Okay but... HOW does Cyrus have a Crobat?? 💕🦇 Gnoggin | Pokemon Theory
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In the Gen 4 Pokemon games, Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Brilliand Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, Team Galactics leader Cyrus has a Golbat that later evolves into a Crobat. This is strange because Golbat to Crobat is a FRIENDSHIP Evolution, and that goes against everything Cyrus stands for... so what gives? That's this Pokemon Theory.

00:00 Why is this a Problem?
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03:20 How to Evolve Golbat
04:27 What is Friendship in Pokemon?
05:25 Crobat is a Loyal Ally
07:30 Psychology of Cyrus' Crobat
12:42 Conclusion

Gnoggin, hosted by its creator Lockstin, is a show delving into the mysteries of Pokemon! (and other games sometimes too). Explaining everything there is to explain! Why is each Pokemon given the type it has? What are their origins? What is the lore of the Pokemon world and the design inspirations? And what does it all have to do with alchemy? Let's Go find out!

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      surfshark is better

    • Error 146
      Error 146

      The simple answer is it's a trade

    • xenne

      Hey Lockstin, in the description, you spelt brilliant as “brilliand”.

    • Sam Morai
      Sam Morai

      What happened to your hair 😂😂😂😂

    • Luiz Arthur Lima
      Luiz Arthur Lima

      Wait maybe all pokemon have Stockholm syndrome. That must be why they cooperate with us, their captors. But Hey, That's Just a Theory, A GAME THEORY

  • Ghost_ Guru
    Ghost_ Guru

    I feel like Golbat just dislikes people hating against zubats, so it evolves cause it agrees with Cyrus

  • Justin Nissen
    Justin Nissen

    I think it confirms that friendship in pokemon is 1 sided...the golbat really liked him and even though he doesnt care about his pokemon it evolved...there is no friendship level for the trainer after all so it makes sense

  • Andrew Holka
    Andrew Holka

    I mean, in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Montblanc sticks with you even though he's fully aware you want to destroy the world. Although, the world endures after you complete the main game so perhaps he has hidden knowledge. In Zubat's case, possibly it got curbstomped by a lot of trainers before Cyrus picked it and/or Cyrus can emulate emotions to a sufficient degree/we only see his villainous side. I mean, he's not as regretful as Lysandre whose main basis is Maltusian. But it could be possible that Cyrus genuinely cares about his pokemon but when it's fight time, can have a different personality (similar to footy players having a different on-field and off-field persona).

  • XxDark SaberxX
    XxDark SaberxX

    I mean you're not wrong but at the same time I mean the bat could just be a masochist...?

  • Insetlight

    only way to he have a crobat: he have steal a crobat

  • Tramuzz Dream
    Tramuzz Dream

    The crobat is a simp

  • kirb master
    kirb master

    he bought one

  • IsTheMedia

    I mean...in SPE we see Cyrus regret, and genuinely wants to help in the Platinum Arc. Wouldn't say he's evil, just....well he wanted to be an edgelord and savior.

  • ShadouKyasuta

    Or its gamefreak and they didn't think about an of that and just wanted a harder pokemon to kill.

  • Surfermario

    We all know cyrus is secretly a softy. On the outside he might seem like a an uninviting cactus but on the inside he's a soft cuddly teddy bear.

  • Gardiken

    Cyrus didn't want to destroy anything. He just wanted to make a new universe and be god of that universe

  • Oktay Kılıç
    Oktay Kılıç

    Jessie's Arbok explained this already, a master is a master, good or bad

  • Matthew Sinclair
    Matthew Sinclair

    Let’s be honest, this is a darker and more believable theory than Blue’s raticate.

  • Karm Sparce
    Karm Sparce

    he could've just traded for it or stolen it from another trainer

  • Cam The hyena animator
    Cam The hyena animator

    “No human is truly....edge....garbage.” -Lockstin

  • geek productions
    geek productions

    I mean a good worker keeps his tools in good shape he may take care of them to keep them healthy to ensure their success

  • Ramone Acepcion
    Ramone Acepcion

    Crobat is awesome. Cyrus having a Crobat even though he "doesn't make friends" with his Pokemon makes a lot of sense when... If Cyrus says that Pokemon are "tools", that's just the stubborn outside. Actually, why he had a Crobat in the first place is: Well, he actually formed a friendly bond with that Zubat, then Golbat. Eventually, a Crobat. So that means, Cyrus actually becomes allies with his Pokemon anyway.

