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The mystery of Missingno. might explain the 'glitchy behavior' of Porygon Z. But how? what are those connections? What even is Missingno.? And why is this glitch-mon so iconic?

Thumbnail Missingno's by Crantime:

00:00 Recap
00:51 Sponsored by Omaze
01:58 Porygon Z's Odd Behavior
02:45 Pokemon Glitches and Bugs
03:30 What is Missingno.
05:37 The Old Man Glitch
06:19 It All Comes Together
10:02 Life uh, Finds a way.
11:50 Game Freaks Stance on Missingno....

Gnoggin, hosted by its creator Lockstin, is a show delving into the mysteries of Pokemon! (and other games sometimes too). Explaining everything there is to explain! Why is each Pokemon given the type it has? What are their origins? What is the lore of the Pokemon world and the design inspirations? And what does it all have to do with alchemy? Let's Go find out!

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    • Ib Guertena
      Ib Guertena

      @Lockstin & Gnoggin Could you cover Pokémon behaviors in Sword/Shield? Gyarados are usually aggressive, except at the Lake of Outrage. Sigilyth are curious, except when higher in the sky, where they are aggressive. Some Pokémon are curious, but if you're still in their line of sight when they're done posing, they're aggressive. Loudred on the 1st floor & 2nd floor of Brawler's Cave behave differently; One is curious, & the other is aggressive. Zigzagoon & Linoone are hyper, but if you whistle or use the bike's bell, they calm down for a while. If there are aggressive Lycanroc on Challenge Road, the Rockruff there are curious, & vice versa. Some coward Pokémon evolve into aggressive Pokémon. Tauros that spawn in grass & that spawn out of grass; One is immediately aggressive, while the other is 1st curious. Some Pokémon don't pose before coming to you. There are also Pokémon that are just indifferent 'til you get their attention.

    • Justice Graceful
      Justice Graceful

      No region for old men

    • Insane Makaioshin
      Insane Makaioshin

      I told you last time the dubious disc could be obtained before Cyrus disappeared!

    • Galaxia

      Omaze almost sounds like goomaze lol

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      Timothy Rice

      I love when you showed Kronk

  • Deeno

    wanna say though while i was watching the other porygon video a thought that came to mind was centered around Charon. the scientist ross character would have joined team galactic and would have received some praise for his creation and well Charon is a junior member of the team galactic administration to start with as for his name being Charon its probably an alias as much as Mars Jupiter and Saturn. and he does look like the sprite of ross quite closely but thats probably just sprite stuff going from gen to gen cause all the scientists were the same either way just a thought i had thought it was worth sharing

  • Lielos Reese
    Lielos Reese

    Alternate form porygon ghost bug type

  • Eric Payne
    Eric Payne

    I never did the glitch on Cinnabar Island, I did it on Seafoam Islands

  • DarkLordTalon

    I always encountered Missingno on the east side of the Sea Foam Islands not Cinnabar....hmm, different ways I suppose

  • Miguel artes,m.s.s
    Miguel artes,m.s.s

    Just i notest of background getting worst evrery time he talk an argument????

  • MrSuperUltimate

    Great video. Missingno is underrated and I hope Nintendo gives it the life it deserves, Missingno, "ghost girl" and Lavender town is what has kept Pokemon interesting and scary for me. I'm not a hardcore fun of the series but Missingno always make me want to buy a first generation copy of the game..I like Missingno a lot 😔 💔🍓🥺🌈

  • Carjohnson10

    If you don’t know who missingNo. Is you may as well just quit Pokémon.

