Why Your Pokémon have Forgotten Generations... ☠ Gnoggin
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I asked my Twitter followers what Pokemon they often forget the generation of. This video is my response! Personally, I often forget Hipopotas and Diggersby's generations, I always think they are 5th gen...

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Thumbnail Skarmory by Crantime: twitter.com/CRANTIME

00:00 The Pokemon I ALWAYS Forget the Generation of...
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03:12 Remembering Pokemon in the Wrong Generation
11:32 Outro

Gnoggin, hosted by its creator Lockstin, is a show delving into the mysteries of Pokemon! (and other games sometimes too). Explaining everything there is to explain! Why is each Pokemon given the type it has? What are their origins? What is the lore of the Pokemon world and the design inspirations? And what does it all have to do with alchemy? Let's Go find out!

  • Lockstin & Gnoggin
    Lockstin & Gnoggin

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    • Jon Brewer
      Jon Brewer

      tt I've done it for comic books. The big one? Batgirl's age, and not knowing Barbara was not the first Batgirl. Err, Bat-Girl.

    • Tunnel Rat
      Tunnel Rat

      For the shinx explanation, Electrike and Shinx are both pure electric and designs are pretty similar.

    • gabi.n_art

      Let say hypothetically could someone with out balls use the manscap?? 🤔

    • Kage

      Lmfao, the ONLY ads i dont skip are Your's and Barnabydixon's.

    • Sassi7997

      Why don't we get a before/after picture?


    2:32 it happened with me, cuz i watch Stevie :D

  • Cesar Zepeda
    Cesar Zepeda

    yall cant handle the gen 5

  • Vikki Scott
    Vikki Scott

    Hippopotas is a great Pokemon

  • Liam cooper's Caramel cat
    Liam cooper's Caramel cat

    I never realised that tangroth was not in let's go eevee or any gen 1 game Because my first pokemon game was let's go eevee

  • Evildeathshadow

    see i never did these but i used to think dunsparce evolved into gligar when i was a kid when i was playing fire red i remeber leveling the crap out of one trying to evolve it until i looked it up… lols

  • Agediho

    I would also like to add that some Pokémon were introduced in some generations but they're actually from another region making your brain all confused

  • KurisuSora

    I remember the pokemon gen from the manga

  • Arlen

    The only Pokémon I generally forget the introductory generations for are either baby Pokémon ... or Quilfish, outside of that If I don’t remember an introductory generation of a Pokémon it’s because they barely register as a Pokémon that exists unless I encounter them.

  • Nishki

    I always thought meltan and melmetal are gen 8

  • SkaterBlades

    I keep forgetting and remembering that chatot and manaphy are gen 4, because i associate them with a movie may and max are in

  • 想真Souma

    First 5 generations, you show me a Pokemon, I can easily tell you its gen. Most Pokemon afterwards too, but since I never played Gen 6 and was out of the loop back then, there's a couple ones that I'm unsure when it comes to gen 6 and 7. For a while, I've been mixing up Dedenne and Togedemaru's generations, for example.

  • Jakub Zych
    Jakub Zych

    I know gen 1 and 5+ well and everything in the middle is blended, BUT I know if it's little and dumb it's gen2, if it's too big and fakely broken it's gen4 and if it's forgetable it's gen3

  • Jackie Plant
    Jackie Plant

    Licitung dosen't like gen 1

  • Not MY Mess
    Not MY Mess

    i used to think that durant and heatmor were from gen 6.

  • Felipe Pubillones
    Felipe Pubillones

    After gen 3, i can't even keep the gens themselves right....

  • Isaac Guessous
    Isaac Guessous

    Wait, both steel-type AND dark-type were introduced in gen 2? I always thought that steel was introduced in gen 3!

  • Maddie Barrera
    Maddie Barrera

    I skipped kalos so the majority of Pokémon in kalos I met in alola, so just assumed it’s all gen 7


    I belived that Chimecho was a gen 4 Pokémon because i never found it in gen 3 low encounter rate and the position where to find it and becomes a pre evolution in gen 4 next thing was i forget is that the Move Extreme Speed gen2 not 3 ist

  • Jemmit11


  • Daniel Huelsman
    Daniel Huelsman

    Tangela is also easily missed, it's in the grassy patch behind Pallet Town and only there in the original games. I wouldn't be surprised if most people just used Fly to skip past it, or never even explored the patch of grass and went straight to town. Tangela literally lives in a backwoods flyover country.

