The Science of Pokemon Catching! | A Programming Mathsterpiece 🤓 Gnoggin
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What is Catch Rate in Pokemon? What about the Modified Catch Rate? The capture method? Ball-chance? Why is there so much math in my Pokemon?
This video hopes to explain the evolution of Pokemon catching, how the programming of the formula has changed over several generations. Get ready for numbers! Hopefully they're correct!

Gnoggin, hosted by its creator Lockstin, is a show delving into the mysteries of Pokemon! (and other games sometimes too). Explaining everything there is to explain! Why is each Pokemon given the type it has? What are their origins? What is the lore of the Pokemon world and the design inspirations? And what does it all have to do with alchemy? Let's Go find out!

  • Isaac Guessous
    Isaac Guessous

    21:17 “Chu” is the Japanese onomatopoeia for kissing That sounds very weird, knowing that

  • DJDynamicX

    Can you look over how damage is calculated next if you haven’t already?

  • HachimenRoppi Orihara
    HachimenRoppi Orihara

    Has he done one on the probability of finding shiny pokemon in the games? That would be a fun video~

  • Mason Herd
    Mason Herd

    Yo you got a Pikachu Gameboy too?

  • Ampheon

    21:30 IT ALL COMES TOGETHER Never let the meme die please

  • Dragon James
    Dragon James

    This explains why gen 1 Chansy was a pain to get

  • Riku Shi
    Riku Shi

    14:05 Bonus Satus

  • Dr Wryygee
    Dr Wryygee

    12:43 oh hey these are some pretty good skeletons w- AAAAAAA-

  • Matheus Rocha
    Matheus Rocha

    It's still in my memories, little 9 year old me playing Pokemon red, throwing a Master Ball at Mewtwo for the first time... and failed, I was the unlucky one that had that trash ball, and that's why I have trust issues to this day.

  • Exstatik

    Im glad you made the "squirt squirt... Square root" joke cuz that's the first thing my brain thought 😂😂

  • xXBlackKZoruaXx

    is that really why its called a roleplaying game

  • Theory BREAK!
    Theory BREAK!

    Unless we're talking about a Quasire from Pokemon Silver. Then N = 1... never could catch a Quasire in that game... ... Thankfully, I *could* catch a Wooper. So I just evolved one of those to complete my Pokedex instead of wasting another 100 Pokeballs of every type that was purchasable in that game.

  • JolteonGaming

    this is pretty easy to understand its just the way he talks it kinda throws you of

  • Valentine Godek
    Valentine Godek

    I think just a few graphs highlighting the relationship between various bits of the formulas could vastly improve the understandability of this stuff.

  • Bernardo Puppin
    Bernardo Puppin

    10-110, huh? me, who am 111: bruh

  • Sparku

    In gen 7 a Pokémon could actually have a negative or zero catch rate(I’m not sure which one) because I’m pretty sure they removed the “no zero or below catch rate” thing for at least the heavy ball and since the heavy ball can give the catch rate a -20 it could end up being zero or below

  • Argentum

    How did they decide that "0.1875" was the exponent they need? That is a very arbitrary number.

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia

    So.Much. MATH. MY TINY BRAIN CAN'T COMPREHEND ALL OF THIS. I SAW THIS IN MY RECOMENDED AND THOUGHT, "oooh a pokemon video about catching pokemon" AND BY THE FIRST MINUTE OF HIM TALKING ABOUT GEN1 MY BRAIN WAS LIKE "ooooh maybe this wasn't going to be as fun as I thought it would be :D"

  • Lunar Komet
    Lunar Komet

    21:59 that's what I'm always asking myself after insightful videos like this...what a headache

  • Ro

    Damn, my head hurts... ...may i go with press "down+B" instead of all of this?... please?

  • The Legend of Xan
    The Legend of Xan

    you miss in safari zone happened alot

  • RegiFan#101

    when I saw the title, I thought he was going to explain how pokeballs would work in real life and how you would be able to catch pokemon if they existed

  • RBYGSC Plays
    RBYGSC Plays

    Glad to know I can save money on Great Balls for my run.