  • Dimond man132
    Dimond man132

    This has to be one of the most interesting theory's I've seen on missingno

  • Giorno the Pasta Boss
    Giorno the Pasta Boss

    I love porygon

  • Kelly Gingrich
    Kelly Gingrich

    Fun video! Love meta explanations for in-text inconsistencies, they're just fun

  • Bob, the awaken one
    Bob, the awaken one

    Does anything bad happen when you encounter missing out or catch it like if you're playing the 2DS

  • darvis mullins
    darvis mullins

    I honestly prefer this Pokémon fan comic that made it interesting a normal Pokémon with a trainer that one day put it into the Pokémon to cross this volcano pass and died in a land slide missingno is the Pokémon that got corrupted because it was in that pokeball and possibly because it’s pokeball got damaged

  • Reishadowen

    9:19: "MissingNo only appearing by Cinnabar Island-" Yeah....funny story: I had Pokemon Blue version as a kid, and I used to use the east-most island of the Seafoam Islands for this glitch. I only later found out that it also extended to Cinnabar island, which would have been more convenient to fly to than Fuchsia than surfing for two minutes. >,

  • Commander Glow Squid
    Commander Glow Squid

    Omaze sounds like the sister company to amaze all

  • Noah Miller
    Noah Miller

    I know this is all VERY speculative and definitely isn’t what the developers intended’s weird that it makes so much sense right? Like there are a lot of coincidences here that really fit together well

  • Chaos89P

    So it's not Deoxys that's the canonized Missingno. It's Porygon-Z!

  • Drake Y
    Drake Y

    "Some would duplicate your items, others would duplicate level 243 exploding Bulbasaurs"

  • Morrigan KASA
    Morrigan KASA

    I loved the Gen 1 glitches that where helpful:) Because I was a geek with no friends or the money for 2 gameboys and a transfer cable and all 3 games. So always exploited the glitches for infinite TMs and PP Ups and Master Balls and the Mew Glitch for all 151 Pokemon then used my N64 and Pokemon Stadium to make my teams awesome. I hate how Pokemon insists on trading and events to get every Pokemon/Items.


    Cinnabar island has no Pokemon data in it, but has spots to encounter it causing extra data to go into the islands slot for encounters casing glitch Pokemon. Thats whats up with it.

  • Temmie Corp
    Temmie Corp

    A way for missingno to gain sentience could be due to porygon2's learning algorithm

  • Terracove The reapper
    Terracove The reapper

    This is the video that will make missingno an actual pokemon. XD

  • Fallon West
    Fallon West

    isent the fossils from kabotaps and arodactlyl (i know spelled wrong) from the museam in pewter city

  • Brandon Wong
    Brandon Wong

    Type being 999 it's interesting that it's a number referring to "the beast" but flipped upside down. But one can argue that it has more of a connection to mewtwo and Mew, since cinnabar mansion being a mess as a result of cloning mew creating mewtwo, and how Missingno is close to Cinnabar island. And how the glitchy Missingno is found with the mew glitch being in Yellow or in combo with the Mew glitch in red and blue

  • Raven Zombie
    Raven Zombie

    How about its just a ghost... or a ghost of porygon

  • lunatic cultist
    lunatic cultist

    Explain the like five sets on missingno of faces Nintendo lets give it a real name in the replys

  • Nicolas de
    Nicolas de

    They really should put it in the game

  • Roaring Thunder115
    Roaring Thunder115

    You trigger some Missingno “forms” with the letters w x and y… what letter comes after y… Hmmmm

  • Crowhaven Inc.
    Crowhaven Inc.

    In a way, MissingNo is the only Pokemon that exists in real life. It's a Pokemon and it's a glitch. It can even affect the real world in a way by screwing with your cartridge.

  • Donimic Brooks
    Donimic Brooks

    I love missingno

  • kstanni87

    the dubious disc is probably caused by missingno being alive as a virus on laptop with the data that the scientist stole. and when he created the dubious disc, got corrupted with the code from the virus. This unstable combination of old evolving old code and a new upgrade somehow became unstable and that explains Porygon Z's behaviour.

  • dwreanchinotan

    anyone remember linkara fighting missing no from 'atop the fourth wall'?

