s design isn’t that bad

    • Clonecommander66

      What the actule heck why you hate on cinderace :(

  • rottenäppl3s

    no stop drizzile is amazing ☹️

  • I’m Edo
    I’m Edo

    dude, roselia’s flowers are better than roserade’s

  • Lone Lycanroc
    Lone Lycanroc

    I can never unsee the "bedroom eyes"

  • RayPlaysGames RPG
    RayPlaysGames RPG

    "Xurkitree is just... CABLES!!" *And The Origami King Bosses are just office tools.*

  • Oniyi Gamers
    Oniyi Gamers

    u missed seel it's name says it all

  • Nadine Esquivel
    Nadine Esquivel

    Lockstin: Lame im gonna transfer sunflora

  • Latrodectus mactans
    Latrodectus mactans

    I personally love Hariyama for its incredible idle animation in Pokémon Colosseum. It’s doing constant sumo stomps and it feels so weighty and powerful.

  • Giorgio Gutierrez
    Giorgio Gutierrez

    You hate Snubull :( I used to not care for him (especially not his evolution) but opening up Pokémon packs, I realized he’s kind of a cute Pokémon and I actually like how interesting the design is. I’m sad you don’t like one of my new favorites but hey, that’s just how it is.

  • The Cheese Man
    The Cheese Man

    Oh, what? I thought #15 was like how kid you thought it was. Huh? Now I think it’s super ugly. Edit: oh my, the cinderace is SO WRONG, sorry.

  • Kaa Sharpe
    Kaa Sharpe

    Okay dont hate on keldeo movie kyurem was awesome

  • Snow_Kitten

    I'm probably only disagreeing with cinderace because it is my starter and the first pokemon I got to level 100 AND is the mvp of the battle with leon

  • Loopine

    Oh boy, people are gonna start blasting you with why your opinion is “wrong and you didn’t get the point of its design” or how “other pokemon are more deserving of its position”. Im preparing for this comments section to become Twitter.

  • Banzai Marten
    Banzai Marten

    chewtle kinda redeems itself in my mind because it's so intensely stupid-looking that it loops back around to being hysterical. i mean i still don't like it, but i can laugh at it and i feel that zeraora commentary, i love its design but it's such a nothing pokemon. previous mythicals would travel through time and bring back eggs from the future, or wake from millennia of sleep long enough to grant wishes, and then zeraora's entire lore is "yellow furry punch good." there are common pokemon from way back in kanto with more compelling dex entries

  • Sean Darren
    Sean Darren

    I don't think Lockstin likes bowl haircut pokemon lol

  • Too Many OCs
    Too Many OCs

    What with all the pokemon-clothes problems, I expected Jinx.

  • Jorge Perez
    Jorge Perez

    6:03 H o w

  • Royal Art
    Royal Art

    Lockstin, talking about Carkoal: “WHO ON EARTH COULD EVER *STAND* TO LOOK AT THIS THING?!” Me, who thoroughly enjoyed having it on my team: *sweats profusely*

  • Magma Frog
    Magma Frog

    Gurrder nose look like a huge pimple

  • Adan

    I dont get why everyone hates ambipom so much i think ambipom looks really cool

  • Ramona Conway
    Ramona Conway

    When I heard Drizzile I disliked the video by the way, here my top ten least favorite Pokémon: 10: Ditto, only because breeding them with the freaking oval charm they won’t make eggs 9: Simipour, It’s what Ron said 8: Darumaka, the Pokédex entry! HOW DUMB! 7:Scorbunny, people chose it over Sobs 6:Hippowdon, the forms confuse me 5:Tauros ... idk 4: Throh It’s design is stupidly made 3:Sudowoodo, It’s such a cheater 2: Eldagoss, Barf on this eldagoss 1: CINDERACE, I shall kill this thing Sorry Pyro, I am one of your subscribers

  • Mad Rogue
    Mad Rogue

    Lmao me love Crabrawler me use him in the adventure so much

  • 郑珏

    I hate Himonchan too because I watched something about Pokémon and one of them said it just look like a potato wearing a dress and boxing gloves

  • Scion Wangu
    Scion Wangu

    Aipom evolving to have another tail hand is a good idea, but, ambipom is just terrible. I mean if it was a regular aipom with two tail hands it was good probably because it evolves learning double hit, but ambipom's face and hair and tail tips are gross.

