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This is where gamer's use their heads! A somewhat educational channel that wraps learning into fun via learning by proxy of games! Mainly Nintendo games, and mainly Pokemon at that. Answering questions, developing theories, discussing controversies, revealing secrets and lore, and looking at the science of various video games. Sometimes even comic books, tv shows and movies! From the real in depth physics and math, to chemistry, psychology, and even the science of the ancients! That's right! We delve into pseudo-science here! From spirit science to alchemy, if a game borrows from it, we'll analyze it!

If you are curious about this channels family friendly nature, I'd personally give this channel a PG rating on about 90% of the videos. Some videos cross into PG-13 territory, but those typically are obvious by the thumbnail, and by a disclaimer at the beginning of the videos.

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  • ntswane wandiswa
    ntswane wandiswa

    Leocease and Lamentu are my favorite

  • ntswane wandiswa
    ntswane wandiswa

    Leocease and Lamentu

  • Saddle Fox king
    Saddle Fox king

    How the Great Thunder Bird looks like


    2:32 it happened with me, cuz i watch Stevie :D

  • Ramone Acepcion
    Ramone Acepcion

    Congrats for the 1 million!!!!!

  • mamamimikyu 64
    mamamimikyu 64

    While I expect all these "UBs" to include that odd sound at the end of their cries, I imagine Endram-Odai to have a more staticy noise, like there's something stuck in the speaker that's messing with the game audio. Lockstin, if you see this, tell me your thoughts on this.

  • Golden Goose Gaming
    Golden Goose Gaming

    I love the concept of the Orbtholods being the foot soldiers of Endram-Odai, scouting out their surroundings, making judgements, pulling the strings from the shadows, and preparing for the event.. Love every beastie in this video!

  • gabi.n_art

    Head cannon she's a trans woman:)

  • Kowtowthony Fadertano
    Kowtowthony Fadertano


  • Death Exotic
    Death Exotic

    Me wondering where tf giratina is after teleporting genesect to the next dimension

  • MCPunk55

    I've always been curious about that red thing... it's like some large shard of stained glass pierced her sternum.

  • ThatsSoDerek

    Lamentu is giving me big Vicar Amelia vibes from Bloodbourne. I realise they are different animals, but wolf in sheeps clothing maybe?

  • Caeden Person
    Caeden Person

    I love the concept of the main character being a more mature person and a Pokémon game being more mature

  • Willy Landén
    Willy Landén

    These videos are sooooooooo good!!

  • poppyjake6

    I LOVE HOW WELL DESIGNED THESE ARE!!! Especially lamentu, I love how to make up for the fact you could only add 2 horns you gave them 5 tufs of Hair to make the full 7!!!

  • ghastlygNO


  • Bucket

    I love all of the trainers. They've all got really cool stories to tell and very different philosophies on life. They feel like characters rather than just "you have to battle me to progress. Here is my one trait. Now we fight." I think my favorite is either the ranch or the arcade.

  • Alice Cortez
    Alice Cortez

    Oshawott 🙌🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😍😍😍i catch you 💦🥺

  • NpenYT

    Idk why I get reminded of wailord when I look at endram-odai

  • Rowan Bower
    Rowan Bower

    It would be cool if the Ultra beast would have special zones where reality has become warped. like with Giratina and their Distortion World maybe it serves as some fun puzzles that you have to complete before hitting the boss? just a thought...

  • Ghost_ Guru
    Ghost_ Guru

    I feel like Golbat just dislikes people hating against zubats, so it evolves cause it agrees with Cyrus

  • Pootis Bird
    Pootis Bird

    Pls tell me if there’s going to be character customization

  • Vanguard Jossu
    Vanguard Jossu

    I wish we would be able to see the original thunderbird pokemon

  • Sacred

    I really wish all of the kaskade region pokemon real! So that i can say one of the kaskade region pokemon is my favorite pokemon... Leoseace and lamentu looks so cool!

  • kirby animation
    kirby animation


  • Manuel

    You could argue Lamentu´s horns are actually 7. 2 big ones and 5 small ones

  • RockOwlGamer

    Revylon cause it looks cool and Lamentu cause it looks VERY disturbing

  • Pineapple PearJuice
    Pineapple PearJuice

    Thw whole armageddon stuff is not an end of the world theory but it was actually a political critique of the current political landscape at the timw.

  • Helpful Krieger
    Helpful Krieger

    The big whail could just be stupid like yogsethoth and just be going through the dimensions treating us like shrimp as it's just that powerful

  • Helpful Krieger
    Helpful Krieger

    It would be amazing if this got funding somehow and was properly made like pokimon plutonium (sorry if the name is wrong)

  • twilightsanity

    Heh, "amaze balls..."

  • twilightsanity

    Heh, "amaze balls..."

  • Graplul

    7:16 that is my birthday and it was like every other birthday but I was still a little scared

  • Broken HollowKnight
    Broken HollowKnight

    On google it says orbtholod is psychic (dragon type) instead of dark

    • The Micropenis Maniac
      The Micropenis Maniac

      Damn it google

  • KodyJett1

    I donate $100 dollars for the Kickstarter of this game! Who’s with me?