  • Jake Wright
    Jake Wright

    With me, my biggest one was Zoroark and Zorua. I used to despise Unova mostly because I heard other people making fun of it, and saying that it was the worst one. So I automatically started hating on it too. I also love Zoroark. SO clearly I couldn't bring myself to admitting that Zoroark was gen 5. Plus I just didn't know and really the first time I saw it wasn't until gen 6 when I played Alpha sapphire when I unlocked national dex… So I assumed it was either gen 3 or gen 6... I feel stupid looking back on that

  • Kolena Arcantus
    Kolena Arcantus

    Megearna's movie was also set in kalos

  • RyZGuy Play's
    RyZGuy Play's

    I did not know that how long do and stuff was post game that is stupid

  • RyZGuy Play's
    RyZGuy Play's

    I know than not to part but I didn’t know that slug Ma in scar Murray were GEN two

  • sock

    I always forget that Bonsly is a gen 4 Pokémon!

  • Foxtrot Entertainment
    Foxtrot Entertainment

    I somehow keep thinking tyrannitar is gen 3

  • Ya Boi Incineroar
    Ya Boi Incineroar

    This is the first time someone has gotten their sponsor promotion to make me audibly laugh. It was just so unexpected.

  • KendallChaos

    As someone who can’t remember what gen is what this is every Pokémon for me

  • DanIsCheesus -
    DanIsCheesus -


  • striderzer0

    Wait Manscaped is on Gen 4! I thought it was on Gen 3

  • Omega Force Zero
    Omega Force Zero

    Silver is better.

  • wohs zffo
    wohs zffo

    Idk what it is but something about roselia screams gen 2 to me i was mind blown going through pokemon go an seeing hoenn

  • Bob Jeezorham
    Bob Jeezorham

    Since I started with Gen 4 as a kid I actually thought a lot of the Gen 4 evolutions were in the original games as well back then. As for my current generational confusion, I know a lot of Pokémon's generation of origin by heart, but there's still a few I slip up on. I usually misremember Chimecho as a Gen 4 Pokémon because of Chingling, for example. Similar problem with Azurill, I completely forget it was added in Gen 3. Also if you asked me to name even half of Galar or Johto's Pokémon, chances are I couldn't do it. The Pokémon in those regions can be so forgettable to me and I don't know why.

  • Axo The Axolotl
    Axo The Axolotl

    I don't have this problem with pokemon

  • Bella Flannagan
    Bella Flannagan


  • Bella Flannagan
    Bella Flannagan

    What is the unown in the thumbnail at the top ?

  • Somedude _Ben
    Somedude _Ben

    I always thought Roselia was from Gen 1 because it was one of my first ever Pokemon cards and so i figured it must be gen 1. I also thought it was like the counterpart to Bellsprout or something.

  • Violet Vulpix
    Violet Vulpix

    Skarmory is actually one of the few Pokémon that I INSTANTLY know the Gen of. I had silver, and I swear, I ran into that thing SO MUCH. *Too* much. Natu is also an easy one for me, and Tangela, because I liked both of them (and used their routes to grind 🤫)

  • Maya Yamato
    Maya Yamato

    honestly I'm such a big pokemon nerd the only ones I didn't know were ones from gen 6 that I originally saw in gen 7... because I didn't get XY or ORAS until AFTER I became obsessed with Pokemon for the 2nd time, when Sun and Moon came out. So I always assumed Pancham/Pangoro, Inkay/Malamar, the Florges line and the Talonflame line were Gen 7 pokemon. They also kind of feel more at home in a place like Alola. Like I have no clue what the pandas are doing in France, for example.

  • David Cardinal
    David Cardinal

    I always think the chinchou line, mareep line, sunkern line, dunsparce, and slugma line where all gen 3 Oh yeah I also always think that azurill and whynaut where gen 4 and I always remember that skarmory is gen 2

  • 36-Aniruddh Managoli
    36-Aniruddh Managoli

    I dont know why I always think Aggron is from Gen 4 but it is from Gen3

  • Feptix

    wait skarmory is gen 2?

  • Andres Diaz de Leon
    Andres Diaz de Leon

    I'm guessing one of few that has zero issues remembering the Pokémon and their Gens???

  • TPGfM

    I constantly forget what generation Volcarona is from, and it's my favorite pokemon!

