Idaho-Inspired Pokemon! 🥔☢️🥔 Kaskade Region | Gnoggin 🥔 ⛷️
Let's add some Idaho inspired Pokemon to the Kaskade Region.
Idaho is a part of the Pacific Northwest after all, at least according to some Idahoans who want -so desperately- to be relevant. I guess the Kaskade Region already has a few references to Idaho, so let's do it! Maybe you'll even learn a few things about the state that has difficulty learning. :)

Commissioned Fakemon Artists:​​​​​​
Drout idea guy:

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00:00 Does Idaho deserve Pokemon?
00:36 Potato Pokemon
02:19 Skiing Pokemon
03:13 Christmas Pokemon
04:11 Trout Pokemon
05:25 Bunker Bird Pokemon
05:41 Radioactive Pokemon / Alien Pokemon
08:41 Pokemon from Idaho Concludes

  • Lockstin & Gnoggin
    Lockstin & Gnoggin

    I make fun of Idaho in this video a lot. Sorrynotsorry but really it's nothing personal - it's just too easy, some low-hanging fruit... so low it's in the dirt... its a potato I'm talking about potatoes. (insert punchline later)

    • PlasmaZ

      Don’t worry everyone in Idaho makes fun of Idaho trust me I would know

    • Jesse Phillips
      Jesse Phillips

      who hurt you lockstin?

    • SwipesLogJack_T Gaming
      SwipesLogJack_T Gaming

      I feel like this is personal and I one hundred percent support it

    • some guy
      some guy

      As an idahoian I can confirm nobody should move here

    • Moonbeam

      @Xman34 You're joking, but you're also not universally wrong....

  • Quinn Holloway
    Quinn Holloway

    Lockstin got a rock in his sock and was so pissed while making this video that he couldn't not throw shade everywhere

  • Terry Melody
    Terry Melody

    I need a skideer in my life

  • shepard haverly
    shepard haverly

    On this episode we bully Idaho

  • Fallon Hubbard
    Fallon Hubbard

    I’ve decided to make a fan art of delibird and yuleigh together and no one is going to stop me not even motivation (please give ideas for)

  • lapis lazuli
    lapis lazuli

    as a portland native who lived in pullman for 3 years in highschool and constantly had to go into idaho for groceries, i'm living for the idahoan roasts....... like a potato.

  • Catherine Horak
    Catherine Horak

    isnt it great how lockstin used a kricketune cry as a creepy sound effect

  • Andrew Z
    Andrew Z

    P O T A T O G O B R R R

  • Pushpa Ravinder
    Pushpa Ravinder

    Can we please play this game i really like it

  • Holden Pope
    Holden Pope

    NGL the phrase 'This is forever' is badass. This might actually be my favorite alien Pokemon apart from Deoxys.

  • TheLegoKid 2003
    TheLegoKid 2003

    I think it would be cool to have Deerling and Sawsbuck in the game. Just saying.

  • Amsg Fhdn
    Amsg Fhdn

    Alternate title: Lockstin beats the verbal crap out of Idaho for 9 consecutive minutes

  • Anonymous But Nott
    Anonymous But Nott

    Fun fact: this video has the third most views under the hashtag #Idaho

  • Rowan W
    Rowan W

    I’m in love with this Idaho hate ❤️

  • zachariasalley

    This just in, newest deer pokemon is the ultimate dragon killer.

  • LA B
    LA B

    I mean all the stuff Idaho has been pulling the hate is deserved 😌

  • jaden morris
    jaden morris

    2:42 L O C K S T I N P O G

  • Dip Universal
    Dip Universal

    Dude for the ugly deer you were talking about you missed a idea for a Varient or if someone (me included) does a Australian region they can do the classical white kangaroo things Ideas people, ideas

  • Dip Universal
    Dip Universal

    Just looking around for a kaskade mon to Make a sprite for Don't mind me helping the discord people

  • ItsMxTwist

    I would love to train a skideer

  • The Emerald Emperor Variety Channel
    The Emerald Emperor Variety Channel

    Omg for the aliens you could have had the first regionally changing legendary kaskadian deoxys

  • Auni Canning
    Auni Canning

    Hi Idahoan here, please get me out of here.

