Why the Fire/Fighting Drama? 🔥|👊 Gnoggin - Infernape & Emboar - Pokemon
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Remember when Infernape made people a bit upset since it was the same type as Blaziken? Remember when Emboar got people WRITHING with anger because it was the same type as Infernape and Blaziken? What was up with that? Just fans being fans instead of enjoyers I guess, but either way; what are the origins of Infernape and Emboar? What makes fire/fighting type the best for them? THAT's what this video is all about.

00:00 Why People hate Emboar and Infernape.
01:57 It's Bokksu!
03:10 Origins of Infernape
04:34 Origins of Emboar
05:47 The Gen 5 Starters
07:38 The Gen 4 Starters
09:58 Fire-Fighting Type Combo

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Gnoggin, hosted by its creator Lockstin, is a show delving into the mysteries of Pokemon! (and other games sometimes too). Explaining everything there is to explain! Why is each Pokemon given the type it has? What are their origins? What is the lore of the Pokemon world and the design inspirations? And what does it all have to do with alchemy? Let's Go find out!

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    • Ethan Stevens
      Ethan Stevens

      Have you not pertained how emboar has the Sumo wrestler physically while infernape is a kumitae fighter which derives from japan and other Asian countries like Thailand and Laos.

    • kai

      Lockstin have baba blazuken

    • Lachlan Holland
      Lachlan Holland

      I honestly would make a legendary fire/fighting pokemon, based on Shiva, the indian god of destruction, or aries the god of war.

    • Shadow Dragon Lord
      Shadow Dragon Lord

      I would make a wicker man based two stage pokemon. It starts out as a Grass-Fighting and evolves into a Fire Fighting type, evolving it using the Fire Stone because it sounds interesting. That said, what do you think the starters would look like if (following GSC, with the introduction of the Dark type) they were given a second type meant to balance them out. Say Sceptile was Grs Psy and Swamprtt was Wtr Dark? And they were rotated each generation to avoid repeats in a row?

    • Toby Sinbad Walker
      Toby Sinbad Walker

      You should do an episode on how to make grass starters like. Less bad in battle. Like I’m always frustrated by how slow and (apparently) bulky they are, when Grass as a type should definitely go down a more of a glass cannon route given its amazingly varied weaknesses. Considering how grass worsens almost every dual typing, I would love to see how you would design something that isn’t just a vague “hard mode” option

  • E4EHCO

    I mean infernape is better then blaziken

  • Phantom of fun
    Phantom of fun

    10:15 sound like an amazing idea it could take over the fire and absorb it to make it more powerful always on the hunt for fire

  • Lemonade of Shade
    Lemonade of Shade

    Emboar should have been Fire/Steel type

  • Latrodectus mactans
    Latrodectus mactans

    Zhu Bajie wasn’t really “caring”. He is probably the least compassionate member of the main traveling heroes of Journey to the West. And that’s including Sun Wukong.

  • mstrchiefin

    You ask "why?", i ask "Wynaut?"

  • Pixl V
    Pixl V

    7:02 Damn you, lockstin. You missed the opportunity to call them "Ouiaboos"

  • Allan Roberts
    Allan Roberts

    Fire, Water, Grass. Isn't that the goal? Fire, throughout history, just get typelocked into hyper aggressive, fighting stuffs'n'things. Sorta like how water is usually connected to healing and purity, and grass is connected to unbound nature incarnate. Fighting is simple, and already an established type. Purity and healing can best be approximated by fairy type, but ice is literally also water, and outside of legends there aren't many fairies. Grass, plants, nature incarnate, etc, are all so interconnected that there isn't a good combination of types. Just grass and some additional thing that represents some aspect of nature. I point to the mono-grass types for reference.

  • Occisor2x16

    What is the music at @6:47

  • Some Random Guy
    Some Random Guy

    Wait, so Infernape is Kakarot?

  • Windja

    Actually a lot of people love infernape

  • 316 Ray
    316 Ray

    Please direct me to who hates either of the 2. We all know fire is the best/usual favorite starters

  • Water-Dragon

    I love the torchic in his pocket

  • T.M. Samuels
    T.M. Samuels

    Emboar could've been a Roman or Ottoman empire influence and gone in that direction. Could've been Fire/Ground

  • Lame name
    Lame name

    In Pokémon Legends Zygarde, the starters would be Snivy, Piplup, and… Which Fire-type starter do you think is French?