  • Ayaan

    Why do ya gotta come after zeraora like that???????!???

  • Braydenoid

    Hariyama is forever ruined now

  • Wolf racer
    Wolf racer

    Wait, lucario is wearing shorts? I was today years old when I found that out

  • Alex Rasmussen
    Alex Rasmussen

    zeraora was at one point my second favourite Pokemon.

  • Konata Izumi
    Konata Izumi

    The shiny zerora event was It was really cool because it was a global event that everybody had to defeat the raids before certain time to unlock it

  • Forms 'n Notes
    Forms 'n Notes

    can i be an ambipom

  • SternRitterKurama

    Bruxish is the worst to me it's so ugly and creepy

  • Bachi, The Sunset
    Bachi, The Sunset

    Ambipom is cute

  • Scary Slasher
    Scary Slasher

    “Ambipom is somebody favorite Pokémon” That somebody is me :)

  • Adam Russell
    Adam Russell

    We all know we immediately googled bad dragon

  • Adriel Tolentino
    Adriel Tolentino

    Chewtle is my favorite ugly cute mon. He is so grumpy and ugly that it goes back around to endearing to me.

  • Braeden Pelton
    Braeden Pelton

    I love ambipom, Im sorry I just think that they took the ugly of a monkey and made it funny. But I do hate it's voice

  • Aquasphere4

    Hot take I honestly like gurdurr I mean I don’t like love it but I don’t hate it it’s like in the top 200

  • xDD Panda
    xDD Panda

    i actually really like the gmax intelleon. I think it's hilarious that it just has a gun

  • Paper Clipps
    Paper Clipps

    Lockstin: I fear no man... but that *thing* Ambipom Lockstin: It scares me...

  • LLM Kursk
    LLM Kursk

    Replace one of these with Florges. I loved Flabebé and Floette, they’re both very charming and cutesy Pokémon. I evolved my first Floette into a Florges and was appalled and confused and disgusted by it! How does a small, flower-holding Floette evolve into a bouquet with an ugly face!? It just does not look like Floette’s evolution at all to me.

  • Stuart Harris
    Stuart Harris

    I like a bipod and xerkitree

  • Chungus Is Sus
    Chungus Is Sus

    Hariyama will always look like a giant popcorn kernel to me

  • Spiral Galaxy
    Spiral Galaxy

    I don’t like this list, cause most Pokémon are ones I really like the design of, but my opinions are weird anyways I guess

  • James Perun
    James Perun


  • James Perun
    James Perun


    • pyro the cinderace
      pyro the cinderace

      I love cinderace too. he is awesome and adorable

  • Ghost093

    7:35 I've always been confused by the Timburr line origin, so one day I decided to search what their design inspiration was and found out that they really weren't modeled after clowns and strongmen carnies. Their design was actually inspired by japanese Yankee delinquents and construction workers, which might seem like a random combination of ideas, but back in the 70s and 80s it was common for delinquents to end up working at construction sites, since most of them never finished school, they really didn't had that many job options to choose from. You can see the Yankee inspiration in Timburr with its Regent Pompadour and Gurdurr's "Afro" is meant to be a Punch perm, both hairstyles where very popular among japanese delinquents. Conkeldurr's "hairstyle" is a Chonmage (topknot used by warriors), and its japanese name Roubushin has "bushin" in it, which can be translated to Warlord, so its design draws inspiration from construction workers/warriors instead of Yankees like the other two. There's also the old man side of the design with the concrete pillars being walking canes and the veins looking like a back brace. Their bodies also resemble the uniform used by construction workers in Japan, with their legs resembling baggy pants called tobi trousers and their two toed feet being similar to jika-tabi shoes. Now the red nose in Gurdurr and Conkeldurr...I have no idea, but my theory is that it might be based on a red drunkard nose(?). At least it makes sense to me with Timburr being the youngest one, having its black nose turn into red once it evolves to Gurdurr, which can be considered the young adult stage, while Conkeldurr is the elder final stage. PMD Gates makes kind of a reference to this with a Gurdurr getting "drunk" after drinking too much """berry juice""" at a party and in Pokemon Amie, for some reason, Gurdurr is one of the few Pokemon to have a special sleeping animation and it really makes it look like a drunk guy sleeping while standing up, lmao. But who knows, maybe it was intentional or maybe I'm just grasping at straws since there hasn't been a real explanation for the red noses. TL;DR The Timburr line was inspired by japanese Yankee delinquents and construction workers, not clowns. Also excuse my english, I'm trying my best :]