  • Mythical ace
    Mythical ace

    Idahoan here wow that was a harsh on Idaho, welp can’t stop you from saying it so have fun insulting the mighty potato

  • Quinn Moore
    Quinn Moore

    lockstin drags idaho for nine minutes

  • ZambieSlayer811

    What did Idaho do to this man??

  • DreadFireWyrm

    I usually like your stuff man but this was really mean spirited. It made it less enjoyable.

  • TPGfM

    I live in Idaho and I forget it exists half the time

  • Eduardo Caratachea
    Eduardo Caratachea

    Drought looks amazing. 4:30

  • Ashie Lilystar
    Ashie Lilystar

    5:55 wait a second, so your saying that the people who just celebrated burning masks, believe in UFOs and are just a bit, shall we say, **not quite all there**, have one of the *largest* concentrations of *nuclear reactors* in the *entire world* so how long do you guys think it will be until frickin’ *Nuclear Armageddon?*

  • Brigham Adamson
    Brigham Adamson

    Me, a dude from Idaho:......😞

  • Zay Ortiz
    Zay Ortiz

    I'm going to Idaho this weekend to this place called triple play

  • Bob The Penguin
    Bob The Penguin

    Jesus lockstin just really went after Idaho without mercy huh

  • Rowan Dawson
    Rowan Dawson

    Is it just me or is yuleigh a 2nd stage looking lokemon

  • Tobiscuit

    Perpetua looks like it would eat zygarde 1% form for breakfast

  • Lenard Acejo
    Lenard Acejo

    I love worms. And potato's. Toobwurm. Is perfect for me.

  • Daniel Vekony
    Daniel Vekony

    7:53 What's a motto?

  • Elisabeth Byrne
    Elisabeth Byrne

    I dunno much about Idaho (Idunno?😅) but since they're apparently about potatoes, roasting Idaho sounds pretty delicious, right? 🤔🔥🥔 😋😍

  • MachJacob

    Wait a second, is Idaho ranked 51st... out of 50?

  • Thomas McBride
    Thomas McBride

    For a Pokémon video, I sure learned a lot about the... “Culture” of Idaho.

  • Error synTAx 404 wontworth
    Error synTAx 404 wontworth

    ?? What is the picture of the “inter dimensional alien”? That’s just a regular Idaho resident.

  • Mr. comedian
    Mr. comedian

    Skideer and yuleigh have to be my favorite lockemon

  • Loxic

    God the Idaho hate feels like me when I hear the word British and I love it

  • Andar_58

    I think the deer should have an ability that boosts the power of priority moves

  • Godly Memes
    Godly Memes

    I'd have estoe because not only is it cute but estoe Perpetua gives off unus annus momento mori vibes.

  • Zeople People
    Zeople People

    Ya I live in Idaho, but it sucks, you're right

  • Mr Typical
    Mr Typical

    Idahoan here. At first, I felt pretty annoyed that you have such a bad opinion of my state, but then I'd rather say thank you, we don't need any new people moving to our shitty, terrible, small brained state lmao. Also, just because we're associated with potatoes, doesn't discount the fact that we're the GEM state. Missed opportunity!

  • Raven Shepherd
    Raven Shepherd

    Estoe and Perpetua are really fascinating to me because folding them into a subplot means that you can present them in a way that asks the player to have SOME skepticism about the even more outlandish than pokemon reality conspiracy theories that people across the region hold about them. It could be a very interesting chance to get the player to look at this with the sort of skepticism, not taking everything at face value, that the main plot asks for.

  • Phantasmen

    When you talked about the electric potato I had to instantly think about spudnik

  • Rommert Dijk
    Rommert Dijk

    Drout looks sick👌

  • OscarSod

    Yuleigh's my favorite! Can't change my mind!

  • Benjamin moen Falstad
    Benjamin moen Falstad


  • Gorgonrilla

    Dang, Lockstin hates Idaho nearly as much as us southerners hate California... And Californians...