  • Paidum Demoman
    Paidum Demoman

    For me I thought that lucario is from gen 6 because of the anime because korina the fighting type gym leader has a lucario and gen 6 is the first gen I saw in anime but then I realized lucario is gen 4 but that is why I thought that lucario is gen 6 due to the anime and not the games.

  • C D
    C D

    For me it’s Lucario, Dunsparce, and Skarmory

  • Mr Corgi
    Mr Corgi

    The only Pokémon confusing me is Bergmite and Avalugg. For some reason, I can't remember if it's gen 6 or 5. Brain just doesn't register it.

  • nharviala

    I can remember what generation almost every Pokemon came out in, except for Electabuzz and Magmar. I played through the gen 1 games, Blue, Red, and Yellow, and have NEVER encountered a single one in the wild, I keep thinking they're gen 2 with their babies.

  • L0rd Snorlax
    L0rd Snorlax

    For me it’s always rare johto ones I think are from 3 or 4

  • LinkMast3r Gaming
    LinkMast3r Gaming

    Best sponsor transition ever!!!

  • Floogull Gaming
    Floogull Gaming

    Is pikachu gen 8 or 7

  • IceLuxray

    I used to think exploud and yanma were gen 4 as a kid. Sometimes I get current mythicals screwed up. Otherwise I’ve filled the pokedex out far too many times to not be an encyclopedia of Pokémon lmao

  • Uwe Eisen
    Uwe Eisen

    Big yes on when a Pokemon is obscure. I always think Magearna is Gen6 cause it was introduced around the tail end of it and thrown into Gen7 as an afterthought for a special event. Like a weird generation-point-five thing. Same with Zeraora, who was such an obscure encounter that I forget it even exists.

  • Dillon

    I thought that X and Y WERE gen 5, because I didn’t know that black and white existed.

  • Juna Glacierz19
    Juna Glacierz19

    To this day I keep thinking Slugma and Magcargo are from the 3rd generation and same thing with wynaut but I thought it was introduced in the 4th generation After watching this video I feel much better knowing I’m not the only one that thought this

  • Kasprong39

    Some times I feel like that one npc who you bring a pokemon and they tell you the dex entry

  • Alex Searle
    Alex Searle

    I only mix up gen 2 and 3. Gen 1 is iconic and I started in gen 4

  • scatzilla99

    Another reason why people think Skarmory is gen 3 is because a few gen 3 pokemon have random blades on them, and Skarmory has a lot 9f blades on it.

  • AngryTheChipmonk

    Lockstin:"Everyone played Gold, cause it was the better one. Everyone knows that." Me: *gets ready to press dislike button* Lockstin: "I played Silver." Me: *mouse moves to the like button*

  • Nicholas Hartle
    Nicholas Hartle

    I can remember which Pokemon came from which generation because the only games I haven't played are USUM and SS. But I definitely think certain Pokemon fit a lot better in certain Gens. Like Slugma can be obtained in every single Gen 3 game besides XD and it fits so much better in the volcanos in those games.

  • Slippery Salamander
    Slippery Salamander

    "Diggersby looks like a gen 5 pokemon" Me, a gen 5 baby: "I took great offense to that"

  • Grey Warden Invasion
    Grey Warden Invasion

    I keep forgetting most of the Pokemon that are from gen 3 and associate them with gen 4 instead. Probably because I hated gen 3 and only ever played it once I can't remember what Pokemon it had either.

  • NotInOrder

    hey lockstin, are you going to keep being this heavily pokemon centric with your videos? not trying to complain, you've mentioned before that out of all your content pokemon always pulls in more people but this isn't really even a general interests video, no real world science here at all, not even an easy mandela effect bit. nothing wrong with not going full out, but having followed you for your science based content, even to your Azoth channel, and getting less of it as time goes on. Guess ii'm just asking: Should those of us who aren't that into pokemon sign off? with videos this pokemon community specific becoming more and more common there really isn't anything for those of us who only barely care about pokemon at all and are really just here to learn from the kinds of real life parrallels that games can have. maybe ii'm just salty that ii can't be as passionate about most things as your other viewers are about pokemon since they clearly are enjoying it. That and most channels that used to do what you sometimes still do with researching suprisingly interesting video game topics are kinda dropping it entirely, trying to become media analysis companies, becoming video essay channels, or (last time ii checked on treesicle) becoming a cult.