  • GravelerGaming

    I think chewtle all this kind of cute

  • Yuetu

    I love Cinderace

    • pyro the cinderace
      pyro the cinderace


  • eZaF Crash
    eZaF Crash

    Magmortar is my second favorite Pokémon lol. I just love it’s movepool and it’s design. Arm cannons are awesome and it looks like a fire demon or an oni. As for drizzle, it’s wearing gloves because the Pokédex says that it secretes a liquid to throw water balloons. You can see this in one of it’s animations. I actually think it’s a pretty cool Pokémon.

  • Nicholas Sulfaro
    Nicholas Sulfaro

    Shout out most of the gen 8 fossil Pokémon being terrible (Arctovish is only tolerable by only being a mediocre looking fish with a large head, and a blue on blue color scheme). I know the whole point is that you’re mashing different fossils together so the results won’t look complete or anything, but just because the intent is to create freakish abominations at a conceptual level, doesn’t excuse the results from continuing to be freakish abominations. Dracovish, Dracozolt and Arctizolt make me want to die just by looking at them, and most likely they wish for death as well, products of unethical science that they are. Edit: Nevemind, Arctovish is also in the abomination category! It’s head is almost literally upside down, with its mouth on top of its head.

  • Yveltal

    2:43 *B A D D O G*

  • Yveltal

    2:00-2:24 bro that clown face is iconic on him. And Mr Rime is one of my favorites

  • tails2101

    I say the trubbish line is garbage ( pun intended )

  • Federico Marcia
    Federico Marcia

    To me zeraora looks like an anime character beacouse of the pants and the face's shape

  • Benjamin B.
    Benjamin B.

    I agree with everything except drizzle which I really like but I understand

    • Benjamin B.
      Benjamin B.

      and chewtle

  • Maxximum Rockatansky
    Maxximum Rockatansky

    I mean....would you rather Hitmonchan be naked?

  • DipperTrees

    at first i thought Zeraora was Alolan Zoark (I can’t it spell so if this is wrong don’t get mad.)

  • TheYoungGeninSasuke

    Wow a fire starter is the fan favorite of gen 8? What a surprise..

  • James Earls
    James Earls

    Great now I am never going to be able to see hariyama the same

  • pixL bit
    pixL bit

    bro why hate on drizzy boi

  • Pierre Fiecas
    Pierre Fiecas

    how could you hurt my cinderace hes perfect

    • pyro the cinderace
      pyro the cinderace


  • About9000

    ambipom is my friend's favorite pokemon. why yes, he also main's pac-man in smash, how could you tell?

  • FindAndMaintainHope

    "Keldeo was already in the generation that had WAY too many Legendary & Mythical Pokemon" Kaskade: 2 box legendaries, 2 squirrel companions, Wicoot, the Thunderbird, the Rotom Thunderbird, Endram-Odai, and 4 not-Ultra Beasts that you may or may not count...

  • Critter Bones
    Critter Bones

    What was the music during the chewtle xD

  • Omasunner

    in my opinion, poipole and naganadel are the worst looking pokemon only because they look like pokemon. they don't have as much of an otherworldly design compared to the rest. On their own, poipole is... fine... and naganadel looks pretty cool, but they look too much like something that could be from the world of pokemon.

  • EpicNinja92817

    Me: *seeing Drizzile in the thumbnail* Okay so here's what we're not going to do

  • Vladimir Raybourne
    Vladimir Raybourne

    I disagree with your take on cinderace however you do raise some good complaints

  • Alfred Talkin
    Alfred Talkin

    i love origami

  • Casual Crusader
    Casual Crusader

    I honestly really like ryhperior

  • Marcus Langton
    Marcus Langton

    As of now, I have absolutely zero dislike towards any pokemon designs. I like them all. I will admit that two that have unsettled me in the past are Garbodor and Runerigus. Runerigus was creepy because of the 'cursed moving painting' concept, and as a little kid Garbodor's appearance disgusted me with its double man buns and weird noodle protrusions sticking out of its weird long tube arm. Luckily, I'm past that. Also, Carkoal is awesome.