  • Peridoll13

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, I came for the Pokemon theory. I did not come to this video expecting to get called out: 10:02.

  • Sir Wolfy
    Sir Wolfy

    .... is his Golbat.... have a nature that could get along with him and evolved by sharing not exactly... friendship?

  • Ali Baba
    Ali Baba

    Friendship raises by WALKING and LEVELING UP. It's something none of those theories seem to acknowledge. Same thing with Silver. No need for going meta on the whole topic.

  • BuffManJess

    The reason why people think Cyrus is edgy cuz he’s played by Sean Schmmmel Aka the guy who plays Goku

  • Balanc-Joy918

    Very interesting (and disturbing) possibilities Lockstin, but I would add that Cyrus (which is my name as well, same spelling as well) _is_ nihilistic, but his goal is more about eradicating emotion, than that all things are meaningless. He looks down on feelings and relationships, so he seeks to destroy them, so that is more his goal than there being no purpose in life or anything. They both exist in his head, but one outweighs the other, which does make him somewhat hypocritical, but he's far from the only villain like that. That, and looking at a character page for him describes his character a lot better, and also why he might have a Crobat-Which boil down to, 1. He actually _does_ care about his Pokemon, just not to the extent we would, and it still became close enough to him to evolve, even if Cyrus doesn't return that level of feeling. 2. He _manipulated_ the Golbat into _thinking_ their was true friendship between them. 3. He just kept it, trained it, and used it enough to make it evolve even if they didn't really become close, like how the actual friendship mechanic works in-game rather than actual friendship or affection. A less gameplay sort of way to look at that might be that the Crobat appreciated Cyrus' company and training, even if they both remained not actually bonded. Also, here is the link for anyone who reads this comment, just go down and click on his folder: tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/PokemonVillainTeamGalactic

  • Nachoo

    I feel like, just as your rival in GSC and HGSS has a Crobat, meaning he learned to take care of his pokemon and that they are not just tools, Cyrus should have had a Golbat, why? Because that way, he _wouldn't have_ a Crobat, emphasising his hatred (or just not care) of everything else

  • Badgerpaw

    Crobat is basically Cyrus' Haku. They're a tool, but they're happy to be a useful tool.

  • Badger Jungle
    Badger Jungle

    OR! hear me out... Cyrus CAUGHT a crobat!

  • Robert Scott
    Robert Scott

    "What is truly ultimate to you? What do you consider perfection? The most important thing... What shines the brightest..." [is the sun] I assume since Cyrus's name means sun or one who gives care in Persian. Cyrus is not a nihilist, he possesses spirit: knowledge, willpower, and emotion (hate). He admires the sun because it has the power to help all people indiscriminately

  • Hanako is best girl
    Hanako is best girl

    What's one way to gain happiness in game? Battles and not letting the pokemon faint. Maybe he just battled alot to get stronger to beat you because you stood in his way. That common goal, not the destroy the world one, but the beating the player one, is what caused them to bond without Cyrus realizing it and that caused golbat to evolve

  • Handan Yıldızhan
    Handan Yıldızhan

    Never got the hype about him either. If anyting, he's the worst main Pokemon villain aside from Archie, Maxie and Rose because he's a walking contradiction as a character. Yet another comic book "Straw Vulcan" villain thinking emotions are nothing but a weakness and seeking to destroy them along with the whole universe. Even though it's an emotional desire to want to do that in the first place, and besides, who is he to decide that he's necessarily the best person for the job? He's supposed to be hyper-sane, but still clings to an insane belief full of contradictions. Whether he really loves his Crobat, just pretends to just to make it evolve, or simply stole it, it doesn't matter. His character makes no sense regardless of his Crobat. We have a saying meaning "they told the camel its neck is hunched, and it answered 'what part of my body stays straight anyway?''". He's just like this camel. Apart from Archie, Maxie and Rose, all other main villains either had pragmatic, coherent goals (Giovanni, Ghetsis, even Guzma to an extent), or were somewhat understandably broken and went insane along the way (Ghetsis II, Lysandre and Lusamine).

  • Acechemicals22

    In my opinion from the second I noticed this to now I believed it was either a joke by Nintendo or a very deep message to the players. That being, that Cyrus someone who is “dead set” on his goals doesn’t even realize through his own hate that he is perfectly capable of being normal, and he chooses not to. I like to think that in terms of actual lore Cyrus wouldn’t even know crobat evolved with friendship because he wouldn’t pay any bother to it. But he legitimately loves or is friends with it and doesn’t even know or denies it. Plenty of people put on a facade to seem tough or cool. To me the crobat says that everything Cyrus says is a lie and he’s not the worst villain. But the best, because he’s actually a sad pathetic man who got so deep into the lie that he hates being a human with emotion that he wants to die in a sense. And crobat shows that he is indeed human despite what he says.