  • Deathnotefan97

    Didn't they also add in starting in gen VI (or was it gen V?) where any Pokemon encountered on the very first route also bypasses the catch calculations and is a guaranteed catch? I don't know if they kept that for gen VIII, but it was definitely in gens VI and VII, not sure about V

  • Deathnotefan97

    "I don't think I've ever seen [the ball miss]" I have, but only against the Legendary Birds Especially Zapdos, didn't matter how low it's HP or what ball I used, the ball completely missed Zapdos like 8 times in a row, and It happened a couple of time against Articuno as well I think I just used the f***ing master ball on Moltres, to save me the pain

  • Mr. Epic
    Mr. Epic

    But what if I press A though

  • pillyouup

    I have had my pokeballs miss about 4 times playing the game in first-gen

  • A P
    A P

    [Confused Screaming]

  • Tomas Gravitt
    Tomas Gravitt

    How many people are dead after watching this video?

  • John Thielen
    John Thielen

    *laughs in Beldum*

  • Emmett Mosteller
    Emmett Mosteller


  • Sonic Ladybug
    Sonic Ladybug

    I named my Vileplume Aaaaaaaa...

  • Lunalite

    Me with my animation degree: "Ah I see, that's how it is, yes I understand everything" * doesn't understand at all *

  • Rhys Causon
    Rhys Causon

    With a very limited part of my brain able to understand this level of math... my comment is mainly to feed the algorithm in hopes that this video attracts the attention of people who understand it.

  • Krystel Beaulieu-Thibault
    Krystel Beaulieu-Thibault

    something i seen in gen 8 is that if your pokémon in battle is under the level of the wild pokémon the ball won't even shake once

  • Caspian Okazaki
    Caspian Okazaki

    Ahh yes, M for Mumber

  • Gon '
    Gon '

    I always thougt the lvl of our pokemon had an impact because I had the feeling that catching pokemons who were low level when your pokemon was lvl 69 was easier since you can't attack or you would 1hit him

  • antialiasis

    This video has nice production values but unfortunately it's incredibly inaccurate. There is literally some kind of error or inaccuracy at least once a minute, in either a minor but still significant way (going on about how Gen V starts using "12-bit integers" and therefore catch rates can go up to 4096, which is presumably a garbling of the fact that the intermediary calculations in Gen V onwards use fixed-point arithmetic with precision to the nearest 1/4096th - but has nothing to do with catch rate values, nor with "12-bit integers"; rearranging the HP factor formula for R/B/Y, which makes it inaccurate because of rounding) or a very major way (the video maintains that R/B/Y only calculate an HP factor if there is no status condition). Sometimes it makes a big point of something that's actually completely incorrect or even the literal opposite of what is true (as with insisting that it's *harder* to catch Pokémon in thick grass the more you've already caught, when actually it's *easier*)! Anyone actually interested in the mechanics should look elsewhere.

  • Aaron Ramos
    Aaron Ramos

    13:23 That’s what she said ☺️

  • Line

    Really interesting video, thanks! Side note, I definitely had pokeballs missing when trying to catch legendaries in gen 1.

  • Writer in Black
    Writer in Black

    14:09 Flashback to using 40 Dusk and Timer Balls against a paralyzed Groudon in Emerald.

  • CaterWak

    funni words

  • Rad 'da Boss
    Rad 'da Boss

    Math...MAth...MATh...MATH!!!!! MATH!!!! MATH MUST DIIIEEEE!!!!

  • Carmelosaurus

    MATH! my personal kyuptonite

  • Elijah Guzman
    Elijah Guzman

    is it ok if I us your cursed wind pokemion in my own pokemion creation, ill give you credite

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I figured u would do how the balls turn the pokemon into energy and shrink them, how they try to escape, how they survive inside poke balls.

  • Michael Castillon
    Michael Castillon

    *bonus satus*

  • Alexander Brehm
    Alexander Brehm

    Ive always wondered why i make most my catches with great balls and not ultra balls. Huh

  • Zen Zeta
    Zen Zeta

    Hey , soo by any chance , when's the next episode of your kaskade region ? was really enjoying it... any update by any chance ? :(

  • Andrew Olson
    Andrew Olson

    Ummm... Aktually... They're called "role playing games" because you play a role. It's not "roll playing games" because of the die rolling. It's a clever joke, but factually inaccurate.