  • Jimmy Vo
    Jimmy Vo

    those weird skunk pokemon, tbh it could be anywhere from gen 2 to gen 5 for me

  • VioHRD

    My first game was Blue, but Gen 5 is my favorite, so I tend to forget gens 2-4 because I don't really care about them. I forget a lot about Gen 6 too, because I never played it and I had a dip in my interest in pokemon when it and gen 7 came out, and the only reason I remember gen 7 is because of memes, and I actually own gen 8, and I play it (i own every gen 7 game too, I just couldn't bother finishing them). My timeline is weird, but I can usually guess gen 1, gen 7, and gen 8 with about a 99% accuracy, gen 2, gen 5, and gen 6 with an 86%, and uh, gen 4 and gen 3 are closer to a 50% accuracy because I genuinely don't care about them. At least johto annoys me enough that I remember it lmao, and gen 6 has a unique style that makes it easier to pinpoint them, while gen 3 and 4 seem to just mush together for me. Gen 1: I memorized them all, and even if i can't recite them off the top of my head anymore, I still remember them. Gen 2: They look bland and I hate gen 2, so I remember them. Gen 3: It blends in with gen 4, so I mix them up a lot. Gen 4: ^ Gen 5: My favorite generation and most of my favorite pokemon are in this gen, though I genuinely thought hippopotas was gen 5, so uh. Yeah. I ain't perfect but I know most of them. Gen 6: Has a unique style that I can recognize pretty much immediately even if I can't describe it. Don't care about the games, but I can usually tell if a pokemon is gen 6 Gen 7: I own it even if I never bothered finishing it, and I was getting back into writing fanfiction when it happened, so I can usually tell them apart really easily because, uh, I have an obsession with preplanning and I loved just writing out alternate teams and stuff when I was younger (still do tbh) Gen 8: I actually play Shield sometimes, and these pokemon have their own aesthetic that doesn't really fit with any other games, so it's pretty easy to pinpoint them. In summary, my memory is selective and Vanilluxe is the best _I will fight you_

  • Nick Anderson
    Nick Anderson

    Munchlax and Bonsly were in Gale of Darkness with fairly prominent roles. Does that make Gale of Darkness Gen 4? 🤔

  • Makoman295

    I always think that Azurill from gen 2

  • Christopher Mahanna
    Christopher Mahanna

    I used to think Togepi was gen II but to this day I accociete Munchlax with gen 2! Dunno why

  • Pickl

    2:10 buddy.... I’ve seen worse.

  • fulanodominicano

    Didn't really have that problem myself...

  • Big Jay
    Big Jay

    I used to think Crobat was Gen 4, and I've got several good reasons. Growing up, my only Pokemon games were the Gen 1 remakes, and Gen 3, which I'm positive only has like... One trainer with a Crobat. So Gen 4 came along and introduced a whole bunch of evolutions to previous Pokemon, that was kinda it's thing. So when Cyrus used one, I assumed it was new. I also thought it was a trade evolution. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out it was a friendship evolution, and was able to use him in my B2W2 playthrough.

  • ProjectEchoshadow

    I love Skarmory but I kept thinking it was gen 3 but I guess it was actually in 2⸮

  • Jon Brewer
    Jon Brewer

    For some reason I fall in "garbage designs (Klefki, Mawile) must be Gen 5" and "baby/new evolutions must be 2 or 4". Mawile especially feels very Gen 5. Exceptions for meme pokémon like Gumshoos.

  • Lvl1Shield

    I thought Skarmory was Gen 4 o.o I saw it ALL the time whenever I played against people and often was fighting for the same spot as Forretress.

  • benadryl smoke
    benadryl smoke

    "what gen is skarmory from?" my dumbass: red rescue team?

  • Marav Reviews
    Marav Reviews

    1:46 Maybe you're just a gen 5 hater and you don't know. :/ "Itz dumv so itz gen 5."

  • Marav Reviews
    Marav Reviews

    I can remember which gen is everyone. But my other skills are lame. :'v

  • Gen Kaiba
    Gen Kaiba

    If someone thinks Absol is gen 2...why say you think it's wrong when you think it's in gen 3? Smells like lies! 😂

  • Tester Wulf :3
    Tester Wulf :3

    I thought it was 2 and 3 that added all the baby pokémon! It was 3 and 4?!