    • Acechemicals22

      If anything I think the only reason stuff like this and Cyrus in general weren’t delved into deeper is because Game Freak is making a kids game, I have the head canon that Cyrus lost a loved one or was involved in something with a loved one (great Pokémon war???) that he believes he is to blame for (with or without realizing it) such as a car accident, and instead of coping healthily and realizing it’s not his fault and that he must continue he reduces to anger and numbness because he tells himself that it was all a waste of time in the first place and that bonds are not worth it because they’ll die in the end. Maybe his plan with the pokegods was to bring someone back in the first place and that he didn’t even tell the player that

  • ChloeFlower 369
    ChloeFlower 369

    That might be the case for team 🚀's pokémon. Especially thoes that can mega evolve.

  • rottenäppl3s

    your hair intimidates me

  • Terry Syvertson
    Terry Syvertson

    he could have stole the crobat from another trainer

  • Cooper B
    Cooper B

    Did he maybe just steal the crobat? Left his Golbat? Would add to the whole "no connection" because not only would he abandon his old Pokemon but he would be taking it from someone who did love theirs.

  • Bulletproof Monk
    Bulletproof Monk

    Maybe Zubat probably was his first Pokémon he wasn’t always a nihilist.

  • HaydensFamilyTV

    Fake freind ship

  • BioniclesaurKing4t2

    You're all overlooking the easiest solution: Cyrus dropped Golbat and stole someone else's Crobat. Boom.

  • MotolaniBliz MilleniumBoy'sVEVO
    MotolaniBliz MilleniumBoy'sVEVO

    Crobat is a simp its a one way friendship

  • Starlion 6
    Starlion 6

    hey lockstin if you see this can you make an if you were a gym leader video? would like that

  • Silvex

    or he traded for it

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith

    I see four possibilities Possibility one: He simply took it from a less emotionless grunt. Zubat is a common pokemon among team galactic's grunt ranks and if a grunt happened to have a specific personal bond with a zubat for it to evolve, who could stop Cyrus from simply taking it to expand his own power Possibility two: He's lying to himself. He's not really emotionless, and is effectively a tsundere for the weebs out there. He pretends he doesn't care, but he does, when nobody is looking. He unintentionally refutes his own ideology by existing. Possibility three: Cyrus takes good care of his tools. Crobat isn't smart enough to know that Cyrus doesn't really care about him. Treats and comfy beds make it's life better, and that makes it fight better. Cyrus will seek that out, and Crobat can't tell the difference between getting cake because it's loved or getting cake because morale is important. Possibility four: Crobat wants to kill everyone and everything. Given the natural agression of Zubats, swarming anything that enters their cavernous homes, finding a kindred soul desiring the obliteration of all life forms would be a fast bond.

  • TheControllerWolf

    Then there is the point that you could actually fake your love with pure charisma if you take that into consideration within in universe standards.

  • Knight Shade
    Knight Shade

    Honestly I just thought he dumped his Golbat and bought a Crobat. If the choice is either ‘This psycho had a change of heart, but still acts the same before the next battle and still plans on blowing up the universe’ or ‘The psycho who wants to blow up the universe got rid of weak tools and bought a stronger one’, well... Occam’s Razor.

  • Jackson Hathcock
    Jackson Hathcock

    but first abandoned his golbat :/

  • Jackson Hathcock
    Jackson Hathcock

    maybe it was abandoned after fully evolved

  • Luigi que viu coisas
    Luigi que viu coisas

    cyrus's right eye make me want to die

  • Shark Detective
    Shark Detective

    NordPass just casually auto-filling captchas as well as passwords

  • the great lumberjack King
    the great lumberjack King

    So its like a symbiotic relationship

  • the great lumberjack King
    the great lumberjack King

    Stop the thumbnails

  • Aidonno Mei B
    Aidonno Mei B

    Hey, uhh, new video idea? I guess... For rock types There are a lot of mineral Pokémon species who aren't exactly hard and stiff. I recently learned about this one type of rock that is bendable. Sometimes diamonds can be found within them even, so that reminds me of Onix or just carbon based mineral Pokémon in general.