  • Rasu

    Nice video, Johnny Bravo

  • CriticalHit TCG
    CriticalHit TCG

    This actually seems really plausible. I know the actual coding reason for missingno but devs have a habit of intentionally leaving bugs in as a sort of Easter egg instead of outright fixing the problem at the source as a kind of fun reminder of the process of the game's development, just make it more difficult to run into as long as they deem it a non-priority during the development phase of a game's release, a sort of attachment to the design they created or a fun quirk run into during testing. Using Porygon z to explain the process since it's literally a devs designed ai gone rogue would be fun Easter egg devs would have placed with the missingno "glitch". It's to easy to replicate for beta testers to have not run into it during the alpha or beta phase of the game's development to not catch it before release.

  • chris culbertson
    chris culbertson

    Duuuuude so close to 1 million subs! 4k more baby let's go!

  • SilverFoxR

    Just a quick, more simplified version of your theory... but what if the Dubious Disk just had MissingNo.'s code on it... as if it was a stored version of the prototype or where it originated from? If you feed a Rare Candy to a MissingNo. in Red/Blue, it would often evolve into another pokemon (commonly a Kangaskhan with 2 Water Guns). So, considering how unstable the code on the disk is (as MissingNo. is a glitch in of itself), it tries to combine with Porygon's code and, while it mostly works... the code is still unstable, causing random glitches. I mean, using the glitch in Gen 1 pretty much causes your game to have bugs as well. If you use the glitch at all, it messes up your hall of fame entry... and if you catch MissingNo. and save with it in your inventory, it can erase your save data. You can argue that MissingNo. is corrupting the data in a meta way in the original games, but is more localized when just effecting Porygon.

  • TrueHippy

    My new head canon is. Missingno is just an ultra beast that can't exist in the "pokemon" world. Silphco studied it, 5hunking it was just code and used it to make polygon and then mewtwo

  • PlanetNydro

    When you create an AI so bugged that it glitches out all of reality

  • Krishna Koushik
    Krishna Koushik

    ditto is the failed clone of mew .missing no. is the failed program of porygon. that is my theory

  • Cornucopiac

    bro all i wanna do is hug you my dude you look so huggable

  • Player 000
    Player 000

    *(Comment to be written.)*

  • Brayden Banks
    Brayden Banks

    If anybody wants to know the reason why every Missingno looks different, I created a playlist compiling the videos by the channel Retro Game Mechanics Explained on how Missingno is created by the games code. Here's the link:

  • Zachary Hutton
    Zachary Hutton

    It might be that they didn’t intend to do make porygon like MissingN0 but MissingN0 just Sept into the coding and corrupted it

  • Jaisen Roa
    Jaisen Roa

    a sequel?!!?! what is this *dark magic* ?

  • Frankie Trenholme
    Frankie Trenholme

    I have no real reason to say this but I just bought 8 T-Shirts. I'm on an online clothes shopping trip so I decided to pick up a few things from you. Also I've been watching the Pokemon content from a few creators as I wanted to get back into Pokemon. I wish I knew about awesome channels like yours before!

  • Marcus Ferro
    Marcus Ferro

    Stop Lockstin, your building the Pokémon lore without game freak doing anything. Make them do something atleast

  • Plaz

    On the one hand, we already have the technical answers to many of the questions posited here. On the other hand, headcanons and theorycrafting go BRRRRRR

  • Sana Naryon
    Sana Naryon

    Beneath the sea, besides the flame of the coast where lost beast came to bring the world misery and shame a piece of the world is missing The path you should have never crossed the beast exacts a heavy cost the number of the beast is lost you'll know it by its hissing The bones from hell you cannot tame devour your life and all your fame that is the price to play its game and all while you're reminiscing

  • Teresa Sexton
    Teresa Sexton

    I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GrayTrooper4059

    I could be remembering wrong but I swear back when I first played Pokémon Black 2. MissingNO., or a reference to MissingNO. made an appearance in the Pokéstar section for the game. It's the main reason for me even finding out about the existence of MissingNO., and I was so confused when it showed up. Again I could just be remembering wrong but non the less, it may have given me a reason to return to the game and truly find out.