  • Odin Tdk
    Odin Tdk

    I'm mad that you didn't call this the Fire/Fighting Fiasco

  • SoullessAK

    Let’s just remember that sun wu Kong even have challenged literally GOD

  • DeadRatt

    only today did i learn that Torterra was a Grass/Ground type. always thought it was a pure grass type

  • Pika the Mimikyu
    Pika the Mimikyu

    Awww I love how Torchic is just chilling in his pocket while he was talking. Guess they are Pocket Monsters 😂😂

  • Tejas Gokhale
    Tejas Gokhale

    Hot take: Empoleon should have definitely been water/ice

  • Easterly Shark41
    Easterly Shark41

    Other than the fact of the design is cool af

  • RiceAnimation

    you have a chimchar plush why crash bandicoot XD

  • Jayden Duong
    Jayden Duong

    Fire/fighting is my favorite type,so I choose my starter will be,chimchar,tepig,torchic

  • Shreyas Buranpur
    Shreyas Buranpur

    NO I think infernape is better suited for fire fighting

  • Bulbasaur

    Without glasses on: Fire fighting type With galsses on: Water type This is a joke and tell me if you get it or not Edit: And I will explain when it gets 10 replies

  • Tinamyte

    Now I wanna know the top 13 type combos

  • Sonic Ladybug
    Sonic Ladybug

    Well the Chinese are pretty shamed on now... I can't meet someone new without them asking "Do you have covid?" DUDE I'M FROM HONG KONG OK?!

  • The Cookie Monster
    The Cookie Monster

    Imagine if they made ANOTHER remake of Alola and replace incineroar’s dark typing with fighting and make a remake of Galar and make raboot and Cinderace a fire and fighting

  • Zach Sheppard
    Zach Sheppard

    Infernape is a gen 4 starter, inspired by Son Wukong. Goku's treasured possession is the 4 Star Dragon Ball, and he's also inspired by Son Wukong.

  • Bekah Sp
    Bekah Sp

    I love all the pictures on the walls, esp waluigilockstin.

  • Cossak Rose
    Cossak Rose

    ...and then came along My Hero Academia and copied Emboar to make Endeavor.

  • Lewis Eley
    Lewis Eley

    The reason why the gen 4 starters are based on mythology is because the whole theme of myths and legends

    • Lewis Eley
      Lewis Eley

      Infernape=sun wukong Torterra=the world turtle Empoleon= poseidon

  • TheWanderingMist

    Fire/Fighting also happens to be _exclusive_ to starters, so you literally cannot get the type unless you pick the starter. Excluding the Sinnoh starters, all starter type combos could be found in the same gen or a previous gen. Grass/Poison Oddish & Bellsprout Fire/Flying Moltres Water/Ground Wooper Sinnoh starters: Typings of starters are still unique to starters, but _only_ Fire/Fighting has been repeated Grass/Fighting Breloom Fire/Psychic Darmanitan, Zen Mode Water/Dark Carvanha Grass/Ghost Pumpkaboo Fire/Dark Houndour Water/Fairy Marill

  • AngryFloatingCow

    Ey yo it do be Juu Baa Jii

  • buckethatboy431

    I hated Emboar's design when it was shown off. I had visions of a boar on all fours with fire tusks or something.

  • Evilta

    I don't see the problem with infernape

  • Eli The Mystic
    Eli The Mystic

    I actually don’t have a problem with Infernape being a fire fighting type because Sun Wukong has always been one of my favorite myths. And the fact that Infernape wasn’t the only starter to gain another type. But with Emboar I was more upset with it because it was the only starter to be a dual type which made it seem like fire fighting was becoming a trend. If Samurott was a Water/Steel or Water/Fighting and if Serperior was Grass/Dragon I wouldn’t have a problem with it

  • Blaze Neon
    Blaze Neon

    Infernape should be in smash with a blaze ability when he takes to much damage he becomes like the anime and rages

  • Hisagi x Hisagi
    Hisagi x Hisagi

    Hate is the RIGHT word

  • Gal Ghoul
    Gal Ghoul

    I for one never understood why the Fire/Fighting type combo was such a big deal. But then again, the Pokémon fandom is, at this rate, infamous for its ability to get really petty.