  • Edward Jones
    Edward Jones

    Rest of the world uses BIDMAS. Divide before multiply.

  • Solomon Cummins
    Solomon Cummins

    New favorite scream. "Holy beans!"

  • mew SP_on23567
    mew SP_on23567

    oh the master ball CAN DEFINITELY fail. recently I tried to use one on an abra in platinum, AND IT ESCAPED; I shite you not. one second I was using the ball, the next the abra was gone, teleported away and the master ball HAD FAILED.

  • Salrei’s Hope
    Salrei’s Hope

    New Super Kanto Remake 6A is absolutely my choice. So much better than 6B, geez.

  • Mikhail Anthony Bennet Pelicia
    Mikhail Anthony Bennet Pelicia

    I think it would've been funnier if he said: Pika-no catch you. It does sound kinda stupid though, but I still like it.

  • Pichu Perez
    Pichu Perez

    Wait so is the reason N's name is N because that's used as a Number to determine catching Pokémon and N's gimmick is that he *catches* and releases Pokémon in the area he's in for Battles. If so, that's amazing, if not, man that is a weird coincidence.

  • ProudKiLLer0015 Catudal Valiquette
    ProudKiLLer0015 Catudal Valiquette

    :D algebra yay

  • Dexuz

    21:43 I feel rage now

  • Armeddragon12

    Isn't the ball shake equation in gen 2 not M for Mumber (randomly generated) but A for answer to the previous equation? Also the dark grass chart in gen V indicates that the more pokemon you've captured the EASIER it is to capture a pokemon, not harder. Its just that to make it comparable to normal grass you need to have caught 600 or more.

  • metrux321

    Uhh... Liked the video, but... It's not rollplaying, it's ROLEplaying games xD It's about playing roles, not rolling die, hence why not all use dices.

  • bootleg MufasaCringe
    bootleg MufasaCringe

    9:29 damn, thats pretty teenee, i cant even hear it after 2 seconds

    • bootleg MufasaCringe
      bootleg MufasaCringe

  • Killian O'Hara
    Killian O'Hara

    You know that British people don’t say that only the very Posh

  • PB&J Video Games
    PB&J Video Games

    I bet my math teacher would love this

  • CosmicWyatt Vlogs
    CosmicWyatt Vlogs

    U should do another Kaskade video

  • Nicholas Lamoreux
    Nicholas Lamoreux

    From that intro lead I thought the sponsor was going to be Trojan condoms

  • LoverofNine

    OKAY ONE SEC! how does your hair work?!?!

  • Marcmallow M80
    Marcmallow M80

    11:12 I feel attacked on so many levels as a developer :(

  • Dustin Hatfield
    Dustin Hatfield

    You have a good voice for what you do. The way you pronounce things makes it more entertaining. I don't mean thst to be an insult, hopefully you know just know what I mean. Keep up the content man

  • Zachary Damascus
    Zachary Damascus

    12:16 SON OF A BITCH that explains so much. Took me over two weeks to catch Ho-oh in Silver with my Zap Cannon Espeon >:(

  • Bruce Taylor
    Bruce Taylor

    Gotta love when the hair wave getting crazy until the day of sadness. The haircut.

  • Ashton Oak
    Ashton Oak

    This is so beautiful😭😭😭

  • Isaiah Francis
    Isaiah Francis


  • Christopher Newby
    Christopher Newby

    I remember playing yellow and pressing the a button over and over again and I was 100% sure it worked cause it helped me catch the pseudo legendary/legendary pokemons.

  • scarred child
    scarred child

    I don't understand half the words that vaguely sounded English, but I like the energy of this yub-tub, so I am entertained. =)

  • PoryGigabyte

    I came up with a theory. Are grimer and muk sandygast and palossand. Like they have the same body shape and can learn sludge bomb . Also it makes sense because muk could of evaporated into the sand and became palossand . Maybe dead muks were dropped into the isle of armour and they evaporated into the sand and became palossands and then they started breeding

  • Lautaro Omar Lamalfa
    Lautaro Omar Lamalfa

    Ahhh yes, the *bonus satus*

  • jay

    I'm thinking the shake mechanic where the ball "doesn't even hit the pokemon" is there for when you attempt to catch an npc owned pokemon and the trainer blocks the ball.