  • ahmad abbas
    ahmad abbas

    Maybe crobat was Cyrus first pokemon as a child when it was a zubat

  • Damen Hunt
    Damen Hunt

    is it just me or is the lighting way too high?

  • Minehunter55

    HAPPY 1MIL! 🏅🎉

  • Ariane Rainsinger
    Ariane Rainsinger

    Cyrus is the name of one of like two emporers/kings who has the reputation of haveing been a good guy.

  • Sean Killinger
    Sean Killinger

    Take a shot every time Lock takes Crobat out of his pocket

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez

    or Someone could've also just simply given Cyrus the crobat

  • T

    Congratulations on 1 million subs

  • April Michel
    April Michel

    (before watching the video) The realistic answer: Cyrus has a Crobat because no character is purely evil (maybe except for Ghetsis) and this is a good way to show a sliver of humanity in an otherwise negative character (or use it as a character development thing, like with Silver and coincidentally the same Pokemon, and Gary counts as well), or maybe we are misunderstanding what exactly friendship between a Pokemon and their trainer is; who said it has to be mutual? Think about it: in the games, all you have to do is to have the pokemon on you and travel and eventually the friendship would become high enough, you can feed them berries/poffins (which exist in anime) and vitamins (which I assume exist in anime) to a certain point, and while in-game friendship only raises after participating in 'important' battles, that doesn't necessarily have to apply to the anime. Training likely counts too, because in-game friendship rises with each level up, but, ignoring that one Kanto episode, that's likely not really how it works in the anime. Cyrus has a Crobat because, Ash-esque friendship or not, he took proper care for it and helped it become the strongest it can be. Cyrus, to a point, cares, and Crobat loves him for it, hence evolution. The shitpost answer: he traded for it

  • NinjaMetal

    The whole idea i had was that Crobat wasn’t originally Cyrus’s and it was abandoned after it evolved. Cyrus then found it useful and it became his and it stays with him now because they share the same edgelord ideas of “everything is meaningless”

  • just some troglodyte
    just some troglodyte

    i always thought it was gamefreak's lil'wink at the camera to say "This guy head is too far up his bum."

  • Nathan Schor
    Nathan Schor

    @Lockstin & Gnoggin very interesting questions and approaches. Here is my take, based on Occam's Razor and ruling out Gamefreak's oversight: 2 options are more likely if Cyrus really is this edgelordy fella all the way through: -It's not the same Golbat. trading exists. If he wanted to, he could probably have found how to get a crobat cus he doesn't want to risk losing on higher stakes. -He paid someone as a service to bond with Crobat for him, or force feed it friendship raising berries to the point of evolution because edgelords have no time for this nonsense themselves.

  • Triskie

    Haven't finished the video, just gonna throw a guess out there: Maybe a pokemon's friendship score can be increased via emotional manipulation?

  • Cosmic Jubatus
    Cosmic Jubatus

    UZmilk should have better tools for filtering comments, like oldest to newest & search function.

  • adrian parchman
    adrian parchman

    I feel like you could do a video or a couple explaining the motivations and philosophy of each main antagonist in every Pokémon game (the main ones of course)

  • Kielian

    0:22 if you want to know how cool he was in the pokespe manga Cyrus PERSONALLY tanks a Draco Meteor from Cynthia herself.

  • Kittyhawk

    The parental issues are why abused children and adult survivors often have to go through a grieving period similar to the death of a parent when they actually deal with the abuse. It is because they have to deal with the grief of losing the parent they wish they had, rather than the one that actually existed.

  • Joel Kuhn
    Joel Kuhn

    He stole it. That's my theory

  • Way2Spooky4U

    I just assumed that the Crobat Evolved before Cyrus died on the inside. Also, was Cyrus's end goal to destroy the universe? I thought he just wanted to make a parallel universe that didn't have all of the stuff he hated in it.

  • Masteroso123

    but i like Zubat

  • Eternal2401

    Or he got it traded.


    That is difrent mons


    He got in the vild

  • Raven Stargazer
    Raven Stargazer

    maybe he just kicked his Golbat after lossing and replaced it whit a Crobat

  • Soulfox 999
    Soulfox 999

    1million sub!

  • falontani

    He threatened someone else that had a crobat, stole it, and tossed his now 'worthless' Golbat out. The crobat knows what syrus did to the Golbat and fears for it's life if it misbehaves, doing everything exactly as commanded. Otherwise it could just be that Cyrus is so good at being a trainer that the few times that his Golbat faints isn't enough to keep it from evolving from being on a winning spree, because you just need to battle with a Pokemon without losing enough for the happiness or loyalty to grow.