  • Gumbinator

    honestly the fact missingNo has 'eyes' could be because its trying to generate a flawed porygon texture, both of their eyes do look simular


    In Silver if the game gets pulled out while trading with an npc for a machop your Pokémon will appear as a Venonat to your opponent and can one shot them.

  • Gen Kaiba
    Gen Kaiba

    What other artificial Pokemon was made on Cinnabar? Mewtwo. And as we know, there are many failures of this project present on the island too: Ditto. So it would make sense for a Ditto-esque failure version of Porygon to be present in relation to the island: MissingNo. This island never seems to be able to shake the ghosts of the past. Well....until it is covered in magma. 😫 Maybe the amount of abominations against nature on Cinnabar Island caused an Entei or some such legendary to judge the island guilty and just...destroy it. 🤔

  • Clever Fox Studios
    Clever Fox Studios

    Missing No. is the Ditto of the Porygon line

  • Daikonbou

    As someone who works with Gen 1 hacking, seeing someone put together all this spaghetti code into lore is awesome

  • DLD493v2

    Sorry to poop your party, but MissingNo is actually just a placeholder, there were originally going to be 190 Pokemon rather than just 151 in Gen 1. Check the beta of Red & Green that was found last year.

  • SCP 682 [used to be Long Horse cosplay]
    SCP 682 [used to be Long Horse cosplay]

    Wait... SCP 106-

  • Hero Main
    Hero Main


  • ShodawCat13

    Great video. I wish this was cannon and MissingNo. really was part of Porygon's lore. I had red and yellow back in the day and had to try the glitches lol.

  • RioluMan

    I mean, MissingNo. isn't entirely a glitch. It's both a glitch and an error handler.

  • Big E
    Big E

    Omaze sounds a lot like amaze all. And it’s sponsoring a porygon video, one of the mascots for amaze all.

  • Gatex 33d
    Gatex 33d

    Ah yes, glitch canon

  • Michael Stevenson
    Michael Stevenson

    its like they were making porygon but couldnt get it to work. Then the developer thought it woulb be funny to include the messed up porygon because of porygons backstories. Or what if the developer created porgyon out of the failed porygon that was being turned into missingno by using missingnos backstory for porygon

  • MegaMetEXE

    I'm hoping one of these days they just go all in and include Missingno as an actual Pokemon. Dex number 0 0 0 or ???, an ability that changes its type every battle, make it only appear after 100% the game or something, obviously make it impossible to be used online. Basically make its existence be purely for bragging rights. This is one generation 1 throwback I would actually be excited to see.

  • Gajshhs Hahahdh
    Gajshhs Hahahdh

    They shoulda put missing no in the anime

  • Gromotes

    how, how does ur hair work

  • Paul

    It’s just a Tetris block!

  • Joshua Selvan
    Joshua Selvan

    The fact that missingno wasn't officially reclassified as an ultra beast boggles the mind. Seriously, you introduce a line of "dangerous" beasts into pokemon from alternate realities and you dont include the physical incarnation of a glitch from the earliest games?

  • Quizmo1234

    Bro this video is such a reach ngl

  • Christopher Fleetwood
    Christopher Fleetwood

    My headcanon is that Red from R/G/B/Y in at least one alternate timeline came across a rumor about a really obscure pokemon (Missing No.) and decided to look for it before heading to Mt. Silver; but ran afoul of Missing No.s Reality Manipulating powers and that that is how the (FR/LG) Pokemon False Red fan game came into being.

  • theblacksamruott

    I always knew missingno was the orignal evil

  • Justice Graceful
    Justice Graceful

    Catch em Catch em, gotta Catch em Catch em all ME!

  • Goulz

    Am I the only one that thinks this is going to lead in to the cascade region some how

  • doubledamn

    Beneath the seas, besides the flame, Off the coast where the lost beast came, To bring the world misery and shame, A piece of the world is missing. The path you should have never crossed, The Beast exacts a heavy cost, The number of the Beast is lost, You will know it by its hissing. The bones from hell you cannot tame, Devour your life and all your fame, That is the price to play its game, And all while you're reminiscing.