  • Mayank Dubey
    Mayank Dubey

    still angry that even after 2 years he didnt reached 1million worth the video and no one explains better than him

  • Chris Pole
    Chris Pole

    Gen 4 starters also have a tiny hint at sky,land,sea but i say tiny because infernape is only sky due to his myth riding a nimbus cloud.

  • Wheat Thins
    Wheat Thins

    Broke: No more Fire/Fighting starters, the two past gen III are lamer bc of this Woke: The Fire/Fighting Starters are all cool but no more please Bespoke: 3 more generations of Fire/Fighting so we can have a full team of starters

  • Fool

    Nobody hates infernape tho it’s only emboar teeehee

  • Mavrickindigo

    What is the number 1 type combo?

  • WhopsInc.

    I would prefer if there was a fire fighting break between 3 and 5 but you have to remember that they didn't know what they wanted gen 5's fire starter to be when making gen 4's so they didn't have incentive to pick a different fire mythology plus sun wukong is the best well known one. So when they got to picking gen 5's they realized fire fighting made the most sense to use and were probably regretting having gen 4's be fire fighting. The whole "with the benefit of foresight" saying.

  • Jme Juniper
    Jme Juniper

    Well people ACTUALLY HATE delphox :( delphox is the best of them all, fire/psychic

  • critHITjace

    Wow Serperior foreshadowed Gen 6 set in France

  • MrMischef

    You don't have an infernape plush...but you do have a chimchar plush???

  • Gerard Julià Folch
    Gerard Julià Folch

    Honestly, i always liked Infernape. Emboar, well, eh, ok.

  • BurnRoddy

    I'm so hungry I could it an Oktorok. I wonder what's Cinderace type.

  • Ace

    I never liked Infernape and Emboar, but not because of their typing. It's more their design aesthetic. I always prefer cute, sleek designs over busy, complicated ones. I'm a fan artist after all, I like Pokemon with simple yet elegant designs that make them fun and easy to draw. That's just personal preference though. Also the Blazeken and Emboar line always made me feel awkward eating barbecue. ^^;

  • Ed.Studio

    Lockstin would be the quirkiest professor ever.

  • Avalon4pagans

    In Gen 3 and 4 I'd argue it is to give players who pick the fire starter to have some chance against the first gym. Consider both have rock type gyms first.

  • Loenno Froststolz
    Loenno Froststolz

    I always thought they get the fighting type because fighting is good against rock. And a lot of first gym leaders are rock types. So no starter has an advantage in the first gym when ur team will be: normal-rodent und your starter

  • Tim Jordan
    Tim Jordan

    Infernape Is my favorite starter of all time

  • Sonic THD
    Sonic THD

    > A lot of people hate them Trust me, as an Empoleon stan, *people love way more Infernape than Blaziken even*

  • Roxas Storm - Roxy
    Roxas Storm - Roxy

    I just hope I don't hear a lot complaining that Gen 9 is gonna have a Fire/Fighting. If I see a lot start bitching about "bet it's gonna be fire/fighting" I am 100% sure they are just looking for something to complain about at this point. Emboar & Delphox are the only fire starters that I actually dislike. Smash has made me become quite fond of Incineroar when I originally didn't care much for it.

  • Ben Mott
    Ben Mott

    Infernape is the best Pokémon (in my opinion)

  • Anime Zing
    Anime Zing

    Fire/Fighting are among my fave typing combos. There. I said it.

  • Bunk Pitch
    Bunk Pitch

    I heard Bam Bam Bigelow had a little do do with the making of emboar as well

  • Dandy TV
    Dandy TV

    Okay but Blaziken is superior to both.

  • bigjake360t

    Fighting Pokemon are the best.

  • Silver

    I thought emboar was fire/ground..maybe I played too much blaze black

  • Jammo

    People hate Infernape? I thought it was the most beloved of the three

  • crimson

    Emboar is the most forgettable starter, change my mind.

  • Чудной Свинтус
    Чудной Свинтус

    Is it wrong that I like Emboar? I don't really like roosters or monkeys, but I definitely do like pigs. Actually I'm fine with 3 fire/fighting starters in a row. Maybe it's because I became aware of most Pokemon in 2013.