  • CharlRee

    If younger you thought Cyrus was edgy you should show him Gladion.

  • Deoxys911

    I think Cyrus just dispassionately did things that he heard would boost a Pokémon's happiness so that he could have a stronger "tool" in his possession.

  • Alexandru Bira
    Alexandru Bira

    OR he just stole it

  • Trippy

    My personal theory is a bit different: pokemon are tools to him, he saw his Golbat perform poorly, so simply snatches a crobat from another galaxy member

  • Alpha Anas
    Alpha Anas

    I think Cyrus used to be a passionate trainer zubat being his first Pokemon but something in his life changed his perspective

  • Brennan Danielson
    Brennan Danielson

    He has someone else train his Pokémon and forces them to listen. The crobat loves the real trainer

  • kirby animation
    kirby animation

    stolkholm syndrome?

  • Proto-01

    If he was the embodiment of nihilism he would Ulquiorra from Bleach.

  • Eugene Ds
    Eugene Ds

    The next time I play a sinnoh game I’m going to use a game shark cheat to capture cirrus’s crobat

  • Dark Elucidator
    Dark Elucidator

    Its simple really, one of his grunts had a Crobat and forced his grunt to trade it for his Goldbat because he knew Crobat was better and couldnt get his Goldbat to evolve

  • Eugene Ds
    Eugene Ds

    Ow I always thought he tried to get one and stole a Crobat and released his Golbat

  • Kasey Meijer
    Kasey Meijer

    Maybe Croat thinks he cares more then he does? If Croat is trained by him, perhaps it perceives Cyrus cares more than he does

  • nabnabking

    If he sees Pokémon as tools. Maybe he just got a crobat. Old Pokémon fainted weren’t good enough so just went and got a new one.

  • Nathan Stanfield
    Nathan Stanfield

    It's a bit misleading to say that Penn & Teller aren't friends. They're actually very good friends and enjoy working with each other, it's just that they don't hangout outside of work because they don't want to get sick of each other. Which is fair, they've been side-by-side nonstop for more than 40 years, they have to have their own lives.

  • RedHeadedElf

    I just noticed you hit 1mil! Good job! This was a long time coming

  • SHOTOOoOo!!!!

    Me personally I just wanna think that it also wants the destruction of the universe like imagine Cyrus just let his Pokémon out for a bit and his Crobat starts having a evil speech

  • Kyle Dorey
    Kyle Dorey

    I think he saw one of his grunts had evolved a golbat so he forced them to trade

  • איליה יפרמוב
    איליה יפרמוב

    My theory is just traded the golbat with a crobat

  • Pascl

    another suggestion I saw in the comment section for his battle theme is that it evolved because cyrus is a master manipulator, and made his golbat believe cyrus loved it, while he actually didn't. the manipulation can be seen in the speech he holds in platinum as an example and just in general the fact that he makes team galactic believe they'll get to be part of his new world when it's just for him, and it's a character trait more focused on in the anime.

  • Beaste Beat
    Beaste Beat

    He probably just took a stolen crobat


    I mean stockholm syndrome exists and abuse victims 'love' their abusers sometimes so I think its completely reasonable for 'friendship' to develop for crobats evolution

  • Bastian Okamiro
    Bastian Okamiro

    Flashback: A small weak Zubat its constantly harrased and mocked by the Local Zubats and other pokemon around, turning him into a really sad pokemon, but one day, a trainer exploring the cave, notices how the Zubat was harrased and thrown away by some bigger zubats laughting in supersonic noises. The man, slowly get closer to the Zubat... "Poor little creature, it seems like no matter what, the strong will abuse the weak, and you will only feel pain and frustration..." The man explained while he slowly took out a potion from his bag to heal the wounded zubat out of pity. The Small pokemon, finally felt something it never felt before, a glimpse of care for him, after the trainer heal'd the pokemon, he kept going to the other side of the tunnel, noticing some weakly flaps behind him, as the small Zubat, wanted to follow the only one that cared for him. Source: i like to imagine stuff lol

  • Yuuki

    Maybe crowbat is into the whole ignoring and emotionally unavailable thing

  • SicknessSheep

    sometimes when he looks at the camera right it looks like he has 2 different colored eyes-

  • Hikari Takamatsu
    Hikari Takamatsu

    Um...Giovanni is WAY cooler.