  • Abriam Contreras
    Abriam Contreras

    Kabutops and Aerodactyl fossils form are rejects. They tried to bring them back with there machines to bring them back to life, but they failed yet strangly it worked. They were hidden away from the outside world, never to be seen.

  • Juan Blanco
    Juan Blanco

    How do you name your fake pokemon Lockstin. Please reply to me.

  • ursa polar galactica
    ursa polar galactica

    Well porygon is a duck and missingNO is a bird type 🤔🤔🤔

  • Caleb Olander
    Caleb Olander

    You could also just take from the disks name it is "dubious" so unstable or dangerous.

  • Christopher Louis
    Christopher Louis

    Take that tinfoil hat off, the aluminum is only amplifying the waves!

  • Caleb Jordan
    Caleb Jordan

    3:40 Low resolution alert here It's nothing from you, just UZmilk compression

  • mattwo7

    12:19 I mean if the investors saw them acknowledge that it was a glitch, they'd be a bit wary to say the very least and at least in that particular case it's not even really worth losing a few of them over it.

  • mattwo7

    I don't really think a statement made well before Gen IV has any bearing on a Gen IV pokemon...

  • mattwo7

    11:02 Wasn't the lab abandoned by them long before the events of the game?

  • mattwo7

    9:18 Cinnabar was probably the last area programmed.

  • Tejas D manjeshwar
    Tejas D manjeshwar

    MissingNo was created by programer who ignores all warning after compiling.

  • Bably badmaas
    Bably badmaas

    Tbh old logo was much better

  • Katie Alleena
    Katie Alleena

    Ah missingno ~ Back in the early days of the 2000s, I read about it online did the glitch and caught it. Then I traded it to my sibling's copy of pokemon gold. It evolved into a slowpoke and then destroyed their save file. (:

  • DuskDaUmbreon

    One small correction - Fossil and ghost forms of missingno *can* be encountered with the mew glitch.

  • John Porteous
    John Porteous

    Isn't Missingno that universe-eating abomination some comic book nerd convinced to kill itself?

  • Green Amber
    Green Amber

    8:40 Is there a non-crime mafia?

  • mattwo7

    4:18 That navigation pin on "put a pin in that" reminds me of my commentary on Dobbs' Pokemon "knockoffs" toplist. (Dobbs blocked me on Twitter because he can't take criticism)

  • mattwo7

    2:28 Being rushed was probably the _least_ of the original FFXIV's problems. Also Cyberpunk was delayed at least once, the problem is that it should have been delayed again, not that it was necessarily rushed (I mean it was crunched on, which is a whole other can of worms but so was Witcher 3, so...)

  • 문병율

    You zhould make pokemon type royal

  • Joe Brown
    Joe Brown

    This is a fun theory. It really is. But I’m sorry, I just can’t put aside the fact that MissingNo is just arbitrary data being read from the wrong part of the code, essentially by chance.

  • Lucas Fugate27
    Lucas Fugate27

    I heard about MissingNo.

  • Kirbyjawws _YT
    Kirbyjawws _YT

    Team Galactics haircuts are hilarious 😂

  • Amrit Chhetri
    Amrit Chhetri

    Do a video on Lord Helix

  • Sean Messamore
    Sean Messamore

    Lockston I think Missingno is bird type because it looks like it's flipping you off.

  • Jay Williams
    Jay Williams

    Has anyone ever tried to fix the glitch design on missingNo to see what it supposed to look like

    • DuskDaUmbreon

      It's not "supposed" to look like anything. It's just invalid data being interpreted as a sprite. Now, there *is* a bug relating to it, which Retro Game Mechanics Explained demonstrated not too long ago. Essentially, the reason for the L-shape is because some of the sprite data is overflowing into other parts of the sprite data upon decompression. However, even if you fixed that decompression bug, you'd still have a glitchy mess because it's just garbage data.

  • Larry The Hairy Cherry
    Larry The Hairy Cherry

    im tempted to make 5000 accounts just to get you to that milly