  • Coded Gaming
    Coded Gaming

    5:57 hmm doesn't that technically make houndour and houndoom kanto pokemon lol

  • Bowel Mark
    Bowel Mark

    i always feel like absol is gen 2 i can even remember a gbc sprite for it idk and i always think swinub line is gen 3 i got nothing there

  • Rikoyasha

    i know soooo many ppl myself included that thought Slugma was gen 3 thinking back I remember Slugma being 1 of the early Shadow pokemon in Colosseum, Flannary, and fit with gen 3 wasn't till I was replaying gen 2 goofing off in kanto's bike road I encounter it and was dumbfounded

  • Dylan Blott
    Dylan Blott

    I feel confident in my Pokémon knowledge but I swore magearna was gen 6. Ya learn something new

  • Phantom the ghazt
    Phantom the ghazt

    I always tought that azumarill line (besides azurill), natu, xatu, slugma, magcargo, girafarig and skarmory were gen 3, because i first played pokemon ruby, so i assimilated hoenn with those johtomons.

  • MC FinalNinja
    MC FinalNinja

    I hate to say it, but... music please?

  • Black Roses
    Black Roses

    So this is really dumb, but... There's a French Pokétuber who has a Diggerby as his mascot. So... Kinda funny hearing you say it's your nemesis! :D X)

  • RadimusCisco

    I forget a bunch of them. There are so many that you can ask me and I will stare with a blank face because I don't even know the gen. But I won't forget Skarmory because Rock was my favorite then Steel became a better defensive type and it replaced it at the time.

  • RadimusCisco

    2:10 Yes, and they change shirts too

  • Johan Medioni
    Johan Medioni

    Basically this video is "if you're old you'll remember the generations because you lived through their creation", I wanna cry of old age.

  • Wait! What?
    Wait! What?

    I always think drampa is gen 5 Azumaril is 3 wynut is 4 magearna is gen 6

  • OverlyImmersed

    I don't know any of the gens by number, I know pokemon by region name mostly. So I don't know which gen anything belongs to except 1 and I lump a bunch of 2 and 3 pokemon in there cuz I watched the anime growing up and it's all kind of a blur.

  • TheKabukimann

    I always thought skarmory was Gen 3 until I played Pokémon crystal on the 3ds

  • wildman101093

    To be fair, I could see Hippopotas being a gen 5 mon considering it could be a complementary Pokémon to Sandile.

  • MangaReadingSlime

    I only have this problem older pokémon because I was introduced to pokémon mid-end of the gen 4 anime but I really became a big pokémon fan during gen 5 and played all the games from the generation. This combined with watching trailors, reading new handbooks, and playing at least one new game a year, I don't really have a problem with newer pokémon so I can't relate to your confusion with gen 5 pokémon.

  • Eric

    I have never none what gen skarmory was from

  • DaNetwork

    The only one I dont get despite it already being confimed to be gen 8 is Meltan and Melmetal. I think there gen 7 but I know there not yet it feels like they are but it aint ;-;

  • Nickolas Wilcox
    Nickolas Wilcox

    i didnt even realize skarmory was g2 till you said it, i started playing with leaf green and some minor exposure to yellow so i totally skipped g2 and to make things worse its always so available that i never have to worry about where i might find it for the pokedex, i wonder how many people will think milotic is g8 for a similar reason, they did their damnedest to hide that stupid fish and make it impossible to evolve, its so bad that i dont want to transfer my g3 milotic up because it would be nearly impossible to replace if i felt the need to and the wild area has made that whole process pointless edit: while completing the g3 pokedex it never even occurred to me that skarmory wasnt g3 since the list of painful to acquire johto pokemon(meaning most of them) was fairly well ingrained in me

  • Misa Misaa
    Misa Misaa

    The pokemon that trip me up the most are those I never used/I first used in a later generation instead of when they were introduced & the ones that anime showed earlier. Also I always thought Houndoom & Houndour were gen 1 even if I never played Johto post game? (Yeah baby me thought pokemon games were over once you defeated the elite 4 because credits rolled and I couldn't understand English enough to read about there being more things to do xD Took me until I got older and got hooked to filling out the pokedex to figure out there is a post game)

  • Evil Paragon 4
    Evil Paragon 4

    Ha.. haha... when none of the examples are relatable and you even surpass the memory of a Poketuber.... Oh no.

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