Poisonous Pokemon Moves EXPLAINED! 🐍|💀 Gnoggin
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Are Pokemon Poisonous or Venomous? I guess that depends on the Pokemon, or perhaps more specifically, it depends on the poison type MOVE the Pokemon uses! In this video we explain the moves listed in the chapters below:

00:00 Poison Type Pokemon Explained
01:13 NordVPN
02:27 What is Poison?
03:38 Toxic Thread
04:40 Poison Powder
06:48 Poison Gas
07:47 Smog
08:14 Venom Drench and Venoshock
09:50 Poison Sting
10:39 Poison Jab
11:28 Poison Fang
11:41 Poison Tail
12:11 Cross Poison
12:21 Shell Side Arm
12:55 Baneful Bunker
13:36 Toxic
15:07 Toxic Spikes
15:49 Gunk Shot
16:20 Sludge, Sludge Bomb, and Sludge Wave
16:44 G-Max Malodor
17:10 Belch
17:44 Acid, Acid Spray, and Gastro Acid
19:28 Corrosive Gas
19:47 Acid Downpour
20:32 Max Ooze
20:46 Purify
22:37 Acid Armor
24:10 Clear Smog
25:01 Coil
25:52 End of the Video

Gnoggin, hosted by its creator Lockstin, is a show delving into the mysteries of Pokemon! (and other games sometimes too). Explaining everything there is to explain! Why is each Pokemon given the type it has? What are their origins? What is the lore of the Pokemon world and the design inspirations? And what does it all have to do with alchemy? Let's Go find out!

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    Lockstin & Gnoggin

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      Psychic moves Poison its Mega edgy

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  • Liam Morgan
    Liam Morgan

    I feel Acid Armor is like covering yourself in acid that isn't dangerous to you, likely similar to animals like Clown Fish using Anemones as homes because of their immunity, but dangerous to the opponent. This makes sense for it raising defense, because go punch something drenched in acid, and tell me how your hand is doing after that.

  • TotallyToxic

    Here's a note: The poison type is treated more like a toxic type with explains the venom, acid, and poison moves On top of that acid armor adds poison to the user's body

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    Disha Kedia

    G-Max Garbodor has a LEGO building. :)

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    Garbodder using Toxic Spikes has a syringe, a generic trash bag, Pokemon Sw/Sh, and a piece of foil.

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    Constantin Bentlewski

    about iron posion, i suffer from Hemochromatosis. some of the symptoms are jointpain and jointstiffness and general fatigue. so i dont see why pokemon could add a steeltype steel/poision pokemon or move that casuses paralysis

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    The reason Poison and Venom are often used interchagable, is that in Japanese, Poison and Venom is the same, and they only have one word for it. Just like in other countries.

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    Yeah, I’m pretty sure water poisoning can be called “drowning” in most languages.

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  • Little Baby Martin
    Little Baby Martin


  • Little Baby Martin
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    “I’m pretty sure poison is the last type of move I would want to get hit by” So your ok with fire, Electric, MMA, and fangs, but venom is the worst? What?!

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    Ak tomimi / Little Baer William the caring soul

    One I don’t like Pokemon note smash bros but like digimon amd mortal combat also umbrel amd dragon element from monster hunter and divine element from god eater and atomic type is the eggiest element in Pokemon

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    What was the intro song? I read that it’s from a band that I think is just called Poison, but what song is it?

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  • Squid Squid
    Squid Squid

    Without watching the video or reading comments, I can already tell you how the POISON typing is wrong. Something is poisonous if you bite it, and you die. Venomous is if it bites you, and you die. In short, Poison type pokemon are actually Venom Type

    • Eryvac *00
      Eryvac *00

      Well, it shouldn't be either the poison or venom type. It should probably be the toxin type, since that encompasses both categories. And how about you watch the video before you leave a comment. He literally says that exact same thing, making your comment redundant

  • Ariane Rainsinger
    Ariane Rainsinger

    Wait, pain so intense it causes nausia and vomiting? Add fainting to the brains I can not deal with so much pain reaction and you got my period in a bad month . . .

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  • Ashur Murphy
    Ashur Murphy

    Question- shouldn’t some poison type moves have a paralysis effect too? Think about it- several types of venom are used not to kill but incapacitate while the predator comes in for the kill.

    • Ashur Murphy
      Ashur Murphy

      @Eryvac *00 eh, true enough. It would have been an interesting route to go at the beginning though.. like how in a lot of rpgs the “dark element” is attributed to debuffs? Unfortunately you’re right, based on the current system it would be boring, and I suppose you wouldn’t need a lot of other types nearly as much, liek the powder attacks or the move yawn, Or will-o-wisp even. Sure it would be convenient, but liek you said, if it could inflect a lot of other debuffs it would make the mechanic stale and render some moves obsolete. I would say I would rather have it as a paralysis effect as well though.. maybe a one off, unique move like Galarian Slowking’s signature moves? My point was more about the common nature of poison being used to incapacitate rather than kill, snakes and insects use it abundantly, whereas other things like burning and sleep are a bit more niche in the animal kingdom. You’re probably right though, game freak has never been one for portion control, so it’s good they didn’t go ham on the poison type

    • Eryvac *00
      Eryvac *00

      Poison should also have the burning and sleeping effects. Hell, you could even add freezing to some degree. But it would be boring if all status effects were on one type

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    Dan Yogurt

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  • knate44

    I really hate how Poison type includes acids, yet somehow steel is immune to the type. Like resistant would be one thing, because idk they are robots or something, but acids are eat pretty much anything not a platinum group metal for lunch. Steel in particular reacts super violently to acids.

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    Pollen is not really a type of poison to those of us with allergies. It's basically something which causes a false flag scenario with your immune system that then causes your body to harm itself spectacularly. Like the flu, that's also your body attacking itself because it wants to kill something with fire, that happens to now live inside you...

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    I just realized that Poison type Pokémon are my favorite, my favorite Pokémon are Weezing and Muk, if I was a Pokémon gym leader I would use poison Pokémon

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    The thing is that for venom and poison only one word exists in some languages like in Germany both is 'Gift'

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  • Luna Royal Games
    Luna Royal Games

    Poison types have become extremely dangerous to deal with thanks to the introduction of Fairy-types since Fairies are naturally vulnerable to poisons. Some of my best pokemon got nerfed because they became fairies (looking at you Gardevoir and Togekiss users)

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