  • Danoxis

    So when we getting this fan game

  • marcwedmaster

    I like orbtholod because they have always being here and are great :) wait... What

  • Justin Nissen
    Justin Nissen

    I think it confirms that friendship in pokemon is 1 sided...the golbat really liked him and even though he doesnt care about his pokemon it evolved...there is no friendship level for the trainer after all so it makes sense

  • 396Dog

    I’d Endren-Odai was a real mon I don’t think anyone else would be able to come up with those connections like you did while talking about name and design origins

  • jed stanaland
    jed stanaland

    You lost a person worth of weight on the cereal and does it have artificial sweetener in it. I'm unable to have artificial sweeteners in my diet but I do my best to reduce my sugar intake.

  • gordeau real
    gordeau real

    This didn't age well.


    4:04 now that Asriel art it just magnificent

  • Crusader_gaming

    Why is gardvoir build in this way


    I am a little bit of a newcomer to pokemon and when I saw the name of this video I thought one thing which is HALP

  • The Shonen Show
    The Shonen Show

    Is this really gonna be a fan game? Cause I wanna play this soooo badly

    • Bachi

      yeah they have thier own discord server where they post screenshots of the games progress and talk with the community

  • gamerafan

    Can we have a new element like sound type or light type or dust type

  • Uneven Noble
    Uneven Noble

    I called it Edit: also he mentioned a parasite, so I guess endram odai is normally peaceful, but was controlled by a parasite, that might have been put there by someone evil.

  • Beanelkenival

    I've only had worcane for one minute, but since he's not reak I'm gonna imagine him everywhere

  • Lukas Edwards
    Lukas Edwards

    Ah yes a “6” pt series

  • Sir Teddy
    Sir Teddy

    Heh, Brock Gardens....

  • Dragapult-Chan

    Come on man...it’s 1:00Am and you had to hit me with the scp shiz

  • Shreyas Buranpur
    Shreyas Buranpur

    I know the parasite is trying to sacrifice the souls of every being on earth to make it immortal like in full metal alchemist

  • EmPaul Belarmino
    EmPaul Belarmino

    Ortholod is like malamar of a parallel universe


    lockstin: blastoise is my favourite gen 1 starter me: well....... (unsubscribes and turns off the video)


    Omg I was right I'm a true eevee fan



  • Plushy World
    Plushy World

    and i thought this video was about the actual lore and not just an example

  • Henrique Persechini
    Henrique Persechini

    whn your rival battles you for the relic, what if you loose? If you entered the fight one could assume you accepted his terms and would thus loose the relic early

  • Josiah De Jesus
    Josiah De Jesus

    Please like so Lockstin can see this. Shiny Cramorant is based on a story of a orange flamingo found but was actually colored orange because food.

  • James Hervey
    James Hervey

    Diabetic pokeman and diabetic panda

  • Jreydan Crawley
    Jreydan Crawley

    All of them are cool I really hope this becomes gen 9

  • hexi124

    32:42 uzmilk.info/number/mtWvyZ1ljqqYg7U/video.html

  • Alexandrite-Spirit

    Literally the place where you catch guzzlord is a post-apocalyptic wasteland. I think you’re good on the whole “too dark for Pokémon” thing

  • Kevin Cruz
    Kevin Cruz

    Tom Bezzle is like Lex Luther of the pokemon world which is cool.

  • Zhi Wu
    Zhi Wu


  • Zhi Wu
    Zhi Wu


  • Zhi Wu
    Zhi Wu

    Hi God

  • Zhi Wu
    Zhi Wu


  • that bitch
    that bitch

    Ur cats kinda chubby no hatr lmao

  • Natural Harmonia Gropius
    Natural Harmonia Gropius

    The white rings on Eleki resembles some White-colored insulators that can be found on the electrical wirings, especially on the Television

  • TN1000th

    I miss Maxill.

  • Andrew Holka
    Andrew Holka

    I mean, in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Montblanc sticks with you even though he's fully aware you want to destroy the world. Although, the world endures after you complete the main game so perhaps he has hidden knowledge. In Zubat's case, possibly it got curbstomped by a lot of trainers before Cyrus picked it and/or Cyrus can emulate emotions to a sufficient degree/we only see his villainous side. I mean, he's not as regretful as Lysandre whose main basis is Maltusian. But it could be possible that Cyrus genuinely cares about his pokemon but when it's fight time, can have a different personality (similar to footy players having a different on-field and off-field persona).

  • Oliver Eardley
    Oliver Eardley

    8:21 Ezra is proud you added space whales

  • kilRkatt

    I bet Koffing and Politoad really like their shoes

  • Nate Wood
    Nate Wood

    I think instead of the legendaries letting you catch them they should give you an egg that’s the respective legendary’s species

  • Ba

    Brock in pokemon : goofy gym leader with addiction to women Netflix adaptation : Black Transgender Buddhist Zen Garden Designer

  • NIFY rebellio
    NIFY rebellio

    Am I the only one who wants to know more about the parasite?

  • silversonic1

    The lamb in Revelation 5 is Jesus. It's a representation of his sacrificial death. Context in the ongoing scriptures of the chapter. Side note, the number 7 can represent perfection or completeness. There isn't actually a lamb in chapter 13. It's actually a wild beast with two horns like a lamb's, but speaking like a dragon. Some believe this wild beast represents the allied powers of the United States and the United Kingdom, each power representing a horn in much the same way as Media and Persia were represented in Daniel's prophecy.

  • Paradøx Shadøw
    Paradøx Shadøw

    11:51 MR KRABS LMAO