  • chaosbeast43

    Inciniroar is a horribly designed Pokémon QnQ we could’ve had a badass shadow panther but we got a “I don’t play by the rules wrestler even tho my previous evolution has nothing to do with either of those things “ at least emboar and infernape commit.

  • Martin Tran
    Martin Tran

    Dragon starters?

  • Christopher Harris
    Christopher Harris

    Delphox is the first time in 20 yers that i didnt take the grass starter

  • GameAndWatcher96

    Since Infernape is based on Sun Wukong and Emboar is Zhu Bajie... Would that make Ludicolo Sha Wujing?

  • Psyduck Lord
    Psyduck Lord

    Music way to loud can barely hear him talk

  • Raymond Smith Kersh
    Raymond Smith Kersh

    Like fire ground type, water fighting, grass psychic. Sounds good and not that hard.

  • Adithya Vikram
    Adithya Vikram

    Who hates infernape ?

  • Canaria Lurker
    Canaria Lurker

    Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie

  • Crim veil
    Crim veil

    Has this man never watched/heard of the anime fire force before

  • AnthonyD1318

    At least Infernape makes up for it for being really good and a really well loved pokemon, emboar on the other hand

  • Tom Amit
    Tom Amit

    11:20 Empoleon is fine, he can get an Ice Type attack that would be 4 times strong against Torterra.

  • ShotgunHunter97

    Libero cinderace: my type can be whatever I want it to be

  • Mike Yao
    Mike Yao

    Best outros.

  • Ryan Herman
    Ryan Herman

    It’s funny, I really like Infernape. And think Emboar is not great but it’s fine. But I consider Blaziken the worst Pokémon. Not worst fire/fighting. Not worst starter. Worst. Pokémon. Lol

  • h3nder

    Wait so there is a problem with Fire Fighting yet majority of the water type starters are pure water.

  • BO3467's games
    BO3467's games

    Drown them

  • Ruben Arevalo
    Ruben Arevalo

    I'll say it gen 4 is my favorite and I love all three starters and gen five emboar is the only starter from that gen that is good

  • FabledSorcerer

    I personally don't mind the fire fighting typing for starters in pokemon and Infernape is my favorite of the three of them. I sometimes feel that people complain about it just for the sake of complaining or because everyone else is complaining about it.

  • Deric Mango
    Deric Mango

    Or a fighting dragon .

  • Deric Mango
    Deric Mango

    We need a ghost fighting correct me if one already exists .

  • ZenSun4

    Who hates infernape, I just wanna talk

  • reginlief1

    I don’t let the “three times in a row” thing irk me. It was a little annoying at the time, but I always believe that a Pokemon should be judged for what it brings inherently, and emboar is a solid Fire/Fighting type.

  • Sean Simon LuRes
    Sean Simon LuRes

    Infernape is c00l

  • Tommy Thunder
    Tommy Thunder

    Gen 3 fire starter should have been fire flying and have Hawlucha's move but for powerfull legs like Galarian zapdos! Not a fan of Gen 5 starter's in general especially the grass starter last form and same for the water starter last form. Emboar can solo this game with the right move set. But IMO it could have stayed on for legs (first form was so adorable) but like Gen 7 they failed with the fake dark wrestler!

  • Captain Ramirez
    Captain Ramirez

    Gen 3 Hoenn is the best region, don’t @ me

  • Silver1989

    Swampert wasn’t unique, Quagsire was from Johto.

  • MGlBlaze

    I think it was mostly because we got three fire/fighting starter pokemon BACK TO BACK.

  • Anjealous Anaconda
    Anjealous Anaconda

    Honestly I didn’t mind multiple Fire/Fighting type starters they are all very good. I was more upset that Serperior and Samurott didn’t get secondary types

    • KaîÇee Crane
      KaîÇee Crane

      I was upset the Samurott went from a clear samurai theme to a weird quadruped creature

  • ShukakuTheCrazy1

    Empoleon is also eric the god eating penguin

  • True Joker
    True Joker

    Emboar in my Black 2 team was amazing, it was very viable with my other Pokés.

  • The_Hellriserr

    Heyyy how to move image like that please tell me I need help please!!!

  • SuperMatCat24

    torcheek badge yiss

  • murali satya krishna
    murali satya krishna

    Cinderace and incineror can easily be fire fighting

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