  • superiorsnivy 03
    superiorsnivy 03

    Retitling this video 9 minutes of Idaho hate with pokemon thrown in occasionally

  • Neckhorse

    Idahodians are coming for your ass Lockstin

  • Name Other Name
    Name Other Name

    The Kaskade region is so far implanted in my brain that a part of a video appeared in one of my dreams. It was a part where he introduce the Kaskadian Magnemite line. It had Kaskadian magnemite, which was psychic-steel; Magneton, which was the same as its usual form; and an alternate evolution, which was psychic-steel and looked like Magneton, but with psychic energy emanating from it connecting it to three more Magnemite. Come to think of it, it does sound like a pretty good idea- especially if you link it to dreamcatchers, which are a part of native American culture and would explain the Psychic typing.

  • Buks & Bella
    Buks & Bella

    Lockstin should make a video “sponsored” by amaze-all

  • Nodnash The Ugly Werewolf
    Nodnash The Ugly Werewolf

    A lot of non-Cascadians here confused by all the Idaho hate. As a native Oregonian, Idaho is the worst. Any state bordering Idaho knows just how terrible it is.

  • Gamer 365
    Gamer 365

    You should go back to pokemon you've already shown and make shinies 🌟

  • DeadRatt

    This is making me want to create my own Fakemons. I am loving this series!

  • Jaiden Greene
    Jaiden Greene

    Are the specific areas locked in a season because of where the legendaries hatched or layed eggs?

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill

    I really want Lockstin to do a Pokemon region based on the american south now. Partly because I want to see his take on a mosquito pokemon. Mainly because I'd like to hear him roast the south

  • NotABunny

    I have a idea for a regional forms for gastrodon. There’s 3 versions redwood version, oak version, and the cactus version. For the redwood version it has good special attack and psychical attack. The cactus has good defense. Last but not least the oak version it has an ability if the opponent’s pokemon hits it with a psychical attack it has a chance to confuse, paralyze, or poison them. Their are based off leaf sheep. You can find Shellos all over the place(btw it has a regional form too) and to evolve it you have to get at a certain level and to get the one you want evolve them in the place that the regional form lives like the cactus one you have to evolve it in the desert. I have artwork on it. The forms have horns like goats but the redwood has horns like a dear because dears live in redwood. There’s a valley in California that has 2 different types of big horn sheep. Leaf sheep=big horn sheep it makes sense.I also made a ocean version that’s rare it’s based off the blue dragon slug thingy (I forgot). I have the pictures in my channel.

  • Sean Darren
    Sean Darren

    Is there gonna be a California based video?

    • Anonymous Goblin
      Anonymous Goblin

      Guarantee you, when/if he eventually does, he won’t make nearly as much fun of it. Or make fun of it at all.

  • Anthony Long
    Anthony Long

    Who drew Skideer & Yuleigh because They are so cute! (I must have it!)

  • Emsy Clefairy Bulbasaur
    Emsy Clefairy Bulbasaur

    Your potato fakemon reminds me of how when I was in kindergarten, I made a potato fakemon of my own that was electric grass. It was called Generato and it was basically just a potato with two electric amps sticking out of it

  • Bogdan Voicu
    Bogdan Voicu

    50% Dissing Idaho 50% Dissing Idaho 100% More dissing Idaho

  • Jaka Erdor
    Jaka Erdor

    Oh God. I love the Idaho shade

  • Walter Sapiera
    Walter Sapiera

    Could you make a fan made game PLEASE

  • Tallulah Fininen
    Tallulah Fininen

    “Does Idaho deserve Pokémon?” Is un-ironically the funniest thing I’ve ever heard

  • Elemental Champions
    Elemental Champions

    I want that ROM Hack

  • AquaticBeaver14

    i would love to see a pokemon cardinal type series

  • Royce Mendiola
    Royce Mendiola

    Lockstin is so inspiring

  • Commentatineer

    There were multiple times where I was like, Ok this deserves a like, but then I realized I already liked the video! 😆😅

  • Brady Quinn
    Brady Quinn

    I skii

  • Love & Peace
    Love & Peace

    Hey from Washington handsome! Can we get togepi line regional variant series?