    • antialiasis

      Nah, you'll always see it if you throw a Poké Ball at a full-health legendary, for instance - if the game approximates your chance of catching it as being less than 10% (that's what that shake calculation is actually doing in R/B/Y), it shows the Pokémon not going into the ball at all and says "The ball missed the Pokémon!" This was a bit confusing and made it seem like catching it was impossible, so in the later games they made it so on "zero shakes" it does go into the ball but it bursts open immediately with the message "Oh no! The Pokémon broke free!"

  • pep_z

    you wear that same shirt everyday but had the audacity to talk about “bad” designs in your 20 least fav Pokémon video smh

  • E1ns 2wei
    E1ns 2wei

    Ahe move Toxic uses a stronger type of poison.

  • Pranav R
    Pranav R

    Ok by this point Lockstin’s hair is about 50% of the way there to a Mohawk

  • E1ns 2wei
    E1ns 2wei

    That's a very funny coincidence. I'm programming a small Pokemon Game for a School Project (We can programm whatever we want) and i had to search for a useful catching Formula. And exactly when I need it, there's some awsome guy uploading a video where he explains catching. Thank you.

  • Lion_603

    Calculation: *becomes 10 times more complicated* Computers: *become 10000 times more powerful* Humans: "OMG, that's so crazy!"

  • Velvet Butterfly
    Velvet Butterfly

    For people reading comments, be warned, dozens do not know puns exist

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    A. N.

    His hair haha

  • keymaster

    Cat memes

  • SoulBlayZ

    its ok, lockstin. I said ''squirt'' too

  • Justice Alistair
    Justice Alistair

    This whole video gave me a headache with the math.🙃🙃

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  • Grey Higley
    Grey Higley

    that is not why they're called role-playing games lol

  • Victory Star
    Victory Star

    When I was younger, I heard from a friend that the stronger the pokemon (the better the stats and the nature), the harder it is to catch a pokemon. I guessed that's a myth.

    • Victory Star
      Victory Star

      @Velvet Butterfly No. He meant the same species as well. I was catching two budew (I can't remember why) in pokemon diamond on that day, and I had trouble catching the second one. Then, suddenly, my friend appeared out of no where (I was playing after school waiting to be picked up) and explained that to me. I, being a child who didn't know how to look at stats, undoubtedly listened to him and spent sometimes catching that budew. It took me about 5 pokeballs, I think.

    • Velvet Butterfly
      Velvet Butterfly

      That is roughly true. Evolved Pokemon and Legendaries have lower catch rates than common and unevolved, meaning they are harder, but that catch rate matters so little compared to everything used

  • toni c
    toni c

    That lvl 1 regigigas from platinum while asleep and on 1 hp took me 100 ultraballs to catch. longest hour to catch a mon ever. whats worse it was pretty bad and i have to restart it and try again anyway. It also feels like crit caps have a much lower chance in sword and shield. Before the new games i didnt even think a crit cap could fail because i hadnt beforehand.

  • Albert Vilorio
    Albert Vilorio

    I loved this video, I didn't understand anything

  • Shawn Coney
    Shawn Coney

    hahaha the 256 glitch=master ball

  • DanDaFreakinMan

    Your hair looks like a hen's tail the more I look at it

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    Ally wolf

    My head hurts. How do you do it? 😂

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    Hehehe... Ball multiplier.

  • Casey Costa
    Casey Costa

    Me, who’s in the middle of my AP CSP class: :0

  • Craig Prime
    Craig Prime

    So much crap I thought about Gen 1 I thought I new has been shattered. Master Ball CAN'T fail, the shakes literally do not matter, and statuses just added a raw number to the capture rate. That's nuts.

  • Mazike

    I just hope the "roll playing games" joke was a pun, because they're "role playing games." Edit: I feel like a people could naturally make that mistake, but it's a troubling to hear, from a rpg fan.

  • RetroWave Visuals
    RetroWave Visuals

    I think I remember seeing that the pokemon "dodged" the ball.

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