  • Nick Anderson
    Nick Anderson

    There is no Dunsparce. I am disappointed. Although there have been a lot of Pokemon since then and some of the more complex designs have gone... Crabominable.

  • Nick Anderson
    Nick Anderson

    When you realize Ambipom has the same haircut as Crabominable.

  • paxton


  • paxton


  • Truman Hanon
    Truman Hanon

    Abipom be like: *E*

  • Toast And Stuff
    Toast And Stuff

    I like pretty much everything on this list especially crabominable

  • dingobell jangy
    dingobell jangy

    i love his new expression sprite 😂 so dumb

  • Michael Mckay
    Michael Mckay

    2:43 Omg is that a demoliton d sound clip? I didn't expect to hear that in a Pokémon video

  • Subhrajit Chakraborty
    Subhrajit Chakraborty

    You are the one and only comedy punk , sorry you're good teach me your jitsu

  • VLR Volt
    VLR Volt

    Am i the only person that like sobbles evo line?

    • pyro the cinderace
      pyro the cinderace

      I like the sobble line

  • Tristan Morgan
    Tristan Morgan

    Xircitree is my favorite ultra beast, and the only one I use on the elite 4.

  • Harvey Livsey
    Harvey Livsey

    Kelldeo is my sister's favourite pokemon

  • Totally not bees in a trenchcoat.
    Totally not bees in a trenchcoat.

    How and why do you know what bad dragon is.

  • Jammo

    It's a travesty people think Coalossal is better looking than Rhyperior

  • lazylion games
    lazylion games

    You insult the second form you get the snipe storm

  • PetrarchEleven

    Totally agree with #1. Also honestly surprised and glad that Stantler wasn't on this list. I love my dopey bulldog reindeer child.

    • pyro the cinderace
      pyro the cinderace

      I love stantler so im also glad he wasn't on the list

  • Crimson Fxcker
    Crimson Fxcker

    "WHAT ARE THOOOOSE?!?!?!?" I fuckin died 😂😂😂😂😂

  • TheWanderingMist

    My least favorite UB is Poipole, _because it looks like a normal Pokemon._ Naganadel is cool, and Poipole would be much better if Naganadel evolved into it, thus inverting the norm of size increasing when evolution happens.

  • Carter Burke
    Carter Burke

    I agree a ambipom is the worst

  • Andrija Neskovic
    Andrija Neskovic


  • Snuffles

    I feel SO VALIDATED to see Magmortar and Rhyperior on your list. They are absolutley my two least favorite Pokemon - some original designs might be worse, but these are terrible AND they ruined two really cool Pokemon. (For some reason I never realized how goofy Magmar looked until Magmortar came into existence.) I guess the one upside is that Rhydon can utilize Eviolite.

  • We Are BACON!
    We Are BACON!

    Tbh I used to like Ambipom as a kid. But now it just looks goofy. Edit: I haven't even played gens 6-8 because of the designs looked so trashy to me.

  • Mettaton Ex
    Mettaton Ex

    I want to mention the Klink family. Not sure which one, it's a toss-up between Klang and Klinklang, because at least Klink laid the groundwork for cooler ideas, but I'm not sure which is the problematic one. Klang killed the potential of a unity being by turning one of its face gears into a much more boring bigger gear, then Klinklang did next to nothing to alter itself; its size is just the same as before, and its general build is pretty much identical, but I suppose the spikes are cool and the step into the third dimension is cool. But this is not the way you handle an inanimate object concept.

  • Mondayz

    Corkoal should have kept the Rolycoly eyes

  • Cheekerpot

    Damn I agree with most of this list.

  • Bluemoon6

    I like Roselia because she help me win my Pokemon games. I like your amazing list.

  • Meekochu Oswin
    Meekochu Oswin

    Fun fact i love xurkitree

  • OmniKannonXYZ

    Forget about pokemon return to monke

  • Nova Cat
    Nova Cat

    Huh! His and my worst 20 lists have almost no overlap. Most of his worst 20 I find totally inoffensive. Mine would include the incredibly boring Uxie/Azelph/Mesprit trio and the overdesigned Dialga/Palkia, Reshiram/Zekrom pairs.

  • Zanman

    Unpopular opinion: Rhyperior is *leagues* better than Rhydon