  • Caden_The_Tardis

    You should add something to do with D. B. Cooper, as his story took place in the pacific northwest!

  • Poke-watch Master346
    Poke-watch Master346

    How about California or Montana themed Pokémon for the Kaskade region

  • Rasmus Eichler
    Rasmus Eichler

    When the region is completely done... Who’s Gonna take one for the team and Make a ROM hack about it?

  • Slowking The crewmate
    Slowking The crewmate

    what my team in this region would be so far: vaquamael macedontus opakesiel bearvoyance kaskadian trevenant perpetua

  • Anton Löfgren
    Anton Löfgren

    How it is: yuleigh is in the front of delabird’s sleigh and the rest off the deer’s is a bunch of stantler

  • tarahbian guy
    tarahbian guy

    I want to know who is that mysterious thunderbird ?

  • GC- Painter
    GC- Painter

    ....oh. nice. state pokemon for where I live

  • Presley Thompson
    Presley Thompson

    is anybody gonna talk about which Idaho kaskade mon(s) is your favorite(s)? I guess it's only me. I really like Estoe and Perpetua. and their type combo of Psychic and Poison is awesome.

  • Branson Ritter
    Branson Ritter

    Idahoans aren't dumb, they're just so awesome that they don't care about whatever everyone else wants.

  • Andrew 15
    Andrew 15

    When will you reveal the thunder bird

  • Eric SoL
    Eric SoL

    I really love Drout and Perpetua

  • Cakepop_animations

    @Lockstin & Gnoggin hello, im a fan and I would appreciate if you add gender neutral Pokemon like nedoran genderless, thanks

  • Blitzed Z
    Blitzed Z

    Really showed you’re political biases in this.

  • MrHabenero

    I live in Idaho, personally the jokes really aren't that bad, but then again I have a sense of humor and don't take everything too seriously.

  • Dylan P
    Dylan P

    Ok guys So I’ve been working on a region based off of Russia And it’s working GOOD

    • Unimpressed Link
      Unimpressed Link

      I'm working on a region based on my home, Louisiana, and so far it's going great

  • Augstradus

    So Idaho is to Americans like America is to Europeans?

    • Unimpressed Link
      Unimpressed Link

      No, Florida is to Americans like America is to Europeans. Idaho to Americans is more like Iceland to Europeans...not really talked about as much as other places there, but is a pretty nice place to visit

  • umbreno

    i am going to hold yuleigh gently in my hands

  • Fireshock-5

    It would be really cool if you could make a video talking about what pokemon from the regular pokedex you think would be common in the kaskade region and in which parts.

  • Absolute Zero
    Absolute Zero

    We need a skideer or estoe plush, a drout dry form would be cool too. I feel like im asking for a lot.

  • Edy Wolf
    Edy Wolf

    Not fun nor funny no sub I don't know what your beef is with idaho but they should now have one with you.

    • Unimpressed Link
      Unimpressed Link

      What? I lost a few braincells reading that

  • Lou Two Shoes
    Lou Two Shoes

    Agreed, Stantler is disgusting.

  • skullastic

    me, an idahoan: Wow, a video about idaho! my state. i should watch this! me, 5 minutes: [tears down my face] y-y-you're right about everything b-but why do you have to be so mean about it

  • Alex Givens
    Alex Givens

    Well thanks for taking a huge dump on my state lol

    • Alex Givens
      Alex Givens

      @Unimpressed Link haha I'm sure it will come in time

    • Unimpressed Link
      Unimpressed Link

      I'm just glad he's not talking about Louisiana

  • Nicholas DJV
    Nicholas DJV

    Now just some Washington state and Canada and we’re done. Then just some Game Maker ingenuity and BAM- Kaskade region game.

  • mcmiky3332210 the mushroom king
    mcmiky3332210 the mushroom king

    God I so want a fan game or web series of this so badly

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